How To Perform Full Moon Rituals: For Manifestation, Energy Cleansing and More

Happy Full Moon day!

We talk a lot about mystical things around here. We talk about spiritual vibes, planetary combinations, what certain tarot cards mean and how the cosmos play out in your life as a whole.


I personally, love following the natural rhythms of the universe - and exploring my psyche and subconscious by understanding how the planetary flow can sync up with my personal being. It’s one way I make sense of this big wide world.

I’m also a ritual person. I have rituals for just about anything you can think of. Really.

I have a morning wake-up ritual, a pre-flight ritual, a writing ritual, a skin care ritual, pre-yoga ritual, a wind-down at night ritual: you get the idea. Rituals are all about doing daily activities with intention and care and I find that to live mindfully it's important to set the foundation first for everything that I do.

Spirit tools: for full moon rituals

Spirit tools: for full moon rituals

I also have mantras for certain moments. Mantras are little chants or quotes that I repeat in my mind to help get me into a positive groove.

Below I’ve outlined a few of my full moon rituals - these are beautiful ways to simply disconnect from the busy and tune back into nature, the universe and YOU.

Before you begin remember this: enter into rituals with a clear mind and an open heart. If you feel negative thoughts arising, simply ask your mind to ground back in to the present moment and to wash away worry, focusing only on the exact moment at hand.


Full Moon Water: Full Moon Ritual via

Moon Water Ritual

Tools: a mason jar with a lid, water from the tap

What to do: Take your container, fill it with filtered water or water from your tap and simply place it outside in the direct line of the moon light overnight. As you place the water outside spend a few minutes considering your intentions for the lunar cycle ahead - the lunar cycle is the month to come. In the morning collect the jar and use it however you wish! Here’s a few ideas of what you can do with it:

  • drink it - taking a sip or two everyday, reminding yourself of your intentions and the power of the moon.

  • bathe your crystals in it - your crystals can absorb all types of energy, bathing them in your moon water will give them a refresh and amplify their power.

  • beautify with it - place your moon water in a spray bottle, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and use it as a facial toner each morning.

Copal, Sage, Palo Santo Incense: Burning for the Full Moon Ritual

Spirit Tool Energy Cleansing Ritual

Tools: Sage, Palo Santo, Frankincense or Copal Incense

What to do: Cleanse negative energy from your home. These herbs and resins have long been used in ceremonial practices. When burned, these precious tools emit a smoke known to clear negative energies, connect us with the our higher consciousness and create all around high vibes.

These tools for healing and protection can help to release toxic, stagnant energies. A full moon night is the perfect time to ceremoniously clear away bad vibes lingering around your home, your electronic devices, or around you.

Here’s the steps:

  • Gather your spirit tools (your incense or sage bundles for example) and start by lighting them up (a little fire goes a long way).

  • Waft the smoke around yourself, and then move to each room of your home, allowing the smoke to move through your space.

  • As you do so set your lunar cycle intention and release anything that’s not serving you. Chose a mantra like: “I release the thoughts that no longer serve me from reaching my highest potential - I call in abundance and positivity for this new month ahead.”

  • Be sure to waft the smoke into each corner of your rooms and around your electronic devices.

  • Follow your intuition, wafting the smoke wherever you feel guided.

  • Once you’ve wafted the smoke throughout your home, open a window or a door to allow the old energy out, and new energy in.

  • Open a window to the moonlight to allow it to bath your home in fresh moon energy.

Journaling Practice, Full Moon Manifestations, Wishes

Moon Wishes Manifestation Ritual

Tools: Paper, pencil, box or jar, candles and matches

What to do: List your manifestations. Let the spirit of the evening move you! This one is simple and so beautiful.

  • Start by lighting a candle, focus on getting present and letting go of everything spinning through your mind.

  • Spend a few moments thinking about what you want to release, and what you want to call in.

  • Take the paper and one by one jot down the things you’d like to have show up into your life over the next month - these are your full moon wishes.

  • Place the wish list someplace special: in a pretty box, for example - or roll up the page and place it in a jar - and then set it outside to soak up the moonlight.

  • In the morning bring the wishes back inside and place it somewhere you will see it daily. I have a little altar over the fireplace in my bedroom where I keep mine, but something as simple as placing it on your night stand works just as well. Each evening before you go to sleep, take a look at your list and reflect.



Full Moon Rituals for Manifestation

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