Street Art: Top 5 Murals Not To Miss in Nashville

If there's one thing I get texts, emails and DMs about more than anything else in regards to travel itineraries it's this question: 'I'm coming to Nashville for the weekend, what are the things I haaaave to do?' I've written several posts on the topic (including a where to hang if you've got 24-48 hours, things to do for the music & vintage lover and this past fall I shared my Grand Ol' Opry date night too!

Here's a post however, that I haven't yet written! And, tbh - the timing for this one was perfect. I have a new Summer intern (Maddie!) who's brand new to Nash so I sent her out to explore. I gave her a list of the murals that are my favorite, gave her a weekend to see them all, and asked her to report back with a 'Top 5 Murals of Nashville' list. Here's what she came back with and I 1000% agree with her choices!

Read on!

Dancing Bears Mural / Oui We Nashville

The Dancing Bears at Eastside Cycles: In one of my favorite neighborhoods - this mural is in the heart of Five Points. Pick up a new set of wheels, snap a photo with the bears, grab a slice at Five Points Pizza and then stay for the late night dance party at the 5 Spot.

Make Music Not War Mural / Oui We Nashville

Make Music Not War: This mural, in 12 South is in an area that's a bit more touristy - however! Make Music is typically much easier to grab a photo in front of than the Draper James stripes and the I Believe In Nashville nearby. And c'mon, it's Music City, so IMO this is the mural not to miss.

Wildflower Mural / Oui We Nashville

The Wildflower Mural: My favorite way to visit this mural? Wear your favorite floral outfit, find Amelia's Flower truck (often parked down the street at White's Mercantile) and make a bouquet, then stop for a photo with the wildflowers. Hello flower child?! yes, yes, yes.

Thistle Farms Mural / Oui We Nashville

Love Heals Every Body: With a mission of supporting women who are coming out of some of the worst possible situations, Thistle Farms offers holistic healing programs and beautiful products through their social good enterprises.

Dalmation Print Mural / Ou iWe Nashville

The Dalmatian Print on the Dog Spot Wall: Who doesn't love a good animal print? And likely a cute puppy sighting will occur too when you go snap photos at this mural. 

Leave me a note below! What's your favorite mural? Plus be sure to give us a tag when you snap your own mural photo. 

photos by Maddie & her adorable roommate Sara. 

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