July Astro Update: Lightness, Beauty & Making Connections

♀♉️ ➡️ ♊️   Yesterday (on 7/4) Venus (love & relationships) slid out of sensual Taurus and giddily into social Gemini making a most admirable attempt at lightening the mood as of late. She hates to leave lovely Taurus behind, but will fare alright in the sign of the twins. Venus loves to party, beautify, and make connections with the other people in our lives, so while she’s in Gemini she will sparkle with lightness, clever wit, and gaiety. Venus in Gemini isn’t concerned with making long-lasting connections, but about getting out with friends and exploring the local scene. Take the time for exploring neighborhood hang-outs and chatting it up with new friends. Mercury also perfected a square with Uranus - conjuring up eccentric thoughts and breakthroughs in both message and thought. ☿

☿ ♊️ ➡️ ♌️  Today, 7/5 Mercury (communication & logic) jumps into Leo, gearing our minds toward play, creativity, and romance. This is an artistically inclined place for Mercury to spend some time in, but it will have everyone a tad more me-focused than we-focused. Communications get louder and more public, but not necessarily more strategic.

♂ ➡️ ⬅️ ⚡️ ♇ Mars is currently separating from his opposition with Pluto over the weekend, which stirred up his feelings of powerlessness and hidden heavy emotions. With both Venus and Mercury changing signs - we will feel a somewhat lighter shift, if not for a brief moment, before the pretty intense full moon. The full moon in Capricorn gleams through early on the morning of 7/9 and is laden with intense aspects. This full moon will be conjunct Pluto, while the Sun will be conjunct Mars, suggesting that both of the luminaries will be fired up, fighting for control, and seeking a balance for their mutual desire for power. The days surrounding this full moon are bound to be eventful, emotional, and potent. Be mindful that everyone else will be feeling as emotionally riled up as you are. More on this full moon as it grows closer!☽ ♑️

Words and image: Zodiac Mack

Mackenzie Greer is an astrologer, palm reader, and photographer based out of Astoria, Queens NY. She studied palmistry for several years under the esteemed Ellen Goldberg at the School of Oracles in the West Village and is currently working to earn her diploma at the renowned astrological institute of Kepler College. She can be found roaming astrology conferences nationwide. Mackenzie is a Cancer sun, Pisces moon, and Leo rising- which ultimately renders her a shy sensitive emotional creature who dons the mask of a happy go lucky romantic. She can be reached out to for any astro-inquiries over at @mackandthezodiac and @mackenziegreer!