Oui We Adventures: Nashville Travel Diary


This month I've had such fantastic opportunities to travel. I'm presently sitting in Chicago (last morning... can't believe I'm leaving as Lollapalooza is starting! Bad planning girl) and while I'm sitting here I'm excited to finally share my little peek at Nashville from a few weeks back.

Also! In big, awesome, super fun news! I'm heading back to Nash for September and I'll be there for a full month! I truly found Nashville to be one of the most pro towns, full of genuine people doing big things and I can't wait to get back.

In the meantime, here's a few snaps (via VSCO) from my visit and then a little round up of a few of my favorite places for coffee and eats. I'm certainly going to discover so much more being there for a month, and would love to hear recs if you've been there!


From the 12 South neighborhood, I wondered... think they've got sweet tea in there?


Rocking the Bone Feather Collection fringe clutch. 


Shopping at Kitty Nashville. Love the wall of badass women.


Farm trucks and pimento cheese: I swear this truck was calling my name, and I know the pimento cheese burger at Burger Up was.


Sipping wine at Pinewood Social. I visited 3 times, in 4 days, fair enough it's walking distance to Ben's apartment.