Set Out on a Spirit-Filled Alternative to the Standard Bachelorette Party

By Oui We contributor Sam Spahr

Whether you’re the bride boheme or her free-spirited maids, a rollicking fête is clearly in order. As the women who love her deeply and know her truest self, it’s time to honor the bride and the friendships you’ve shared thus far.

Trade in traditional bachelorette party ideas for one that serves up a bit of substance as well. Try turning your attention to the four elements: air, water, earth, and fire. Allow them to guide your bachelorette party expedition as you celebrate the greatest and fifth element, your very spirits and life itself!

Bachelorette Party by Sam Spahr


independent, creative, thoughtful, traveler

Take a cue from Princess Belle: find adventure in the great wide somewhere. Trade the bright lights and crowded streets of a typical bach' party destination for somewhere more . . . freeing. This trip is all about your tribe, so give yourselves the space to focus on each other, but most importantly the woman of the hour. The reality is that as time moves on, the opportunities to be with each other this way will only be more difficult to manifest. So get selfish with this precious time, get secluded from necessary distractions, and get creative with your celebration.

Air by Sam Spahr


regeneration, change, trust, and devotion

If there is someone out there who doesn’t find the sight, sound, or feeling of water to be totaling refreshing, please call me. A water feature in any form is a mandated staple for a bach' party, in my humble opinion. Wedding planning - in all of its forms - can take a toll on the mind, body, and spirit. On top of logistics, your bride-to-be is stepping into a world of change, both subtle and substantial. Hike to a waterfall. Spend a lazy day in a river. Rejuvenate at wellness spa. Seek out a water element to help her melt the stress away and focus again on the beautiful light and the end of all this: her loving partner and the life ahead of them.

Water by Sam Spahr
Water by Sam Spahr


grounding, loyal, nurturing, stable

Maybe the ladies of the bridal party are a patchwork of your bride’s friends. Find an activity that will challenge your group and have you come together as a unit - especially if you haven’t known each other for half your lives. Something like cliff rappelling or rock climbing is a beginner level opportunity to cheer each other on and conquer some fears (in the hands of experienced and seasoned guides!) Overcoming an adrenaline inducing and totally thrilling experience together will leave a massive imprint on the soul that no one will forget for years to come.

Earth by Sam Spahr


energy, passion, freedom, charismatic

Who hasn’t had a long lazy and boozy campfire night? The ancient act of communing over a fire is deep within our blood. It’s where we tell our best stories, laugh our great laughs, and feel free to speak out on some of our fears, worries. A roaring fire begs us to muse on our lives until the early hours of the morning. Whether you build a fire, light some candles, or gather to paint your nails (slumber party style), invoke the energy of fire as an element. Let this time be a freeing of the mind. Wedding planning can have your bride trapped in her own thoughts and anxieties so talk, laugh, cry, squeal, and just get silly. Release it all into the void of the night.

Fire by Sam Spahr

At the end of the day, don't forget to be with one another. Nurture your bonds. Sink deep into the blissful aura that surrounds your friend as she marks this milestone in her larger and greater journey.