Paris Essential Packing Guide: 10 Days in the City of Lights

Once my trip to Paris was booked the first thing on my mind (or maybe a close second after visions of Marie Antoinette and hot chocolate at Angelina) was wardrobe. 

This year as I've been road tripping my style has been exceptionally out west glamper girl bohemian, because for the most part - that's pretty much been my life. Planning for this trip I couldn't wait to step up my fashion game!

Sitting at Les Deux Magots on Saint Germain, watching the world go by... this girl strolled by and I thought: Paris, you're my spirit animal.

Sitting at Les Deux Magots on Saint Germain, watching the world go by... this girl strolled by and I thought: Paris, you're my spirit animal.

I found an exceptionally cheap ticket for this trip, and my accommodations were my best friend's 8th floor walkup apartment, so needless to say 1 small carry-on suitcase was all that would make the trip. I vowed to make 10 days in Paris work in less than 10kg of luggage, and I'm happy to report success!

My packing list is below, and I've highlighted a few of the absolute must have items.

Before getting in to the full list, a few basic rules:

1. Minimal Monochromes

I know, you've probably heard this a thousand times, but truly, the Parisian girls are the master of an all black ensemble with minimal accessory accents. You'll want clothing that's practical for maneuvering on cobblestone streets and big city boulevards and nothing is chicer to do it in than black, white or grey.  

2. Layers and Pockets

The weather is likely to change dramatically from day to night, and, you'll want to go from exploring to glasses of wine at the café with outfits that transition easily (and in my case, without going back up those 8 flights of stairs multiple times a day). Shirt dresses or tunics in expandable and soft fabrics, layered over skirts or leggings paired with a coat with pockets to stash your camera and metro tickets .... that approach will go a long way. 

3. The Bag

Parisian girls have amazing bags. I have bags I love, but I'm not of the Chanel and CÉLINE set. To keep up with the stylish girls in the Marais or on Saint Germain choose something in a luxe material with subtle hardware. I carried my day to night leather mini backpack everywhere. 

So without further adieu, here's my packing list for 10 days in Paris. 


Shirts - 5 or 6 layerable/thin fabric in monochromatic colors (a mix of t-shirts and blouses are fine, just choose things that layer easily, if you love color add 1 pop of color with a vibrant blouse). I packed 3 slim fitting t's and 3 blouses.

Sweater - 1 pullover and 1 cardigan style (I layered my thin cashmere sweater daily in a variety of ways), and wore it on the plane both ways.

Leggings - 1 or 2 pair, depending on access to a washing machine, great for the flight as well.

Pants - 1 pair black pants, 1 pair denim 

Dresses - 2 to 3, can be layered under sweaters/jackets, take up very little space and good for day/night. I packed a vintage all white turtleneck dress, a bustier style midi dress and a red maxi

Under things - 5 each (wash and wear again)

Socks/Tights - 3-5 pair (same as above)

PJs - 1 to 2 simple things to sleep in

Jacket - 1 vegan leather moto or denim and 1 trench, both can be worn day/night (I wore one on the plane and carried the other so as not to weigh down my bag)

Flat boots (1 pair), converse or adidas tennis shoes (the Parisian girls are all running around in black tights and white sneakers, no matter the time of day)
I packed a pair of platform heels and they never left my bag, unless you plan to go to a club you likely won't need them

Something to consider: I used a roller bag, my sister carried a duffle. Her bags weight was significantly less than mine itself so she was able to add a few extra items on the way back - gifts and things that she bought that I had to ship. 


Keep your toiletries to a minimal, look for all in one makeup and skincare items, and remember you can always buy things in Paris


Cell Phone with Protective Case

Chargers for phone (wall charger and portable charger)


Electrical adapters

Chargers for camera batteries


Cords/adapters for devices

Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss

In the carry-on pocket stash your Passport, Medical Insurance Card and money


Mini-backpack/day pack (something you can carry around all day, I laid mine across the bottom of my suitcase to pack it), little charms and accents, scarves and gloves (I wore my fingerless gloves, everyday)

Here's my bag, layering from the bottom up, lots of monochromatic pieces and I added 1 little blouse with a pop of color at the end, the zipper pouch housed my converter, chargers and jewelry. 

Here's a few things to get you started on being your best Parisian self. 

I hope this list is a great big help! Would love to hear any tips for packing that you all have!



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Paris Packing List: 10 Days in 1 Carry-On Bag #Paris #FrenchFashion #travelTips

Paris Packing List: 10 Days in 1 Carry-On Bag #Paris #FrenchFashion #travelTips


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