El Cosmico, Marfa: Little Pink Houses and the Bunny Sanctuary

We've been on the road 2.5 weeks as of today. Hoping a plane back to Nashville tomorrow, I can't believe this journey is coming to a close. The stories we could tell... and will....

that one time, we drove the car into a mud bog and then the coyotes started to howl...

nature is real, you guys!

Photos by my love, Ben

I have travel diaries lining up... and will be promptly lining my closet with vintage house dresses too (they've always been my favorite)... and with 2.5 weeks of airstreams, little pink trailers, road side cowgirl motels and things of that sort I've found my spirit animal(s) all across the West.

I'm hooked. Will be back soon.

We shot these photos the last day we were at El Cosmico. Can't I fifth dimension time travel back to that day? Not yet, the Marfa lights buzzed right by me.

In the meantime, here's my El Cosmico, Marfa #OOTD and #glamping life shopping list. And, if you missed the Snapchats from what could be nicknamed Peter Cottontail Sanctuary I'll have a full run down of what to do in Marfa coming later this week.