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The Wanderful Girl

The “Wanderful Girl” is a modern bohemian. She’s a nomadic bon vivant collecting perspective and style inspiration around the globe. - from "Wanderful: The Modern Bohemian's Guide to Traveling in Style"

As an introverted extrovert (Leo sun, Capricorn moon) I meet quite a few of my wanderful friends via instagram. Today's featured girl is one of those digital friends that's given me serious creative inspiration over the last few years. She's a total bad-ass babe, (check her photos, obvi) however her writing style and creative approach is like a million miles ahead of the game. She's the real deal & f'n brilliant. Ok, so enough chatter from me, read on to meet Lorna Andrews (she may even give away her filter secrets, favorite camera and insider tips - 'cause don't we all wish we could create photos, and a life, like she has). 

 The wanderful girl has the spirit of an old west explorer and the eye of a budding artist. She is a lover of mountains, seas, cities, and all the in-betweens. She’s delicately nostalgic and playfully potent, she lives every day with wild abandon. 

Interview: Lorna Andrews | Lorna Luxe

Lorna Luxe for Oui We at LFW
Lorna Luxe for Oui We in Slip Dress
Lorna Luxe for Oui We in Bell Sleeves

AE for Oui We: We’ve been IG friends since 2014 ... you were London white wall hunting (killin’ in stilettos) and I was Mediterranean sunset chasing (fresh out of the stilettos). Your style has evolved and become something that’s truly uniquely Lorna (which isn’t easy to do in the blogosphere). Tell us a bit about the evolution. Was there a moment that you realized this aspirational approach to styling & shooting was the ticket to sky rocket you forward?

Lorna in '14 for Oui We

Lorna: Has it really been that long... it feels like yesterday that I'd reached my first 150 followers and I remember being so chuffed to show my husband. I began Instagram sharing mirror selfies of my outfits and when my audience grew, so did my confidence and I would let friends and relatives take my pics. Always on my iPhone and often with no theme or filter.

I became quite active in the Instagram community - engaging on my page and the pages of those I followed - and identified incredible accounts I was inspired by. I was incredibly influenced by Igers such as @mija_mija and @frustilista. They definitely impacted my early signature aesthetic for clean and fuss free captures. -But- there was a moment where I looked at my instagram feed and felt like I wasn't standing out in the crowd - accounts like mine were becoming the norm and I'm a firm believer that if you can't be better be different. At that point I had nothing to lose and felt compelled to change. I switched to a new filter and started to shoot against darker and more real backdrops. I think that shift in my photography coupled with switching my iPhone to my leica d-lux has definitely helped to create my signature as we now know it.

AE: You spent years as an air hostess before making the transition into the role of style ‘grammer, fashion blogger and luxe wanderluster. What gave you the desire to live a life of fashionable travel? What cheats do you have for looking so freaking good while spending your days event hopping and jet setting about?

Lorna in Paris

Lorna in Paris

Lorna Luxe for Oui We in Paris

LA: I love travelling so much - so travelling for my blog has been major for me. My aspiration in life has always been to make vacations a legit profession. I worked as long haul cabin crew for 8 years and in that time I picked up plenty of travel hacks and packing tricks which have quite frankly saved my bacon on more than one occasion.

Simple things like always keeping things in your carry-on you can't afford to be without when you arrive - and I don't mean ten pairs of manolos and your entire medicine cabinet. In-flight I always keep a fresh pair of underwear, an arsenal of travel sized deodorant/hair spray/dry shampoo and moisturiser, cosy socks and a fully charged iPhone battery. If i'm honest I carry most of that stuff in my handbag day to day too...When I pack I roll I don't fold. I choose comfy and crease free garments too - I swear by a cashmere jogger and a loose fitting tee with a denim jacket chucked over it as my travel anywhere look. Use accessories like your sunnies and handbag to smarten it up.

Lorna Luxe for Oui We in Maldives
Lorna Luxe for Oui We in Maldives

AE: Your creative style is something I’d liken to triple threat status: creative director, writer (your wit and writing style is serious goals) and then you play the starring role within your own photographic story. What’s your creative process like? What’s important to you and where do you pull inspiration from when creating a blog or IG post?

LA: Ha. From the outside I'm a one man band but the reality is I have plenty of help and support to help me do this as a business. I get creative input from my husband @j_p_luxe (he takes a lot of my pictures), my best friend @kieraliberati (she's a stylist and fashion editor with a big personality and an opinion I trust), my blog sister @nickyinsideout based in Amsterdam is a constant support in every aspect and my business and blog mentors @theverysimong & @bexringer keep me out of trouble on all business related aspects.

I'm a firm believer...

In terms of the process - oooohhhh - everything and nothing has changed. I collaborate with a lot of brands now, creating content specifically to share a message or showcase a designer - something which in the beginning wasn't an option. Who I choose to collaborate with and what kind of content I create is still based on the same principle - would I buy it and what would I want to see.

I go to fashion weeks and make a point to enjoy the lighter side - often focusing more on the networking and hovering around the tasty canapés. The truth is I dedicate a lot of time all year round to meeting with pr's, attending launches and reading lots and lots to keep up to date with new trends I and my followers will enjoy. I suppose you could say I've taken to this like a very sociable duck to water.

AE: You wake up to a nice leisurely morning, you can have anything you want for breakfast, put on any outfit in the world and take a private plane anywhere your fashion forward heart desires. What do you eat / wear / go?

LA: I wake up and eat poached eggs on white toast washed down with a mimosa. I wear Le skinny FRAME denim distressed jeans, an ANINE BING black lacey bralette under a white deep-v tee, a classic ALEXACHUNG trench, a pair of nude/black suede CHANEL mules and (currently on my wish list) a lambskin studded black CHANEL 2.55 in silver hardware and slung nonchalantly over my shoulder. Plenty of arm and neck candy too. I board a plane to GLENEAGLES hotel in Scotland where I can climb into a fluffy dressing gown and spend the day at the best spa in the world.

Lorna for Oui We - Breakfast
Lorna for Oui We - Breakfast

AE: What’s on Lorna’s favorites list:


Favorite camera for snapping photos? LEICA D-LUX

Favorite filter for IG edits?  VSCO A5 or HB1

Favorite destination for holiday travel? MIAMI

Favorite song for summer nights? GRIZZLY BEAR by ANGUS & JULIA STONE

Favorite book you keep on your night stand? 'THE LIFE-CHANGING MAGIC OF NOT GIVING A F**K'

Favorite drink when spending time with your best girls? HENDRICKS & TONIC WITH CUCUMBER

AE: Anything else you want to share with us?

LA: Shoefies are the new chestfie - you heard it here first!

Lorna Luxe Shoefie
Nobody CHESTFIE'S better than Lorna. 

Nobody CHESTFIE'S better than Lorna. 

Told ya you'd love her. And btw, I'm making Wanderful Luxe a thing. You heard THAT here first too my babes. 

Shop Lorna's Style Here:

Wanderfully yours,


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Wanderfully yours,


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Wanderfully yours,


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