6 Budget Hair Products That Will Totally Change Your Life

By Elise Genoux

Summer is just on the horizon and it’s time for a style refresh. I’m a millennial, and like most of my counterparts I’m obsessed with my hair.

I could spend literally hundreds of dollars to have that Hollywood starlet perfect hair. I recently discovered several products that changed my life in regards to my hair obsession. The best thing about these products is that not only are they best in market, but they are less expensive compared to the brands I was buying before - so I won’t have to spend that hundreds of dollars after all.

Magic Mask to Reinforce your Hair:

Coco & Eve Hair Mask - Like a Virgin

Ok, Ladies, no joke here, this product is MAGICAL! My hair has this tendency to get really dry and that makes for not so nice curls. I tried Coco & Eve’s Like a Virgin product out of curiosity and I was surprisingly shocked by how great this mask was. I used it in the shower and let in rest for 20 minutes and my hair was soft for days. A quick tip, try the mask before you go to bed, wrap it in a towel and sleep with it in - shower in the morning: the results are incredible!

A Good Line for Good Hair:

The Good Stuff

Finally a product line that reconciles every type of hair! I personally use the Frizz Control Oil when my curly hair is getting a little too crazy. If you’re like me and like to straighten your hair without burning it, use this anti-frizz product - it is the best!

My friend Isabelle is using the Color Protect Milk after coloring her hair blonde and she says only good things about it. The Good Stuff is what you’re looking for if you want to truly understand the description on the back of your hair products and prefer (like we do here at Oui, We) only the most natural ingredients to treat your hair.

Here’s several favorites the line!

Milky Smooth Shampoo Will Save The Day

Davines - OI Shampoo

I highly recommend this shampoo from Davines if you’re seeking that insanely gorgeous movie star hair. I discovered this product recently and it completely changed my hair game. This shampoo is the perfect daily shampoo to maintain soft, shiny and voluminous hair (and to have hair as beautiful as the women in the shampoo commercials).

This is another natural ingredient brand: active ingredients like antioxidant-fueled roucou oil protect hair from harsh UV radiation and soften strands, while sunflower seed oil amps up shine.

Make your Life Smoother:

AG-The Oil


AG hair care if you are reading this: THANK YOU! I usually used this argan oil every 2 days when my hair starts to be less straight or a little too dry. I haven’t tried any other AG products, but The Oil is a miracle recipe.

On top of smelling good, this amazing oil will make your hair shine and will give an extra sparkle to your locks. What a discovery!

Here’s a serious bonus: When you use any AG Smooth product, you’re helping women in one of the poorest regions of Morocco. The argan in Smooth is sourced using sustainable and organic farming methods and is produced by local women.

Say OUAI to Your Hair:

OUAI - Dry Shampoo

I say OUAI (which means yes in French) to this incredible dry shampoo. Life in college can be stressful and busy. I also can be a little lazy and skip washing my hair. I’ve been looking for a dry shampoo and tried a few, but I never found one that both smelled good and made my hair feel clean at the same time. I discovered OUAI product a few months ago at a beauty store in New York.

This is a life changer. If you’re on the hunt for the best dry shampoo, look no further - I’ve got one for you and it’s only $24.

My last product is of course amazing, but let’s face it - choosing the right shampoo is key to having a clean scalp and fresh hair. My friends often choose their shampoo based on what’s available in their grocery store - please don’t make this mistake!

I save money by buying my beauty products online, but I also take better care of my hair by choosing the best shampoo for my hair type. I switched to Briogeo last fall and it’s brought me so much hair happiness. I love the aroma of ginseng and flowers, I feel so clean after every shower. Another advantage: this shampoo seems to be made for every type of hair, so try it out, you might be as happy as I am with it!

A few other things we’re giving a try this Spring:

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