Paris Travel Diary: Part 1 | Bonjour from Paris!


Hello bebes! It's official. I'm in Paris. I arrived just a few days ago after a whirlwind few days of U.S. traveling.

As miss Hepburn once said, this place is always a good idea, and truly! I believe it is. It's been quite some time since I've been here, however, Hailee, one of my soul sister friends from New Orleans moved here several years ago, and Chelle studied here too. So, between the two of them they've got lists of cafés, museums, gardens and hidden little restaurants that we're committed to spending the next week living in. 

When we arrived the weather was drizzly, maybe 60 or so... typical Parisian afternoon I suppose. And from that day on the sun has twirled in and out as quickly as the horses on the carousel whirl by. 

It's ok though... here it rains - you dash along, tuck in under an awning at a café and wait... and sip coffee, and wine, and daydream... and eventually the rain subsides and it's time to move along again.

Hailee's apartment is a short walk to the Eiffel Tower, so of course, before I could even think of doing a single other thing, I went straight for the twinkling lights and the carousel. 

We spent our first full day touring the Luxembourg Garden (the chairs, the flowers, the hot chocolate around the corner at Angelina! Le swoon!) and then yesterday I strolled for hours along the Seine, wandering the quiet Sunday streets, arriving in the Tuileries Garden for a solo picnic. A great afternoon of solitude, which I find to be so important to gain a connection to a place. 

I wore this chic little chiffon dress and added my white converse (because since last fall, the Parisian style is basically elevated lunch lady) and being able to twirl along the cobblestone streets is important to a girl, oui?!

More to come - including my packing guide and a travel guide, which I fully decided I'll only share if what I traveled with proves to be the right choices! These Parisian girls are hard to keep up with, wish me luck!

Bonne nuit!



p.s. Bisou bisou to GG Boutique for dressing me for my first day here!


Andi Eaton

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