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Meet Jessie De Lowe, a yoga teacher, art therapist, and the mother to one adorable baby girl. She’s also the co-founder of “How You Glow” - a site full of amazing advice and tips for healing, stress relief, travel, beauty, and delicious healthy recipes. Here she dives into some effective ways to bring wellness and peace to our busy lives. Just by reading her interview, I immediately felt a great sense of calm and haven’t been able to stop following her tips online!

Jessie DeLowe for Oui We

Interview: Jessie De Lowe

Susanna for Oui We: Tell us a little bit about How You Glow. When, and why, did you start the company?

Jessie: How You Glow is a lifestyle site and brand with a mission to inspire people and celebrate people, products, places and anything that will elevate one’s life and bring positivity, joy and pleasure. I started the site 4 1/2 years ago with my business partner, Tara. We wanted to open a beautiful wellness / lifestyle space but realized we could reach more people (and have way less overhead) if we created an online destination.

via How You Glow

via How You Glow

OW: Your “Elements of Glow” tips are a perfect example of adding wellness to your life. What are one or two tips you’d suggest for those looking to add some happiness to their lives?

JD: Start/end your day technology free and use that time to simply breathe / meditate / create a gratitude list.

Consistently set intentions. (I am now offering Manifesting Sessions to help people create crystal clear, super charged intentions).

Make sure the 5 people you spend most of your time with are lifting you up and inspiring you, rather than depleting you.

Practice yoga!!!

via How You Glow

via How You Glow

Spend more time in nature. We thrive when we are in our natural environment interacting with the earth.

OW: We're loving these tips, every single one! What's your “go to” for a peaceful night's sleep?

JD: A warm bath. A few drops of lavender essential oil on my pillow. A cozy cup of tea and a good book.

OW: You have some delicious looking meals on your blog, what’s one of your best dishes to make?

JD: I love making a simple, healthy dinner of soy grilled salmon, fried brown rice, roasted Japanese sweet potatoes and kale salad.  

OW: Give us your “go to” tip to escape a stressful moment?

JD: Breathe!! If you have some essential oils, use those to shift your head space. Take a walk outside and get some fresh air. Visualize water if you can’t be near it.

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Can we talk for a second about how adorable Jessie's family is?!
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OW: What's a piece of advice you received and took to heart that you'd love to share with our readers?

JD: You create your own reality.


Favorite app for Instagram edits?: VSCO cam

Favorite season?: FALL! and Spring.

Favorite holiday?: Thanksgiving

Favorite healthy snack?: Dried mangoes

Favorite piece of art you own?: The Kettubah from my wedding

Favorite childhood game?: Spin the bottle :)

Favorite spot in your hometown? (Or current town?): The beach by my house in Santa Monica

Three of your favorite apps?: Instagram, Yelp, Audible

Favorite can't miss tv show?: Handmaid’s Tale

Favorite book you keep on your nightstand?: Anything by Murakami

Favorite inspirational quote?: "What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become."

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