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“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” - Albert Camus

As summer days are slowly fading away I become a teeeeny bit nervous. I am a summer girl through and through - and leaving summer mode is so bittersweet for me. Festival days and trips to the lake are fewer, however, nature reminds us with the ebb and flow of the seasons, that there’s beauty in change (and that’s nothing to be nervous about!).

For lots of us fall also means back to school and football games; for my traveler friends it means long mountain weekends and for my fashion friends it means shows and events. However for me, this season, it means a little more time at home! Ben will be off tour in October and while we still have plenty of travels lined up, even having a week or so at home is such a luxury for us!

Oui We - Hickory Lake
I’ve talked a lot in past about how to maintain your healthy lifestyle and beauty routine on the road, but what about when you’re at home and the hustle and bustle of the day to day picks up? September was National Organic Harvest Month, so as we celebrate the new season I've partnered up with Honest Tea® and Kroger’s Simple Truth® brands to share a some quick and easy ways to incorporate healthy eating and self care into the day to day routine of life.
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Read on for my tips, and at the close of the post learn a bit more about our current products of choice!

Skip the Trends:

In recent years wellness has truly become a trend, but to fully achieve a lifestyle of wellness look past the trends. Sure, do that cleanse and take the latest yoga class - but more importantly make wellness a part of your daily life. Find some stretches that you can incorporate into your day (even if you’re running from class to class or event to event)! When you’re home in the evenings, take long walks with your loved ones and just catch up on each other’s happenings (good for the body of course, but the connection is amazing for the mind). On the weekends, take your newspaper, grab an Honest Tea Honey Green (my flavor of choice) and read outside. Add some stretching to your reading time for bonus points!

Skip the Line (But Really, Being Healthy is Hot):

Oui We Night at Hickory Lake

Man, I can remember when the most important thing my girlfriends and I talked about on a Friday night was what we were going to wear for a night out. Not so much anymore. It’s not that we don’t still want to look good and have a fun time, but there’s so many other ways to enjoy our time together. Looking for an activity to do with your friends on the weekend that doesn’t involve waiting in line for a show? Here’s a few options!

  • Find your local “pick your own” farm and make an afternoon of it. Afterwards go home and create new recipe with what you’ve gathered at the farm.

  • Host a meditation night! Invite your BFFs over throw some cushions on the floor and zen out. Pushing your mental and physical comfort levels with friends by your side can create major fulfillment!

  • Meet for a night of stargazing and moon watching. As the fall air turns brisk, find a spot near your own home where you can build a campfire and just hang out and tell stories!

  • Have a pajama dance party date! Ben and I rarely go to bars, however, that doesn’t mean we don’t love a little late night dancing. We’ll put on our PJs, pull out some old school seventies jams and crank up the record player. Again, it’s all about the movement, and we truly have the best time!

Oui We for Simple Truth

DIY Your Snack Game:

Our household is fully focused on organic living and the slow food lifestyle. We love weekends at the local market and finding farms near our home to buy from. It’s so easy however, to skip the healthy stuff when you’re on the go. Our local grocery is Kroger Marketplace, and when we’re there we shop the Simple Truth products all the time! I often use the Simple Truth products in my smoothies and nightly recipes, however I stock up on the Simple Truth snack options too.

My friends often laugh that I’m the girl that constantly has a cooler in the car or the most packed picnic basket, however, keeping healthy goodies on hand is so much better than pulling over for fast food or convenience store snacks. I’ll make snacks to keep in the fridge that I can throw in the cooler on a whim, and even on days when I’m in a rush I’ll find a spot to pull over and re-center.

Beauty is so much more than what you’re wearing (clothing, makeup or otherwise!) and I’m staying on the side of working to get that glow from the inside!

Here’s a little more about my current Kroger favorites below:

Simple Truth Beef Jerky - made with certified organic beef and organic spices, it’s a good protein boost!

Simple Truth 7 Ancient Grain Rice Crackers with Sea Salt. I slice up a few apples and my local farmer’s market cheese, add a drizzle of local honey and I’ve got snacks to go!

Honest Tea is brewed with real ingredients - the brand stands for honesty and transparency – from the way the ingredients are presented, to their efforts to help make the earth a better place.
healthy living
As always I hope these little reminders are helpful to you! I can’t wait to see what you guys are all up to this fall! For even more amazing inspiration, tips, and recipes check out the ideas here!

Wanderfully yours,


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