Sagittarius Season

♐️🔮The anticipation of change grows increasingly more palpable as we boldly step ahead into the final month of 2017. Many major cosmic shifts await us in 2018, but December 2017 holds the key to the first of many transitions. The slow-moving, disciplinarian planet, Saturn, will be wrapping up a nearly three year stay in Sagittarius. On December 20th, Saturn will move into Capricorn and remain there until December 2020. Those that were born between 1988-1990 will be coming into contact with their Saturn return, a peak time in a 29 year cycle of maturation that often comes accompanied by a life crises in an area that demands further growth and exploration. 

Sag Season by Zodiac Mack

Saturn takes 29 years to move through the zodiac and return to the exact location that it inhabited when you were born. Our Saturn return can be a trying time, one where the validity of everything in our lives is questioned and tested. Am I pursuing a career that I’m passionate about, or am I just doing it to satisfy my family? Is this relationship still healthy and functioning, or does it need adjustments or a clean break? Saturn will get to the bottom of your biggest life questions and help you sort out the cool hard truth from the fluffy and phony things we tell ourselves to get by. The Saturn return is considered to be the true marker of adulthood in astrology, and surviving it only makes us stronger and more confident in following our true life path.

On December 1st, Venus left the shadowy realms of Scorpio behind, and moved into jolly and bright Sagittarius. This shift turns all eyes toward Sag season, as four planets currently occupy the sign of the archer. Sagittarius comes on the heels of Scorpio, a sign which drags us down to explore our own depths and darkness.

🌍🏹 After this emotionally, introspective time spent in the basement of our psyche, Sagittarius comes along and thrusts his arrow high into the sky from the ground below, throwing our perspective in the complete opposite direction. We go from looking inward to looking outward. From this arrow, we have a birds eye view of our lives and understanding of the world. Sagittarius is the philosopher and the never ending student, always looking to get in touch with the unfamiliar to inch ever closer to understanding purpose and meaning.  With the Sagittarius emphasis present right now, it’s a good time to get out of your comfort zone. Talk to people who are vastly different from you. Open your mind through conversation, travel, or just sitting down with a good book.

⚡️🔄 Mercury enters into his retrograde phase on December 3rd, the day of the Gemini full moon. The usual can be expected, considerable delays and frustrations with travel or electronics, general miscommunications, etc. It’s an ideal time to get introspective and review the impact of the last few months of your life.

✔️✨ Mercury will be moving backward through Sagittarius- a sign which is considered to be his detriment. Sag is all about dreaming big and exploring visions of lofty goals. Mercury is all about putting things together piece by piece, and examining every little tiny detail. You can see how the two don’t exactly mesh. Look over the goals that you’re putting into place for yourself and see how you can plan to put them into action, when Mercury moves into ambitious and serious Capricorn in the beginning of January. His backward dance through the zodiac will last until December 23rd.

Words and image: Zodiac Mack

Mackenzie Greer is an astrologer, palm reader, and photographer based out of Astoria, Queens NY. She studied palmistry for several years under the esteemed Ellen Goldberg at the School of Oracles in the West Village and is currently working to earn her diploma at the renowned astrological institute of Kepler College. She can be found roaming astrology conferences nationwide. Mackenzie is a Cancer sun, Pisces moon, and Leo rising- which ultimately renders her a shy sensitive emotional creature who dons the mask of a happy go lucky romantic. She can be reached out to for any astro-inquiries over at @mackandthezodiac and @mackenziegreer!


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