New Moon in Sagittarius Tarotscope

This New Moon is sending off the year on an incredibly high note! Mercury is going direct and in this cycle the Moon is exact with the Sun in the sign of Sagittarius. In astrology, this phase of the lunar cycle is a time to take hold of new projects and get them going! The best part: this New Moon is considered to be the luckiest of them all because it occurs within the planetary influence of Jupiter, the planet of generosity, good luck and fortune. 🌚🏹🔑

Violet Guide shares her vision through tarot for the collective of Oui We:

tarot cards, new moon, sagittarius, tarotscope, wild unknown

I had quite a different kind of vision placement with this spread. I first saw a picture of a pupil and then the eye and then the lashes of what it is catching/seeing. 

tarot cards, new moon, sagittarius, tarotscope, wild unknown

The Pupil 

Let’s start with the pupil being the center of energy. It is the Seven of Swords with the Tower card which makes this energy realm of looking inside of yourself and seeing where you’ve held secrecy from trauma that you have created for yourself. Everything is coming to the surface. 

The Lower Lash Lane 

The bottom of the eye is showing that we’ve gone through a time of illusions within our community and support system. So those people who have instilled lies and secrecy, it’s the final strike and you are finally getting to that place of sacrifice and letting it all go. This is combined with the Eight of Wands being a super electric wake up call. You can finally see it now. 

The Upper Lash Line

tarot cards, new moon, sagittarius, tarotscope, wild unknown

On the upper part of the eye, we’ve got the Four of Cups which is about that greed blockage but this has been a positive light for us to take care of ourselves and not allow a different lens to form over our vision. This has taken us to a place of creating this protective nest egg of energy and it has really saved us; and because we have done that we now have these amazing connections coming to life around us. 

The Four Lashes 

The second part of the reading I saw four lashes coming off the top as if they were catching dust before it could get in your eye to blind you. 

The first lash, is showing these broken relationships that push us into the Seven of Wands of change: this is all about learning how to stand on your own.

The second one is showing that old bondage that you had with a couple of people is finally showing that you have mourned and processed the loss of those relationships.

The third one is the Daughter of Pentacles with the Daughter of Cups, so in this reflection time in that round, it is showing a lot of empathy and kindness inside and a reflection on that trauma from the pupil. 

The fourth catch all lash is tension of the Four of Pentacles with the Three of Pentacles. This is saying that this growth and this tension of getting over this mountain has been super stretching. Overall, this energy has been super good for you to lean and push inward.

tarot cards, new moon, sagittarius, tarotscope, wild unknown

Body Mind and Spirit

As we flow into that way of seeing, we’ve got the Devil card right above it which means a continued battle with negative thoughts with that view of the pupil. It is causing your body to be in the Three of Wands which is that third eye expansion.

Your mind is going into the full enlightenment of the Sun. Your spirit is the Father of Pentacles which is bringing on a light of full empathy. He’s an entrepreneur and knows how to spend his energy well, so your spirit is really kicking off. 

The Outcome 

Stay focused on being the Father of Swords and the Mother of Pentacles in your head space. The Father of Swords is that wise masculine wisdom that comes with watching and learning. The Mother of Pentacles is all about being loyal and kind to yourself. That is when you learn how to parent your own inner child back to healing. So keep that in mind as you battle those negative thoughts and addictions because it’s really creating a beautiful expansion overall. 

Signed with my best, 

Violet Guide

Words and images by Violet Guide:

Violet Guide worked as an ordained minister, working with trafficked and sexually exploited girls and women. She led healing teams, teaching individuals how to connect with their visions and heal deep-rooted traumas. She knew she needed to find a way for all of humanity to have access to healing without the ties of religion as an influence... so she left to find her truth path. Violet Guide found a path to true healing for mankind through reiki and tarot energy healing. She learned how to break toxic links of codependency and to trust her own body, mind and spirit again. Now she lives to help others do the same for themselves. Book a personal session here.


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