ROYGBIV Rainy Day Rainbow Pizzas

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If you've been hanging around here for awhile you know that Ben and I moved into our new home this past fall, we're officially into the first month of our first summer here and already we're spending so many days grilling out and enjoying porch weather. I find a meditation in cooking and Ben loves to grill so we've just recently started having friends over to experience a little bit of country living with us.

This past weekend I made plans with my friend Lauren and intended to bring some of that outdoor summer cheer over to her house as we planned a pool day afternoon. I packed up a basket and traveled over with every intention of dining al fresco. Well sometimes, despite the blue sky weather report, the sunshine refused to come out, the rain comes in - and so what was originally intended to be an afternoon cooking outdoors became rainy day indoor fun.  

I had planned to make ROYGBIV grilled veggie pizzas, a favorite Saturday afternoon recipe in partnership with Dixie Ultra®. However with the change in weather the pizzas we made were modified just a bit as we roasted the veggies and baked the pizzas versus doing everything on the grill. In the meantime, I posted the whole process on IG stories and so many of you were like "GIVE US THAT RECIPE" and truly you can create these rainbow delights either way and it's all super easy! 
Healthy Veggie Pizzas

The Dixie Ultra® paper plates, are strong, super cute (co-created with the design gurus at Target) and will keep up with your long-summer days - standing up to whatever you dish up during your backyard barbecues, pool days and parties. Keeping in mind this particular afternoon was really a “just because” Saturday hang out, it seemed like the perfect time to test out the plates and celebrate time together without worrying about lots of clean up afterwards.  

Rainbow Veggies

So, why ROYGBIV and why is this in the beauty column?  

As you guys know I'm all about eating for my health and to be your healthiest reflect back to elementary school art class and remember this rule: ROYGBIV - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Mama Earth gives us fruits & veggies of every color and the general idea is to eat foods from each of these color families every day. The goal in this is to get all of your vitamins and minerals in without having to supplement and following this approach will allow for that! 

Read on for the recipe, a few variations and learn a bit more about Dixie at the close of this post!

Rainy Day Rainbow Veggie Pizzas

  • Organic Pizza Crust (get fancy and make your own, or buy a store bought version to keep things simple)
  • Organic Pizza Sauce (same as above!)
  • Mozzarella Cheese, sliced thin or shredded (or whatever your preference is!)

Here's the veggie and spice breakdown in order of the color scheme, you don't need all of these, truly you can choose your favorites as long as you promise to load up on them. I never really measure things out for recipes like this, it's all a bit intuitive, just chop up enough veggies to cover the pizzas and eat the leftovers on the side:

  • Red: Red Pepper, Sundried & Heirloom Tomatoes, Cayenne Pepper (a pinch, sprinkled across the top)
  • Orange: Freshly Grated Turmeric (a thumb is plenty)
  • Yellow: Yellow Pepper, Heirloom Tomatoes, Freshly Grated Garlic (a clove or 3)
  • Green: Asparagus, Brussel Sprouts, Fresh Basil, Oregano (a dash)
  • Blue: Hmm, this one was a little trickier to get on the pizza, so I diced up some fruit for a salad on the side with blueberries, strawberries & bananas for dessert.
  • Indigo: can we include this in the Blue category? I think so.
  • Purple: My heirloom tomatoes included a few with purple hues, however you could add in eggplant here too!

Ok, now to give you some variations if you want this to be suuuuper easy and "just because" you could purchase a pre-made organic pizza and throw it on a pizza stone over the grill or in the oven - and as I mentioned if you want to get a little fancier you could also make your own dough & sauce. I won't leave the recipe for that here, but my friend Lauren has been making her own and so far the results have been good!

Back to the process: once you've got all of your ingredients lined up give all of the veggies a rough chop and get things underway.

Grating the turmeric, your fingers will turn yellow, but that's how you know it's legit!

Grating the turmeric, your fingers will turn yellow, but that's how you know it's legit!

Pinch the basil right off the plant, bake a little right into the pizza and then chop a little more to garnish with

Pinch the basil right off the plant, bake a little right into the pizza and then chop a little more to garnish with

Rainy Day Veggie Pizza

Grilling Option

If you're going to grill your pizza, start by grilling the veggies first. I like to pile mine into aluminum foil and let them cook over direct heat for a few minutes. You could cut them a bit larger too and place them directly on the grill. (Ben loves this approach).

Once the veggies are looking good give the grill a coat of oil and add the crust. Let it cook for just a few minutes over direct heat. Using tongs, check to make sure it's browned a bit and flip.

Once it's browned, flip it and follow up with your sauce, cheese and then pile on the veggies. If the crust seems to be cooking through and the toppings still need more time using the tongs slide the pizza to lower heat. You're in for a charred and deliciously awesome treat.

Roasted & Baked Option

Chop all the veggies just the same, heat the oven to 350 degrees and spread them across a baking sheet. Add some olive oil and sea salt and let them roast. 

In the meantime slather the sauce on the crust and add the cheese. Once the veggies have had 7-10 minutes to really get going, pull them out, and put the pizza in. I like to let it go long enough to have the cheese start to melt and then pull it back out to dress it with the veggies. Pile the veggies on top, and place it back for just a few more minutes.

About Dixie Ultra®

Dixie Ultra Designer Plates

Strong & Confident: Dixie Plates are stress tested, stronger than ever and have a new, innovative rim. They're full perfect for piling lots of goodies on your plate.

Soak Proof Shield™ & FlexProof™ Technology: they stand up to the heaviest, messiest foods you can dish out.

Skip the dishes: spend time with your friends and family with less clean up, they're also microwave safe, recyclable and cut resistant.

Happy first day of Summer by the way my wanderful friends! How are you spending it? Thanks for being here, see you again soon!

Wanderfully yours,


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How I'm Keeping My Smile Brilliant

When I decided to add a Beauty column to Oui We I made a commitment to you guys (and myself) that I'd share rituals and routines that are working for me and products that are making a difference for me, as well.

Like so many of us paying attention to what's happening in beauty and wellness one of the things that's been showing up differently for me is how I approach getting ready in the morning. I was once a self proclaimed black eye liner junkie - like I wouldn't leave the house without a heavy handed cat eye application. I have a signature lip color that I've worn forever too and without those two things I didn't feel fully put together. As I'm getting older caring for my skin has become more important than ever (and honestly I've always had a holistic approach to skincare) and recently my smile, including my teeth, have been an area of focus. 

I was having a convo with a friend the other day about how when we were growing up the style and beauty idols were girls like Kate Moss (cigarette in hand - although I personally never smoked, plus greasy hair and late night partying  - I did have those things in my life - went along with it). However, now girls like Amanda Chantal Bacon of Moon Juice, are getting adoration from the masses - beauty fanatics, wellness gurus and fashionistas too. If there's something that's important to me now versus then it's this:

I want glowing skin, bright shiny eyes, and a naturally healthy smile

So that means I'm often foregoing the cat eye makeup and focusing on skin care, oral care and getting plenty of sleep. A few months back I connected with Smile Brilliant. After pricing out treatments with my dentist's office I decided I'd rather go with an at home whitening treatment and to be honest, I'm kind of terrified of the dentist and only like to go for cleanings. Smile Brilliant offered to send me the system in exchange for sharing my thoughts with you all! I was more than happy to do it. 

Here's my experience with an at home Whitening Kit. At Home Teeth Whitening Kit

The process was easy. I got an email first from the team letting me know that my custom tray kit was on it's way. When I received it the instructions gave me all the details I needed to make the molds of my teeth. I sent off my molds and within a week or so I received my clear trays custom fit to my mouth. 

Clear Trays Smile Brilliant

Here's the nightly steps from there:

1. Brush your teeth (with no tooth paste) to prepare your mouth for treatment. Fill up your tray with the whitening gel and leave it on about 20 minutes or so. The information packet I received warned to be mindful of sensitivity and to work my way into leaving it on longer. Honestly, I used the product every other night for the first week and the sensitivity wasn't unbearable at all. I saw results within those first few days. 

2. Once the trays are on find something to do for the time they are on, it's not the most comfortable thing in the world, but it's really not bad either. I decided to do a 20 minute meditation and that helped pass the time. 

3. Rinse and brush again (with toothpaste this time). 

4. Apply the trays again, this time filled with the Desensitizing Gel. This time you can leave on for 10 minutes or so. 

5. Rinse and then go to sleep and let the gel settle in. 

In the morning when I get up I can't feel a thing from the treatment the night before. 

The kit contains close to 20 applications and after I did the first several weeks (like 3-4 times a week) I've got plenty of gel remaining to do weekly maintenance now. 

I'll be posting again to share those results, but in the meantime, as a coffee drinking (and wine drinker too) girl that's counting my smile health as a big part of my beauty routine I'm so glad to have found this product!

Want to win your own kit? Enter to win via the Giveaway link. Winner will be announced at the end of April! 

Want to go ahead and buy now? Use the code ouiwegirl for 10% off. 


In the meantime, scroll through to see a few other products I'm loving!



This post was compensated in partnership with FiftyTwo45 in exchange for my honest review and feedback. As always, I'll only accept compensation from brands I feel truly stellar about. 

Probiotics: A Spring Celebration Recipe

Spring Celebration Vintage.jpg

Good morning and happy March!

First! It's the day after Mardi Gras. And in days of past that would mean I'd be going on a serious cleanse or detox plan to combat all of the sugar fueled foods and drinks I'd consumed over the past several weeks.

This year, however, is different. I've been at our home in Nashville quite a bit, and traveling still too. 

In Nashville the weather is still fluxing between grey cold winter vibes and hints of sunshine on occasion, and even last week in Los Angeles temperatures were cooler than I've ever experienced there. Soon, however, Spring will be here. And for a sunshine loving girl, it couldn't come soon enough. (YAY!) After days of travel and a pretty serious halt in my usual self care routine I'm committed to re-upping my health game this week. 

Sugar filled foods, blasting heat, moisture sucking air travel... I've had a case of it all.

(Must I remind you of that king cake that's been on repeat at my house. Le sigh!).

If you're in the same boat and feeling like your skin is showing it, I find the fastest way to recover that healthy glow is by working nutrient rich, probiotic filled foods and drinks into the daily routine. You'd have to truly be living under a rock to have not heard of the benefits of probiotics to your over all well-being. Probiotics are the "good" kind of bacteria that help maintain total body wellness - however while you might know that probiotics keep the gut healthy they're also effective in improving our skin health. (HANDS UP!)

Oui We x Jimani Collections 5.jpg

I honestly hear girlfriends of mine talking regularly about the topical products they're using to care for their skin. In the meantime, the wellness world is sharing more and more about the importance of what you eat and drink in regards to how your skin looks. I'm a serious advocate for considering what you're ingesting (green smoothie obsession over here) when it comes to your outer glow. However, if you're out on the road like I am so often, and skipping a day of smoothies here and there, my recommendation is to consume lots of leafy greens (challenge yourself to adding kale to every meal, and minimally order a salad when all else fails) and add probiotic rich foods to that.

Here's a list of 5 probiotic rich foods that are easy to find anywhere:

  • Yogurt
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Miso Soup
  • Pickles
  • Tempeh

Each of these foods are quick menu additions and things that, as a traveler, I can get anywhere.

Want to know a little more about how it works?

A way probiotics support skin health is by aiding our natural moisture levels through the production of hyaluronic acid. HA is a "natural substance our body produces and is a major contributor to the elasticity, tightness, and strength of our skin."

According to Dr. Roshini Raj of Mind Body Green "probiotics strengthen our skin so that it can act as a physical barrier to the negative effects of winter by keeping out pathogens, bad bacteria, pollution, and other toxins."

I definitely need all of that. Count me in.

And, because, hey, I am from New Orleans and even though Mardi Gras is over we still have the oncoming Spring days to celebrate (and c'mon! cocktails are a serious part of my culture) I've got a fun little probiotic cocktail recipe for you too!

Pomegranate Blueberry Probiotic Mimosas

Add the bubbles to a large pitcher first, and then top with the OJ and stir. From there, add the berries, pomegranate and orange slices. Mix in the ACV, squeeze a bit of lemon and garnish each drink with a dash of cayenne. If you're not an OJ lover you can sub in Indian River Select Brand Prohealthy Blend Grapefruit Juice.

The ACV increases nutrient absorption, reduces water retention and has antioxidant properties. 

The Indian River juices (both are available in 1 liter bottles at Harris Teeter) are non GMO and have GanedenBC30® Probiotic. I'm also stocking the 59oz grapefruit and 1 liter OJ on my brunch bar for this recipe this coming weekend (good to have extra for those that want several rounds of mimosas)!

I hope these beauty tips have been helpful to you guys. I'm seriously committed to living my healthiest life, while having a bit of fun along the way! Btw - send your ideas my way. I love hearing from you.

Here's a few probiotic skin care products I'm testing out too. 

Enjoy the coming Spring days you guys. I'll see you outside!

Wanderfully yours,


This post is in partnership with Indian River Select Brand. As always, creative direction and content is my own.