Pisces Full Moon: August 2018 Tarotscope

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Tarotscopes / Oui We

We have passed through the New Moon in Leo pushing into the Full Moon of the Pisces. It has been a very eventful two weeks if you found yourself guided by the last cycle. Just like in our last reading, I will start with explaining the center of energy and then work my way through the spread starting with the root system to the natural outcome as we move forward in healing.

Tarotscope / Oui We

Center of Energy

Tarotscope / Oui We

The Ace of Cups is over the Strength card, and both of these cards came up in the last spread and that will be the main focus of our energy for the next two weeks. Who in our community is building strength inside of us? How are we building strength inside of ourselves? Reflect on the separation of the release of old energy to make space for the new energy inside of you. Start looking at Energy as how you invest your time in your entire being: body, mind and spirit.

Remember we just let all those old people out of our sphere so now we are filling it with strength and a new community of love and self acceptance. Now you have time, space and focus to really pull inside of yourself to unlock and build strength after mourning. So we are really pushing out of the ground and illuminating a new romance and new strength inside of ourselves.

Root System

Tarotscope / Oui We

We have the Five of Swords, Three of Cups, and the Nine of Pentacles in the heart of the root system. Which means we have cut off the dead parts of us that held us back. So that impact of self awareness, in the reflection of the people we have let go of, has shown us that inside ourselves we held their negative energy. Now we are cutting off that mirror reflection to regenerate ourselves in our own strength with a new self love reflection.

This spread is showing you and two other people that are still in your inner realm and helping you talk through and see you and support that growth and transition. There is still this protection of energy that you still need to hold down on and create that safe nest space for yourself.

The Push of Growth

The two cards that pull the roots into action is this ‘Hope At Last’ card. You made it through the battle, so take a rest. Focus on the rainbow and the achievement that you have accomplished and gained within your true self. That is usually a good sign to travel, change your environment and just break out of your routine to shake off the dead weight. This is paired with the moon card of the Wild Unknown in facing your fears and collecting your inner dreams again. I’m feeling a lot of confusion is letting all those old relationships go, you are now looking up into your own moon to see what you should fill yourself up with again. This is really fueling your self strengthening right now with some new beginning rest/dream state.

Tarotscopes / Oui We

Your Higher Self

Our higher conscious is still in the Mother of Swords with this feminine wisdom. You are still watching, and learning, and paying attention in this realm. So keep ALL your eyes open and gain as much wisdom as possible. The wisdom is unlocking in the Ten of Cups which is the highest vibe of connection in your community of friends and family paired with the Ace of Wands. The Ace of Wands is a complete new beginning of a creative release. What a treat. This is totally lining up to the center of the energy in recreating a stable community that is fueling your change and vision in your life. Dream, baby dream!

Driving Force of Change

We have this Three of Swords with the Five of Cups which is showing the people that entangled you and kept you bound is a drive now to change, but you have the Two of Pentacles right there with them showing the actual metamorphosis taking place inside of yourself.

Tarotscopes / Oui We

So as that “ let it go” energy from the Leo New Moon is still driving you forward remember that sometimes it takes some time to undo, but letting these old relationships go are really are changing you. Gain the wisdom, MOURN your OLD SELF too... make sure you let that spirit go with those old relationships.

The past two weeks, I have really been letting myself cry knowing that the full moon was going to be in this sign and bringing a lot of suppressed pain to the surface. I have had to apologize to myself for putting my body into relationships with people that didn’t honor me or try to understand me... crying over my fears, crying over how I put myself in bondage, how I let other people keep me in bondage, friends being in the same bondage together which is where that tension laid but now we all are letting it go and letting it leave our system.

The bullet that fires out of that spin cycle is the Eight of Swords - here you will feel like people are still coming at you in attack and even though you are transforming you are still needing to protect yourself from those swords and thoughts of old words people spoke over you and stayed trapped in your mind. You are not to use your tongue and sword against them and you still need to hunker down and gaining that wisdom of self understanding. Wrap yourself up and keep that protection alive, you don’t have to respond and just know you can only control your own emotions and reactions and not other peoples.

So, there are great strides so far in the center of the spread that create strength in your new community and life. You are fighting for yourself and nothing births more of an inner strength and positive love inside of yourself.

Body, Mind and Spirit

We have the Nine of Cups over all three of the cards signifying this is the lens of your entire being. This card is all about harmonizing your community, bringing your entire being under this roof of peace. Let Peace Be Upon You! Who are the people in your life that actually bring you peace and harmony? Those are the people you should be investing in and creating room inside of yourself. Your body has the Father of Swords, which earlier we had the Mother of Swords in your higher self so we are seeing a feminine/masculine balance restoring inside of your body and it is balancing your wisdom.

Tarotscopes / Oui We

Learn, keep watch, see people for who they are and not what you are trying to project onto them. We have the Tower on your mind with the Son of Swords in your spirit. Your mind is still getting shaken up, you are actually changing the way you think. Give yourself some grace because changing your mind is hard and freeing in the same movement. Old thoughts are clearing out of your head and your spirit Man Owl is taking action with new learned wisdom on how you view things. This is like a wake up call, it gets you dizzy for a little bit but the Tower card is a very important card to honor when it comes out.

Make space to admit you have been wrong about your projections so your mind can be changed and re-establish peace and harmony back into your entire being. There are SO MANY light workers out there, but you have to do the work for the cosmos to link us all up. The Son of Swords in your spirit realm will help guide you in clearing out your own house. Make sure with these three cards that you are speaking peace and harmony over yourself and in your vision of your body as we move into this full moon.


This is an extension of building this harmony. We have the Hermit, with the Father of Cups, and the Daughter of Wands. There is this intuitive youthfulness still growing. So just lock down with the Hermit and seek that inner wisdom and light. Spend some time by yourself and lean into your self observations. Grow that reset button and examination. You have to build a mirror of peace, harmony, intuition and light if you want to attract those type of humans into your life. This is a reset of youth being restored inside of you. Call in that youthful feminine creative spirit with your masculine intuitive side and dance with those sides of yourself.


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You are still going to feel the tension of the Four of Pentacles with the Death card and the Chariot. This tension is based on leaving the old part of you behind and really changing how you are as a human. The Death card ends a chapter in your life. You have already within yourself cut off a lot of these old weights of negative energy and now you have become your own chariot. You are saving yourself. You are taking change over your life and going for it. Accept the death of your old self and push into your chariot.

* The wind just blew away the five of cups with the chariot ... so there is an actually powerful movement of releasing those people to save yourself! Let it blow away.....


Tarotscopes / Oui We

This Sun card is with the Father of Wands paired with the Star card pushing into the Four of Wands of inner expansion. There is a whole expansion of creativity rising up. Hope is building and rising with the Star card and you are expanding your inner energy. This is what freedom and love feels like when you heart reopens again to life. Remember when you mourn fear and face it, you are actually creating new space within your body to grow and challenge yourself in new ways. The flood gates are flying open! Let them open up inside of you!

Extended Three of Outcome

The Heriphant, the Mother of wands, and the Six of Pentacles is showing an overall teacher of protection that is growing this good fruit inside of you. So lean into your guides and listen for the sweet words of wisdom that will be raining down this full moon in Pisces.

Grow Baby, Grow! Happy Full Moon!

Violet Guide

Words and images by Violet Guide:

Violet Guide worked as an ordained minister, working with trafficked and sexually exploited girls and women. She led healing teams, teaching individuals how to connect with their visions and heal deep-rooted traumas. She knew she needed to find a way for all of humanity to have access to healing without the ties of religion as an influence... so she left to find her truth path. Violet Guide found a path to true healing for mankind through reiki and tarot energy healing. She learned how to break toxic links of codependency and to trust her own body, mind and spirit again. Now she lives to help others do the same for themselves. Book a personal session here


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