The Road to a Healthy Heart

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As a girl that intends to spend as much of the New Year as possible out adventuring, I’ve been thinking a lot about the things that are important to me when creating that inevitable resolution list. I’m not the type to create a list without a strategy behind it. I also don’t typically introduce new routines or plans into my life that I know I just won’t stick to.

For example: I was a swimmer as a child. Like, the kind of swimmer whose mother drove her to 5 a.m. practice before school every day and had meets every weekend. As much as I know that swimming is incredibly good for my health, as someone whose life involves planes, trains and automobiles on the regular, it’s just not realistic that I’ll go find a pool in each new city I visit.

On the other hand, it’s not an option for me to skip days of wellness. I’m fully committed to self care, so no matter where I am in my travels - there are some absolute musts on my daily routine. Here’s one reason why: about 5 years ago I had a little scare with my heart. I experienced premature ventricular contractions (PVCs), which was incredibly frightening in the moment. I visited a cardiologist, wore a heart monitor for a week and the report back was to get focused on preventative care.

I reduced my caffeine intake (so hard, but necessary!), increased anxiety reducing exercises (swimming would be perfect, but yoga was more realistic), introduced heart healthy smoothies into my morning routine and I added Qunol Ultra CoQ10 into my supplement regime.

Each of these commitments are completely doable for me (ok sometimes not going for the second cup of coffee is hard), so in the New Year, rather than creating resolutions, my focus is to continue on a path of preventative care and introduce more of the things that are working for me, here, for you!

Read on.

Yoga for Travelers:

As a traveler, hours in the car (or on a plane for that matter) can result in stiffness in your neck and shoulders (especially if you’re the driver) and tightness in your legs and back. My recommendation is to practice yoga before, during, and after your drive, working the energy through your body while traveling.

Before you get in the car consider spinal flexes, on stops along the way practice sun salutations, wide leg stances, and forward bends. After you’ve made it to your final destination bridge pose will release lower back tension.  

If you’re a yoga beginner, visit a studio near your home and ask for guidance on basic poses.

Heart Healthy Smoothies:

I make a smoothie every single morning. If you follow along on Instastories you see this recipe and quite a few others makes an appearance fairly regularly. The measurements aren’t exact, and sometimes I’ll sub in fresh veggies or fruits that happen to be available in the moment.

Coconut Milk (unsweetened)
1 peeled Clementine
½ Banana (frozen)
A handful of Spinach
1 scoop Almond Butter
Frozen pineapple chunks
½ Avocado
Oats (handful)
Flaxseeds (just a shake)
Ginger (a few shavings)
Then fill up with filtered water

My smoothie is packed with heart-healthy polyphenols and vitamin C and can be made anywhere (I travel with a small smoothie blender). The spinach contains lutein (so does kale, both are great options), oats act like a magnet to bad cholesterol, flaxseeds are high in omega 3’s and fresh ginger is excellent for digestion! The almond butter and avocado have healthy fats which will keep you full until lunchtime.

CoQ10 Supplement

I first heard about CoQ10 in that conversation with my cardiologist all those years ago. Since then it’s been a part of my supplement regime. I take Qunol Ultra CoQ10, and pick mine up at my local Walgreens.

Here’s the reasons I like this particular brand:

  • 3 Times Better Absorption than regular* CoQ10

  • 100% Water and Fat Soluble

  • #1 Cardiologist Recommended form** of CoQ10


I hope these tips are helpful to each of you! I would love to hear from you guys on topics you’d like to hear more of this year. And as a reminder, my wanderlusters newsletter comes out twice a month with all sorts of tips and ideas for new adventures and ways to stay healthy (in mind and body) while doing it!



*Regular CoQ10 refers to unsolubilized Ubiquinone in oil suspensions in softgels and/or powder filled capsules/tablets.

**Form refers to Water and Fat soluble CoQ10. Source: AlphaImpactRx ProVoice Survey 2016


Wanderful Living: Best of 2016 | Part 3 Maine to Colorado

To all my wanderesses, 

I promised this next Wanderful Living review almost two weeks ago, and I'll be honest: time is careening by at the speed of light and I truly haven't had a moment to reflect. It's important to me that these reviews give you inspiration and ideas for travels so I truly haven't wanted to rush to get these out. 

So here we are Wanderful Living for the summer months. And, I have to say - taking a look back at the summer has me yearning for warmer weather. I had the fortune of being back in New Orleans this past week for a beauty business conference and it was a great reminder of why being in the tropics in the winter is just the best. Le sigh. Anyways - Carnival season is also underway and if that's not reason enough to get back down there soon I don't know what is. 


Best Place To Play Dress Up Like the Kennedy's

Kennebunkport, Maine

Kennebunkport, Maine

wedding cake house.jpg
Harbor House.jpg

Keiko and I took off for a trip up the Eastern Seaboard, ate a bajillion lobster rolls (I swear I counted and that's the real number) and cruised along saltbox cottage lined roadways in the breezy Maine air. We started our trip in New York and took to the road with Cape Elizabeth being our final destination. Each little inn along the way was as wonderful as the one before and I can't wait to share all the specifics of that in the book this fall.


Best Place For a Homecoming

Downtown, New Orleans

Downtown, New Orleans

Hermitage Cafe, Nashville

Hermitage Cafe, Nashville

Antique hunting in Nashville

Antique hunting in Nashville

After our trip up the Eastern Seaboard I traveled back to New Orleans to prepare for the move. It was a wonderful time to be back home, and so bittersweet too, visiting with friends and family enjoying those hot summer days before taking off for Nashville. 

The shot above from Hermitage Cafe was snapped the day we made the offer on our house, a few days later we would get word that we officially had a home in Nashville. 


Best Place for an End of Summer Vacation

Red Rocks, Grace Potter and the Magical Midnight Roadshow (final show!)

Red Rocks, Grace Potter and the Magical Midnight Roadshow (final show!)

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

Grand Lake CO

At the end of the summer so many things were coming to a close. Ben played his last show of the Grace Potter Tour at Red Rocks what a magical trip that was btw! I  wrapped the final chapters for my book at the same time and all of a sudden we both truly had a moment to take a little break. As someone that travels for a living, it's often strange to be in a place and slow down. 

Honestly, I'm planning to do more of that this year - slow living is going to stay at the top of my vocabulary in 2017 - reminding myself again as I type this... Grand Lake, Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park is such a tremendous place to have that sort of time. Highly recommended you guys. 

So, with only a few months remaining (part four will be October - December and includes Parisssss!) in my Wanderful Living review it's been so much fun for me to relive it all a bit. I hope these recaps are inspiring your 2017 travel plans!

p.s. my book is moving into final edits, I've actually seen the cover (eeee, yaaaaa) and I appreciate you guys more than ever for joining me this past year on these travels through this blog. I can't wait to finally share the full report this fall when the book comes out. Stick with me!



photos by Keiko Lynn, Ben Alleman and myself