The Three Crystals I Travel With To Help Me Sleep on A Plane

If you’ve got a long haul flight coming up you’re probably already thinking about how to fight the jet lag when you arrive at your destination and ways to get some rest when you’re in the air for 8+ hours.

sleeping on planes:

There’s plenty of tips out there in regards to how to catch some zzzz’s on that flight - the usual suspects:

  • get a window seat

  • hydrate hydrate hydrate

  • essential oils

  • wear an eye mask

  • take an herbal supplement

I’m definitely not saying that these don’t work, I 1000% do each and every one of these things to prepare for those extra long flights. However, here’s a new trick that I couldn’t keep all to myself.

To get sleep on a plane travel with crystals

If you’re wondering - is it really worth it to take up that coveted carry-on space by including these stones, trust me, it is - I speak from experience! It works! Amazon even offers this crystal set pictured below dedicated to helping you to relax, fight anxiety and sooth stress among other things.

Crystals for Sleep, Anxiety and Stress Relief Via

Crystals for Sleep, Anxiety and Stress Relief Via

I'm that weirdo at TSA that has to pull all of my crystals out of my carry-on and explain what they are. Shout out to the TSA agent that accidentally pulled out my extra pair of underwear (yes, always have one in your carry-on folks, god forbid your luggage doesn’t make, you’ll want fresh undies) while rummaging through my crystal bag.

Here’s the crystals I recommend to find some restful sleep on a plane.

1. Celestite: it's been nicknamed the “cosmic lullaby” - Celestite is a calming crystal and lessens the chaotic thoughts swirling through your mind. This one is especially good if you're a nervous flyer, it’ll help sooth your soul and surround you with loving energy along the way.

2. Selenite: it's a high vibe crystal good for creating a peaceful and clear mind. Selenite cleanses your aura of negative energy allowing sleep to come on faster as you take off on your journey.

3. Lepidolite: what I love about this one is that it creates a sense of ease and security - it’s the mood stabilizer of the crystal world. I used to have a tendency to wake up if I had drifted off from the shear nerve of being in a tin can hurling though the sky - ah! But with this crystal I find that I feel cozy and stress-free which allows me to stay asleep longer.

Any out of the box tips and tricks that make sleeping on planes easier for you? Send them to me!

Wanderfully yours,


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