Cancer Season: Sign of the Mother, the Nurturer, the Psychic, the Feeler

♋️ 🌑  Hey everyone! Happy Summer Solstice and Cancer New Moon! I know what you're thinking. (cough, Mackenzie the solstice was 6/21 and the new moon was 6/23! Girl you are LATE). You must find it in your heart to forgive me! Life has been slow to resume normalcy after a road trip vacation in Colorado. Not to mention, the three planets transiting through Cancer right now all fall in my 12th house - which is an area that highlights hidden things and being behind the scenes. So with all the 12th house stuff going on, I've been quietly hiding in the background, contemplating life. Now, I'll quit begging for forgiveness and give you the scoop on what our planets have been up to!

cancer season

🍼 🌊  So as I said, we now have three of the "personal planets" transiting through Cancer. When I say personal planets, I'm specifically referring to the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars - because these five are much closer to earth's orbit than the rest, and are therefore closer to our physical being. They also embody very human like qualities. The Sun is our individuality, the Moon is our emotions, Mercury our thoughts, Mars our drive, and Venus our relationships. After Mars the asteroid belt begins, marking a large rocky boundary. Jupiter and Saturn fall outside of this asteroid belt - and while they're still personal in everyone's chart, they have a more societal and spiritual bent to them. The "transpersonal planets" are Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. They don't have a serious impact on our personal lives because they move so slowly that they're considered to color entire generations. 

🌙 ♋️  Ok, Mini planet lesson complete. Three of these personal planets are falling into the first of the water signs - the crab. The sign of the mother, the nurturer, the psychic, the feeler. Cancer is all about your tribe. Your family. Where you come from. Your roots. Your past. Planets in Cancer are deeply sensitive and changeable - since Cancer is ruled by the moon. Cancer is concerned with how we were conditioned as kids. Stuff from early childhood rises to the surface of the psyche and we can be easily triggered or become defensive. It's a good time to be in touch with your family - in whatever form they take - and get in sync with your tribe. It's also a time when people may be feeling overly sentimental, or scared to move forward - as the crab is typically indirect in it's movements and is known for being attached to the past. It can be a very emotional time as well, where the old pains we may have harbored from being a kid now resurface for re-evaluation - seeking an outlet or integration. The new moon that occurred over the weekend also was in Cancer - marking the beginning of a new lunar cycle. The moon is dark in the sky right now, waiting patiently to be painted with light and infused with energy for the goals that lie ahead in July. 

The end of June and beginning of July looks to be a bit cantankerous. Moods, security, and emotions are at the forefront of peoples minds - as Mars, Mercury, and the Sun in Cancer all come to oppose brooding, heavy Pluto in Capricorn through out the beginning of July. This will be stirring up some intensity in people - conjuring up potential power plays, ego drives, fights, penetrative thinking, and transformations on many levels. Pluto is lord of the underworld - so he will likely be bringing some things out of darkness and into the light. Think secrets being revealed or hidden matters finding clarity. Try to keep your cool and nurture the little kid in you. Everyone wants to feel safe and loved more than usual. Cancer wants to be the baby and the mother - flip flopping between the two. Try to honor both. After finding your comfort grounded and secure - take care of yourself when you need.

Words and image: Zodiac Mack

Mackenzie Greer is an astrologer, palm reader, and photographer based out of Astoria, Queens NY. She studied palmistry for several years under the esteemed Ellen Goldberg at the School of Oracles in the West Village and is currently working to earn her diploma at the renowned astrological institute of Kepler College. She can be found roaming astrology conferences nationwide. Mackenzie is a Cancer sun, Pisces moon, and Leo rising- which ultimately renders her a shy sensitive emotional creature who dons the mask of a happy go lucky romantic. She can be reached out to for any astro-inquiries over at @mackandthezodiac and @mackenziegreer!


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