New Moon in Taurus: May Tarotscope 2019

Ahhh Taurus season. As someone with a Taurus moon it’s one of my favorite times of the year. I love the little moments of luxury this season brings.

We begin this beautiful new month with a new moon on Saturday, May 4th. As you may recall, this is a time for new beginnings - it’s a time in which the sky goes dark - literally! We can’t see the moon from earth on this one night each month.

It’s a good time to consider beginning your shadow work if you’ve been waiting, or to reconnect with that work. It’s also a lovely time to consider adapting some of our Full Moon rituals into special New Moon experiences.

It’s a time to plant new seeds, and cultivate new appreciation for who you are all the way through. Much love, enjoy the shadows and the coming light! - xo, Andi

Here’s the New Moon reading from our resident keeper of the light, tarot reader and reiki healer: Violet Guide.

This spread had a vision of a television in using the metaphor of what is the television in inside of yourself. 

new moon tarot reading, wild unknown tarot deck
new moon tarot reading, wild unknown tarot deck

What are you watching?

What are you feeding yourself?

This New Moon advises us to focus on standing in our own light, kicking that masculine entrepreneurship energy into high gear. 

The foundation we are standing on is the Ace of Wands - new beginning magic of our natural gifts with the Father of Swords wise energy.

This is a powerhouse of self trust and confidence on what we have learned about ourselves.

Let Negative Thoughts Go And Manifest Your Dream World

new moon tarot reading, wild unknown tarot deck

The feminine side is showing the growth of the Nine of Swords in letting those negative thoughts and experiences fall away from your mental realm so you can focus way more on The Star card - a card that supports manifesting your dreams and world. 

Your masculine side is showing a replanting of community and support system of the Ace of Cups. Look at your root system - it' shows up in the Six of Cups - and understanding why you need to replant fresh roots for regrowth. 

Your High Self is still undergoing the chop down of the Ace of Pentacles so keep taking the risk with The Fool card. It is ultimately clearing out the blocked flow of creativity of the Ten of Wands and creating this awakening moments of The Eight of Wands of clarity in your natural gifts and talents. 

new moon tarot reading, wild unknown card deck

Collectively, our body, mind and spirit are still in the realm of facing fears, saving ourselves and really going head to head with anything that is blocking us from getting to our eclipse powerhouse energy. 

The Body

Our bodies need to focus on being the Six of Wands - feeling that butterfly lift out of darkness. Do not surround yourself with people that keep the darkness around you.

The Mind

Our minds are still in The Hanged Man position of understanding what sacrifices need to take place to allow this drive to move us to the next level. 

The Spirit

Our spirit is feeling the Nine of Wands of truly looking back and seeing all the steps we have taken and seeing how positive it is to face our fears, and what we have conquered already. 

Keep asking for clarity on your career path, do not be afraid to stand in your own light! 

Violet Guide

Words and images by Violet Guide.

Violet Guide worked as an ordained minister, working with trafficked and sexually exploited girls and women. She led healing teams, teaching individuals how to connect with their visions and heal deep-rooted traumas. She knew she needed to find a way for all of humanity to have access to healing without the ties of religion as an influence... so she left to find her truth path. Violet Guide found a path to true healing for mankind through reiki and tarot energy healing. She learned how to break toxic links of codependency and to trust her own body, mind and spirit again. Now she lives to help others do the same for themselves. Book a personal session here.


Andi Eaton

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