August Tarot Reading: The Leo New Moon

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New Moon Leo Tarot

The Center of Awakening

In the center of the energy of what this Leo New Moon is illuminating is the Seven of Wands and and the Son of Pentacles. So as we go through the translation of this tarot spread it is all going to circle back to these two cards and how they influence us.

This pairing together in my translation is that there is a collective inner courage and strength to grow with a partnership of empathy and kindness. This is going to unlock some old wounded energy to wake us up to face our fears and strike up this inner light to stand on your own again. 

The Breakdown of the Spread

Now that we know what the center is holding, this is the movement of translation as we journey into the other cards. 

We begin with the root system; it's what got us to the point of this needed growth. The root system illuminates the energy that is pushing us forward, which is the foundation that makes change happen. This creates a match striking moment, which is funny since in the middle of it is an image of a match on the tarot card for the Seven of Wands.

Next, we will look at the motivation or drive that's pushing you forward and the bullet of energy it creates when it shoots out of you. Above that is going to be the higher self, which in this case starts with the Ace of Cups - an emptying of an old community within us and what that recharge looks like. Next, we shift gears into how that is going to transform your body, mind and spirit after you do the first side the shadow self moon and what energy to take on and take hold of as that inner strength starts growing and rising up inside of you.  Above that is the inner conflict and what that looks like to each of us and how it manifests as the outcome or full purpose of this new moon in Leo. 

The Root System

After identifying the center energy we are now going to look into understanding why that needs to be shaken out of your root system and what needs to stay in your system.

There are six cards that represent how our collective body, mind and spirit are driving us up from the depth of our soil to grow. 

Oui We Tarot Reading August

In the body position, we have the Sun card with the Eight of Pentacles which is stirring up an enlightenment stage of career and skills.  Your body is physically getting ready for the next step of action which is a pretty badass drive. It is telling you that it is time for action.

The middle is the mind which is rooted in a childhood reflection of memories married to the Mother of Cups who holds intuitive wisdom and awareness. So, your mind is really stretching back to old memories and they will be illuminated around this new moon. Trust the memories and visions it is triggering because those are the moments you need to ask yourself if that’s the moment when your inner strength or courage disappeared. That is your activation pass to start reflecting on the original root and how the cycle started.  

Our Spirit Self is rooted in the Star card of Hope but what is challenging it is the Five of Cups of mourning actual friends and or family. So, your spirit really needs to do some grieving for those people or community that took that power away from you causing you to give up your strength. Give yourself some space and think about the things you have lost along the way. Challenge yourself. 

The next question to ask yourself is "why am I feeling weak right now?" and go from there. I don’t like to think that people steal from us - that mindset falls into the realm of victim mentality thinking. We normally have to give them permission to take from us, usually there was an unstated contract of expectations that falls apart in the realms of stolen. I’m a child of all kinds of abuse and I am sensitive to that entire realm so I am not talking about that lightly. Trauma is true and tricky but in this specific tarot spread, we are focused on building inner strength and courage to get this old stale energy out of our beings. 

Mourn those people to create that drive of hope again inside of you. You have to let them go to gain strength. Remember: go after all of this with Leo energy and take on this lioness light. This doesn’t give you permission to stay in those memories of mourning. This holds a space of honor to you and that person(s) to officially let them go and take back your inner courage. 

Whether you wronged them or they wronged you, just make sure you take ownership and wipe the victim mentality away from your spirit. Go through that reflection time because so far the whole inner strength thing is that you need this in your root system to do the drive toward self-enlightenment. You have to push it out to keep the drive alive. Do not stay in the shadows and let that one standing match light your path up.

The Growing Tension of the Root 

Oui We Tarot August Spread

The next break through is the two sticks rubbing together to make a fire of the volcano energy that is zapping this electricity that clears the fog in your entire being. 

You are specifically being rubbed with those who kept secrets from you which has blocked you and kept you from building strength. You feel deceived like you have had to sleep with one eye open which makes you want to control or manipulate those swords in your head that creates an intense tension. Those are the people that you need to mourn and let go or maybe you are the one that did the rubbing and have treated other people in that way. I would say we all have been on both sides of that coin if you really think about it. Take self ownership on those mirrored reflections. 

So, that is what we are all pushing up out of our ground right now to grow this centered energy of inner strength and empathy. Yes, this is hard and yes it hurts but if you want to build this inside of yourself then you have to take on courage and strength and create this empathy within yourself. You have to face it and as you push through that,  your higher self goes into the action of the Ace of Cups.

The Driving Force of Motivation

Oui We Tarot Reading August

The drive of this change is returning to a youthful energy because we are tired of these swords coming up against us. The swords in this are those thoughts of people who have held you back from expansion and feeling that risk of letting go. Now is the time to take the risk and the bullet that it fires into the Empress. She is connected to nature, grounded, queen of her realm and that is exactly what that turns us into from a transformation perspective. As she unlocks, your higher self is reactivated. Pull that trigger and return to your true self. 

The Unlocking of Your Higher Self

Oui We Tarot Reading August

The Ace of Cups is upside down so there is going to be a dumping out of your old community which is all those people that got highlighted in the root system. You are actually going to feel those people and opinions leave your body, mind and spirit because you took back your space. 

Let them go. LET THEM GO. LET THEM GO. You have to let them go. Let them go. It’s going to feel painful because you are going to feel every person leave and it is a detox but it is actually going to be replaced with expansion. Fear holds us back from expanding. So, as soon as we let the fear of these people and their words go, we will feel like the Magician and the Ace of Wands. Those are the expanding energies that come out of you. What a beautiful relief! Regain yourself again! 

The Magician is the jack of all traits and has all four of the tarot suits. The sweet babies of expansion: we've got the Swords, the Pentacles, the Cups and the Wands with this enlightenment energy. Your higher self is stating, get them all out! - dump them all out and it makes the Magician inside of you light up again. This triggers a change of energy with the Seven of Pentacles with the Three of Cups helping out. This shows that there are two other people, who are still there and supporting our change and growth. They help build harmony and help you to remain true to yourself with love and grace. They rise and shine with you and embrace your magician self and love how you are changing. Keep the healthy voices close. Those are the type of people you have to surround yourself with in this Leo new moon. 

The other side that wakes up is the Ace of Wands which is a new path of creativity waking up inside of you. Here is the expansion but it is partnering with the Son of Swords which represents self protection. Protect this awakening. You don’t have to tell everyone about it, just those two close friends but you must take action for this new birth to happen. So be protective of yourself, be on the watch. Remember what energy you just let leave your body because you are going to be able to recognize it in other people you engage with for the rest of your life. Sometimes those memories are okay because they protect you. Some people may try to talk you out of that letting go - they want love and forgiveness - but you do need to remember. You need to see people's patterns. You need to see your own patterns so you don’t repeat them and get yourself back into old fogs or spirals.

The Refreshed New Energy in The Collective, Body, Mind and Spirit

Oui We Tarot spread august

The next transition is what pushes us into our new body, mind and spirit. We have the Lovers in the body position, the Nine of Pentacles of protection in the mind, and then the Daughter of Swords in the spirit. 

There is a new love and partnership rising up in the body. You did that for you. The Lovers card in this position is a self love and partnership that we each are growing inside of ourselves. I am not talking about another person coming in, this is all about what you are holding inside of your own body. 

In your mind, you are figuring out how to protect yourself. Save yourself. Save your energy. Protect your mind. That is so important after you do a detox of letting so many people out of your minds eye space, so focus on you and the energy you need to make for yourself. 

Your spirit is becoming a wise and intuitive owl. But overall you have that Father of Cups, a mystic intrusive male that is remembering what you just went through and you are seeing it all clearly. Keep growing that empathy for yourself, grow that Son of Pentacles still in the center of this strengthening and courage. Grow into those dark places and keep pushing them while expanding out of your fear. Push, push, push. Just keep moving forward and you will get the answer.  

The Conflict of Tension to Keep Working On

Oui We august tarot spread

In the conflict position is the Daughter of Cups with the Four of Swords. This partnership together is doing a lot of reflection to gain mental stability. This lets the third eye open up. 

I like to describe the third eye as when you actually take your self out of the scenario and look down on the situation that you are in that is causing an upheaval of some kind. Take yourself out of your body and look down at the whole situation like a bird's eye view and ask yourself, "what am I seeing right now?" "what is my motivation?" Consider: what are the words coming out of the mouth’s of others or what words are inside of your head - what is causing reflection and then cut through what you're seeing to create this mental stability. This will create tension inside but that is the expansion of facing fears with truth while gaining much mental strength to believe in yourself. 

The Outcome

August Tarot Reading Oui We

The outcome is really beautiful. It makes me want to cry because of the powerful push up and pull forward it is achieving in our lives. We have done so much self work by this point and can actually breathe! This layout of the cards is how our new inner strength will actually manifest. 

This type of inner strength created a base of the Chariot inside of you. The Chariot is when you learn how to save yourself. Your energy is on you with the Pentacle hanging around your neck. You are the focus now.  What grows out of this self saving is the Heriphant card, the teacher. You have gained that key of wisdom and unlocked it inside of you which pushes into the high realm of healing with temperance. The last card is the Two of Wands which is laying out a completely new path. You have changed and you are growing from it. You have to make conscious decisions, become aware of yourself, and call out illusions from dreams to reality.

This is a beautiful push of saving yourself, learning from it, receiving healing and realizing you can change the way you think about that. You don’t have to hold onto these people in your head and you don’t have to hold onto that community anymore. You can actually save yourself. You can unlock the teacher inside you that pushes into the healing of water and fire, blue heron beauty. 

Regrounding is very important. So call yourself out, look at yourself in a mirror as common as that sounds it’s the most important part of tarot. You have to look in the mirror and look at your true self. Erase the vanity of it and reclaim the empathy side of looking, seeing and building that inner grace. 

So collectively, I can feel the sadness of it at the beginning but remember that the Leo energy gives us this drive to shift gears. The universe rains down on us but we have to respond back to her. So do the shadow new moon work of the detox - you have to save yourself. 

This inner strength is important and it's worth the risk and let that Empress be the drive. She is rooted and she is the queen and facing and radiating as your bullet. Keep going and work for yourself. 

All the blessing.

Grow, Baby Grow! 

Violet Guide

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