Tips for Thriving in Virgo Season

Mars moved into Virgo – the organized planner, and the healthy helping hand of the zodiac – on August 18, followed by Venus on the 21st and the sun on the 23rd. 

This Virgo season asks us, “Are you willing to take a look at the details of your life?” 

Virgo Season

As the month comes to a close Mercury will join them, meaning we will have four (4!) planets in Virgo. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and this placement can lend itself to scattered energy, so getting clear on our priorities and taking aligned action this month will be the key to keeping it all together. 

This month has us getting down to brass tacks.

Employ Virgo’s keen eye, hard work ethic, and practicality to your calendar of to-dos. Be sure to honor commitments to yourself and to others, and to speak with purpose. 

Mars in Virgo is all about the details.

It is productive, but not in a way that leaves us burned out. Small, actionable steps are key. Perfectionist Virgo is her own harshest critic; this might be a good time to honor what your own inner critic has taught you over the years, and then say sayonara! It’s good to take an objective look at ourselves, but that includes recognizing how much you have accomplished and giving yourself the credit for that.

Venus in Virgo wants us to set ourselves up for success going forward in the months ahead.

Clean out your mental space and your physical space.

Organized desk, calendar organization, Sacred workspace

Set up an aesthetically pleasing home and work environment that will help to focus and relax that scattered energy. Get organized by making your home and work environments pleasing to all five senses. A few tips:

  • If you know that you focus best when your favorite candle is burning, light that match!

  • If you don’t like working in a cluttered workspace (and who does?), take a half day dedicated to organizing your workspace.

  • If you have a large area to clean up, take it on section by section until it’s looking so nice that you want to stay there for hours and get work done.

Again, it’s all about the details. 

Keep the electronics out of your bedroom.

Electronics in the bedroom, sacred bedroom space

If you don’t already do this, ban the electronics from your sacred space, especially at night. It really does make a difference. Even when we’re not directly using them and receiving the effects of the blue light, technology emits electromagnetic frequencies that can disturb our natural circadian rhythms, immune system, and that can negatively impact our mood. I know that when I work from home, it can be tempting to work from my bed sometimes. It turns out it just isn’t that good for us to make a habit out of that if we can help it. 

Accountability is a driving factor for this sign.

It doesn’t want to be let down, and it doesn’t want to let other people down. Notice your self-talk, and the promises you make. We are all doing our best, and it is important to recognize that in ourselves and in other people. 

It’s back-to-school time, and if you have kids in school or are in school yourself, this is the time to get back into an exercise routine and healthy eating habits. It can help to pre-plan out meals for the week, so that you always have a nutritious option ready to eat. This can feel daunting if you are not used to it, but getting into this routine will save you so much time and money in the long run. If there’s anything Virgo loves, it’s wellness and a routine.  

If this all seems like a lot, pick something you can implement consistently and give yourself a deadline to re-evaluate how it worked for you. If you notice improvements, keep at it! And if it’s not for you, hey at least you tried it out.

This is all preparing us for the autumn season coming up. Be gentle with yourself, and remember that you’re doing great.

Elisabeth is an astrologer and writer based in Seattle. Learn more about her astrological offerings and contact her directly for more personal insights at

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