Full Moon In Sagittarius

This morning the Full Moon went exact in Sagittarius at 18°. This a pretty pleasant lunation, particularly because Jupiter, the ruler of Sag, went DIRECT today after being retrograde since early February! Jupiter has been transiting through the sign of Libra since last fall. He moves about one sign per year.

Full Moon In Sagittarius


This means he’s been expanding, brightening, and highlighting the Libra ruled areas of our lives. He got to enjoy his retrograde period, taking his sweet time to reflect on the loftier life goals we may have, but with this incoming forward motion he will be expecting us to begin taking some action on the things quieter things we’ve been contemplating. Jupiter wants to get down to business when he’s direct. He wants growth, always! He is the biggest planet in our solar system, after all. To see where this expansive Jupiter action is taking place in your life, look to the house that Libra rules in your chart! Ex: Libra rules my third house- which is a house mainly concerned with education, writing, and communication. Here I am, trying to get back on track with a more regular approach to my zodiac posts and beginning to writing articles for local magazines! Not to mention having literally just completed an entire year of fundamentals classes at Kepler college. Education and writing much? Plenty. Thanks Jup.

Anyway! Let’s talk about this full moon. The sun is at 18° Gemini- which tinges the Sun withspeediness, social dexterity, and a desire to learn a little bit about a lot of things. The moon is at 18° Sagittarius, opposed the Sun. Sagittarius desires knowledge too, but in a more grand psychological/spiritual sense, being Jupiter ruled. Sagittarius is interested in self expression, social reform, and freedom. This full moon in Sagittarius is glowing in all of our charts, meaning there’s a part in all of us seeking expansion, philosophy, and idealism. Again, look to the house where Sag rules! This full moon is conjunct bad boy Saturn, whose been working his way through Sagittarius since 2015, and doling out ever so lovely and anticipated Saturn Returns for those born approximately between 1986-1988. The Moon conjunct Saturn is typically viewed as kind of a bummer aspect- it has a tendency to tie a heavy, somber anchor to the emotions. In the case of our lunation today though, it comes in more handy than hurtful. Since the moon is in jolly Sagittarius, it can get tad bit carried away with idealism, free-speech, and overindulgence in just about anything. Saturn will help give a strong dose of reality to this somewhat overzealous moon. Saturns job is to remind you that their are limits in life for a reason. This full moon is also in a T-square to Neptune-(meaning the sun and moon are both at a 90° angle, square, to Neptune.) This tosses in a taste of abstractions, illusions, deceptions, over the top romanticism, and general dreaminess. This implies most of us will be feeling the itch to indulge in a really day dreamy fantasy or want to throw back more than a few drinks, to get closer to that feeling of nirvana that Neptune so craves. Just be weary of your desire to escape! Don’t worry though, if you get too out of line, Saturn will slap you silly.

Words and image: Zodiac Mack

Mackenzie Greer is an astrologer, palm reader, and photographer based out of Astoria, Queens NY. She studied palmistry for several years under the esteemed Ellen Goldberg at the School of Oracles in the West Village and is currently working to earn her diploma at the renowned astrological institute of Kepler College. She can be found roaming astrology conferences nationwide. Mackenzie is a Cancer sun, Pisces moon, and Leo rising- which ultimately renders her a shy sensitive emotional creature who dons the mask of a happy go lucky romantic. She can be reached out to for any astro-inquiries over at @mackandthezodiac and @mackenziegreer!


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