New Moon in Scorpio: Jupiter Squares into Sagittarius Tarotscope

The new moon presses us forward. Our goal this cycle: search for and understand the potential for progress in our subconscious, as our deepest shadows are ruled by Scorpio.

Violet Guide shares her vision through tarot for the collective of Oui We:

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Tarotscope for New Moon in Scorpio: Oui We

The Center of Energy

The center of energy is the Ace of Cups with the Hanged Man card over top of it. This is pulling into a new beginning and fresh start with a new community of people. The Hanged Man over top of it matches the power by each of us realizing what we have to sacrifice to gain ourselves as we enter into a fresh start. We still have a couple weeks left of the Venus Retrograde so it’s time to start shifting gears out and tie it in a bow of lessons.

The Root System

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The two pillars of energy that have risen up inside of us to get to that new beginning and let go of that old energy is first, the Nine of Swords. This is all about decomposing and letting things die off that have caused us harm. Let those old negative thoughts die off and replace them with the second pillar. The second pillar is the Four of Swords which is all about mental clarity and self ownership. Your third eye is opening up and everything is being processed clearly. Use that wisdom to guide you.

The Foundation

The Foundation is what it is all built upon. We are literally in the middle just feeling that tension and split between two sides. The two sides of the tension is you processing the Two Of Wands in starting a new path and the Tower card of trauma. You are feeling and asking yourself if you should stay in the trauma or get on the new path. Get on the new path.

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From this, we are extending to a place of the Wheel of Fortune in envisioning our world and how we piece it together. The other side shows you and two other friends that are helping guide you in growing to make a decision. They are going to help you dream up that life you are trying to create and help you see your future and world.

Higher Self

The good news is that your Higher Self has the guide of the Heirphant. There is a lot of wisdom and awakening of that crow spirit coming into play. We still have this Lover Card tied to the Illusion Six of Cups that we are working out and through. This makes sense because the collective Venus Retrograde is still illuminating these relationships and partnerships. But you have to cut through those illusions and use your guides wisdom about it all to see the truth.

Trust Your Self. Remember that the main energy is creating that new community and sacrificing to make this new start.

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The Mirrors

We have The Fool card with the Four of Wands as an inner looking glass. This is reflecting the feeling of trying to figure out if it is worth the risk, but the risk of us stepping out is actually creating a creative expansion inside of yourself. Taking the risk is what is pushing out of that shady darkness that has been living inside of you. So take the risks! It is going to be good. The other side is saying there is a balance in making sure you mourn the energy lost and time given to it, but as you let it go, you are rising into the Empress. She is the ruler and queen of the tarot and is super grounded and faces her fears. The sacrifice is good. You are losing that old energy to gain this self ruling place inside of your body.

Body, Mind & Spirit

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We have an overall Two of Swords stalemate feeling over us that we have to unblock. Name it and claim it, it is time to face that blockage to get it out. Your mind is the Mother of Cups so your intuition is rising in the sense of a connection of your brain realizing it can trust your intuition more. The Son of Pentacles is in your spirit so there is a lot of empathy being highlighted in facing your fears. You are still facing your dark shadow self and mourning it but acknowledging that mirror in yourself by stating: “maybe these are things I need to remove from myself to unblock.”

Conflict Area

Tarot: New Moon in Scorpio via

There is this battle of learning how to stand up in our own change and owning this transition with this empathy built in - but also gaining this entrepreneurial mindset and taking charge of ourselves and our energy again.

What is shooting up from that is blockage in partnership and reflecting on that high energy but now we each just need to focus on our work. Focus on skillmanship and craft. As you focus on that more and create that space inside of yourself - your body, mind and spirit manifest into the Sun, the Strength, and the World. There is this high body empowerment and enlightenment of the Sun shining through your body. The badge of ownership in your pain by gaining the Strength card in your mind and your spirit feeling the Self Completion of the World.

New Moon in Scorpio Tarot:


We are seeing what we need to let go of but we will start walking onto on the new path which is really strong, powerful but it is work. Time to sacrifice and cut off the things that is causing you to loose focus. We can unblock and rise up in this high energy. Be thankful for what those past relationships taught you and move forward in light in relationships. We are all orbiting together but you have to know when to let them go and let them find their own path to orbit in. Let yourself go so you aren’t entrapping yourself in anyway.

The last sting.
You got this... Let’s start the new path.

Violet Guide

Words and images by Violet Guide:

Violet Guide worked as an ordained minister, working with trafficked and sexually exploited girls and women. She led healing teams, teaching individuals how to connect with their visions and heal deep-rooted traumas. She knew she needed to find a way for all of humanity to have access to healing without the ties of religion as an influence... so she left to find her truth path. Violet Guide found a path to true healing for mankind through reiki and tarot energy healing. She learned how to break toxic links of codependency and to trust her own body, mind and spirit again. Now she lives to help others do the same for themselves. Book a personal session here.


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