Color Me Hydrated: 4 Summer Beauty Tips from Southern Girls

Ahhh pool days. It's really the only answer in the dog days of summer down in the deep south.

One of the things I love about southern living is the slow burn of summer's departure. And while it might be nice to hide away in the AC reading magazines and sipping cool drinks when the heat is barely burning off by 5 p.m. or so, I find southern locals are typically doing other things.

Summer at home: favorite magazines. beauty products and vitamin water

So if you're planning a trip down South here's what the locals are up to:

Typically it's either -

a. the aforementioned poolside hang (we've got lots of pools in New Orleans, I could write a whole post on the best pools to hit)

b. afternoon balcony parties (or a porch party depending on which Southern city you're in)


c. leisurely walks exploring the neighborhoods that are fairly tourist free in the summertime

But how does a girl keep her mascara from melting down her face during the straight up summer scorchers? Well, I've noticed that despite living in one of the most humid cities in the country, somehow my girlfriends always look impeccably chic, shine free and their clothes are surprisingly dry... They hustle about with a smile and no they don't have a magic shield that the rest of us have never heard of. Like how? ...

I decided to dig into their summer weather secrets and share a few with you guys.

Girls on a New Orleans balcony

1. The Hair Tricks

Every one of the girls I spoke to mentioned keeping it light in the summer. The humidity helps to define waves, and too much product would melt right out. If you're bold enough go for a shorter style, like my friend Lauren. Long hair girls, can you imagine how great that would feel? (That's me up there being jealous of Lauren's cropped locks).

No matter the length apply a light leave-in conditioner into wet hair and pair with a light hairspray. Keep a dry shampoo on hand and the style can last a few days.

2. The Beauty Routine

A liquid eyeliner will melt in the humidity. So instead, accentuate the brows. Think fresh faced with a neutral lip. Pick products with a powdery finish, something that will stay put without creasing. Stick to a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer and finish with a tinted lip balm - it's so much more low maintenance and all you need when wearing a strong brow like Michelle (below).

p.s. Blotting papers are a great secret weapon. Stash a few in your bag to keep the shine at bay.

3. Wardrobe For the Win

Let it breathe. Say it with me you guys: let. it. breathe. Any fabric that's clingy...  silks and poly blends - they'll leave you showing the sweat in minutes. Choose dresses with linings, and when in doubt pick a light cotton fabric to keep things cool and breezy. And if you're like me, always on a pool hunt, layer your one piece swimsuit under a pair of shorts and keep a light sweater for dipping in and out of the AC.

4. Color Me Hydrated

Here's perhaps the most important part -- the real deal beauty trick is staying hydrated and looking good while doing it. When you're an on the go girl out in the blistering summer heat the hydration of choice in every one of my girlfriend's bags is vitaminwater zero.

vitaminwater zero is perfect for pool, balcony and neighborhood hopping all day. It's zero calories (no sugar!) and is packed with vitamins and electrolytes too. Flavors of choice:

 I mean, who doesn't love an açai-blueberry-pomegranate combo?!

Lauren's art project - I love color coordinated hydration.

Lauren's art project - I love color coordinated hydration.

Now that we have that covered, let's get back to pool time.

p.s. I'll have a follow up post with the full list of the products I'm finding in my girlfriends' beauty bags next week. I've been on a serious Target shopping mission and I'm compiling a list, send me your secrets too, we're in this together you guys. Sound good?



opening photo: Hunter Holder

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