Where to Eat Well & Healthy in New Orleans After Mardi Gras

By Elise Genoux

Mardi Gras is already over in New Orleans and for the past three weeks my daily diet took a hit. Several of my friends reassured me after I picked up a few Mardi Gras pounds: “it’s Mardi Gras, enjoy life, enjoy the food, detox after!”

I’ve lived in New Orleans for a couple of years and I love that NOLA is the capital of food and fun in the U.S. I always treat myself, especially during Mardi Gras with King Cake or Margaritas (straight into Cinco de Mayo it’s my personal drink of choice), but I need my daily greens to maintain my happiness and my confidence. If you are like me and want to continue to enjoy your food and drinks without gaining those extra pounds then keep reading - here’s our healthy eating in New Orleans guide!

fresh juice for your detox: post mardi gras cleanse

In NOLA, you can find some delicious places that have healthy options for that detox after the carnival season has ended.

7 Places to Eat Healthy in New Orleans

The first place on my list: brunch at Bearcat Café. This place is amazing, I especially enjoy their homemade granola with their homemade chia pudding and berries. It is just divine and a very healthy way to start your day perfectly!

photo via @bearcatnola

photo via @bearcatnola

Good Bird is also great if you want to have a quick lunch or a healthy salad to-go. I recommend you try their spinach leaves, sweet potato, goat cheese and grapes salad. It is absolutely delicious, and bonus, the chef is the friendliest person I have ever met.

photo via @goodbird

photo via @goodbird

Seed is another option for a healthy meal, especially because you can build your own-salad and have fresh and colorful juices. This restaurant is also just a beautiful place to spend some time.

You should absolutely consider Satsuma for your breakfast and lunch plans. Satsuma has the best quinoa salad in town, and I tend to believe they are in the top 5 of best quinoa salads in the world (but go try it for yourself!). Everything on the menu is delectable - I also recommend the kale salad and any of their house-made juices.

For those of you that skips lunch but like to have a nice detox tea (hot or cold), you should stop at Mojo and order the ice-tea of the day. Mojo also sells giant sandwiches and paninis, so if your friends or travel partners want some food and you want to have a healthy tea, go to Mojo!

photo via @eatwithsaba

photo via @eatwithsaba

Finally, for a fancy and healthy dinner, I highly recommend you check out Shaya or Saba. These two restaurants have similar menus, both include authentic Israel dishes. I personally love the veggie dishes, hummus and pita bread. Friends with larger appetites can go for the larger entrees, while you can enjoy the small, especially healthy plates.

We will probably see each other in one of these places since they are my favorite!

Have a place that you love?! Leave it in the comments below!

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