New Moon in Virgo

We are here in Virgo season - an observation: I’ve personally shed so much old skin, yet also feel I have gained thick skin at the same time. I didn’t know that the summer burning season was going to transform me so much. But I really have changed. And I love who I am becoming in my practice and life. So I give thanks to myself and my support system who is still standing in the two year shake out. I’ve had a lot of surprises and curve balls in every way that I needed. Whether dancing it all out in celebration or crying my heart out for recognizing the breakage and teaching myself how to repair it. 

Virgo is good at seeing and weighing it all with a new plan of clarity. 

Center of our Collective Energy

New Moon in Virgo

The center of this two week cycle will be the Ace of Pentacles. I actually have this tattooed on me in another deck’s art work. It’s the cut down/restart of manifesting new energy in growth.

What are you investing in? The Ace of Pentacles speaks to fertility, generosity and prosperity. What do you want to focus on to make this happen in your life? This deck is my goddess deck so this one is washed over with the highest and most bountiful manifestation of the divine feminine. The five star coin is an ancient symbol of protection and wisdom. The five sides are connected are to reveal the never ending flow of the divine feminine. This is the beginning of a new phase. 

Conflict of the Subconscious Ego

Above us is the Five of Staves with the Five of Pentacles. This is our egos reveling our conflict.  Th Staves is showing conflict in competition or dissension. This card is showing the five voices in our head in battling for self and protection, but staying in turmoil with those voices keep this energy alive as a practiced way of thinking/manifesting. Do not lose sight from within yourself of what is important. The Five of Pentacles is showing conflict in thinking — it’s showing thoughts of of poverty, sterility and insecurity. You have to look deeper in yourself to see the well of natural resources that you have inside. We have to clear those voices out that keep this energy blocked from your third eye of your Higher Self. 

Balancing the Voices into Peace

Our Feminine Voice is pulling into the Nine of Swords. Who are the feminine voices in your head the bring anxiety, unresolved issues and insomnia to you currently/past? We are asking ourself to bring up the question: why does this exist inside of me? Who taught me this and why? How do I remove myself from this pain to change my story and create boundaries with others? The symbol of Isis is beneath the woman pillow reveals the divine feminine understanding that awaits her — she is the only now that can understand these worries. Time to wake yourself up. This card is revered which is showing that you are at the fade out stage of these worries, so let yourself see how you are transforming this pain into strength. 

Our Masculine Voice is saying we need to practice the Six of Pentacles to pull into this exchange for conscious alignment. This is all about generosity and helping others. This card shows two beggars meeting up with another woman who is dressed in her riches.  The women decided to be generous  and knew that giving in this way would actually open up more wealth for herself. True generosity implies that no strings were attached in the transaction. So speak that over you and for others. Share your talents. 

Our Rooted Natural System

We are grounded in our gentleness, intuition and invitation. This Prince of Cups is using the calm waters and bringing in love, renewed passion and creative ventures. Be especially gentle to yourself while you pull up the Five of Swords of discomfort and struggle. You have reached a new level of complete healing with your time alone and you feel it is time to move on. You have abandoned those five swords that were tied to the double fives in the subconscious ego from before.

Sweet Self Surrender.

It is still important to keep scaling your landscape for others to rise and stay ready and aware. It’s almost like you feel like you use to challenge more over the situation but you actually have earned the Ace of Pentacles from the center of yourself. 

Outcome in Change of Self Conscious Awareness

Freyja— Power. The transitional card of the Emperor bringing leadership, wisdom and authority.  Freyja is the Norse goddess of creativity, love and beauty and expresses her power through her connection to be a mediator of war and peace. Take some time reading up on her story and see how her energy can be mixed in with yours. She will help you use your power wisely. 

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