Leo Season is Coming to An End: Lessons From The Lunar Cycle

Rounding out this sunny Leo season, we had a full moon in Aquarius that peaked on Thursday, August 15 at 8:29 am EST, the effects of which were felt the few days leading up to and following it. With Leo season drawing to a close, let’s reflect on the lessons from this lunar cycle.

The Leo and Aquarius polarities represent the balance between self and other. Leo is all about creative self-expression and personal goals, while Aquarius is focused on community and coming together for a cause. This season and most recent full moon wants us to look at how we relate and contribute to the groups and communities we belong to.  

The Leo and Aquarius opposition is about self and community, they’re so interconnected; it takes understanding, accepting, and loving oneself in order to extend the same to our communities — and the world at large. 

Leo’s Star Power

Leo Season

 Leo is all about star power, creativity, passion, and restoring that childlike curiosity and zest for life. It is the quality in us that wants to perform and wants to be seen, even in situations where it cannot be heard. It is this generous and warm energy that shines like the sun and radiates on everyone that it touches. 

Aquarius Big Picture

Aquarius Vibes

Aquarius is about the big picture — future-oriented in its ideas and projects. What does this mean for the greatest good for humanity? It rules electricity and technology. 

 Both Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs with the staying power to see things through. This may explain why you have likely been feeling extra motivated to work on  projects that light you up and connect to your heart. 

So, what are the lessons from Leo season and this lunar cycle?

  • Remember why you started. It can be easy to give up on a project or idea that once inspired us and mattered to us a great deal. The most recent full moon encouraged us to look at what we are releasing and why:

    Are we giving up because the going has gotten tough?

    Have we gotten bored with the details?

    Or is it genuinely not serving our highest self and goals for the future?

    Unless it's the latter, remember why you started down that road in the first place, and let that be your motivation to work towards that goal. The path to progress isn't paved with golden bricks.

    Sometimes, there are some obstacles to overcome, and if it's something we really want, that’s often the case. Luckily, Leo has the energy to get the job done. Leo powers the heart and projects that demand our attention during this season require our hearts be fully in them.

  • Self-Care! This is always important, but caring for ourselves in this season means indulging in time to nurture our creativity. If you’ve been forgetting to do this, stop what you’re doing and put this into practice now! Leo loves love while Aquarius is all about large social networks, so the Aquarius full moon likely had us feeling called to collaborate with others and give back to our communities.

    We must be kind with ourselves and be generous with others – something Leo and Aquarius are both very good at.   

  • Aquarius, an air sign, is also a big thinker, so allow yourself to dream and think big. After all, how do you expect your visionary ideas to come to life if you put limits on what's possible? As yang energies, Leo and Aquarius are both signs that excel more in making moves than in witnessing others doing so. But it is not an aimless move, it's focused and fixed, and to get there, you need to allow yourself the opportunity to fully explore visions for the future. 

  • There is a lot going on globally and the full moon in Aquarius asked us to reevaluate and make any necessary edits to our priorities. You may feel called to activism on varying levels. Ruled by Uranus, the planet of rebellion and revolution, Aquarius is not one to sit idly by or ignore the many human rights violations and crimes against the planet going on right now. Aquarius knows there is a way to push forward with our passion projects in a way that lifts up those around us. 

  • Embrace your unique style. We all have something that makes us unique. What parts have you kept hidden, consciously or unconsciously? Isn’t it time to embrace all parts of yourself? Your projects and the people in your life will thank you for sharing yourself and you will find the greatest reward of all by putting yourself out there – for your creations, for your causes, and for your community. 

  • Connect to your inner fire and create. This lunar cycle offered up awesome opportunities to tap into the explosive combination of fixed air and fixed fire. Stand your ground on your creative endeavors and believe in yourself — even if or when no one else does. Exude that Leo confidence and shine!

End this summer season showing off all that you have been working on. Take a moment and enjoy the process along the way. 

Words by Elisabeth McKinley.

Elisabeth is an astrologer and writer based in Seattle. Learn more about her astrological offerings and contact her directly for more personal insights at  www.elisabethmckinley.com/chartreading