Fresh Habits for the Beauty on a Budget

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I wrote a post the other day about beauty habits I've acquired from gorgeous ladies I've met out on my travels. Spending the majority of 2016 out in the world either road tripping or jetting off to far away places really gave me an opportunity to learn some new ways. On my travels I was researching style and beauty tricks to feature in my coming book and so I made it my mission to comb through the beauty bags of the girls who seem to have that enviable ability to look like a star no matter where they are. Whether it's hiking in a national forest or dancing all night under the glow of city lights they're the types that just, well, have it. 

As a bohemian at heart, I like to keep things sunny and simple. Glowing skin, warm and nostalgic aromas, those are the things that make me feel beautiful. 

As I was packing for a recent trip, one that would be fairly lengthy, I considered my beauty bag, as I do just about anytime I'm taking off for a new adventure. It occurred to me: in regards to products, much of what I consider to be necessities are pretty spectacular, budget friendly finds. (Oui!) And! The habits that I've acquired, are often things that are uncomplicated routine additions that anyone can do without spending a fortune.

For me, since I'm traveling so much, there's always a chance I could accidentally leave a product behind in a hotel. The optimist in me says surely that would never happen! but last month I accidentally left my smoothie cup at a hotel, not a big deal I suppose, but I often travel with a cooler of fruits and veggies so I can make smoothies wherever I go. I do it because it's so much cheaper than buying a $9 smoothie at a juice shop every morning. So leaving that cup behind was a bummer for my wallet. There's also the chance I  could have to discard a few things to keep my bag under the weight limit (especially on my way home if I've picked up extra trinkets for gifts) and so knowing all of that I don't want my beauty bag teeming with high price items.

This rundown includes 3 beauty habits and/or products I'm living by and even better, habits that are budget friendly!

1. Artful Aromas 

In regards to body care: I've personally become obsessed with one of France's biggest beauty secrets: Le Petit Marseillais™. My French bff regularly shop at the drugstores for her beauty buys and this product is the #1 body wash brand in France (and say Bonjour!) it's finally available here in America so it's a fabulous way to create a little nostalgia at home.  
Hand Cream

The artful combinations of scents inspired by nature are designed to transport you to the south of France. The mandarin & sweet almond oil are enough to have me skip my usual go to essential oil application. The hand cream never leaves my bag and sometimes a signature aroma is all a girl really needs to feel her best. 

2. The Eyes Have It

They say the eyes are the window to the soul right? So, for me, if I'm keeping my makeup simple I'll focus on my eyes, and specifically my lashes and my brows. In regards to brows: you may have heard of micro-blading or permanent brow makeup, and truly it's not something I've considered. However, I am, like so many of us, interested in having eyebrows that are standout without having to spend hours in a salon.

I've tried much of it: threading, waxing, pencils, however - as the trend moves toward fuller brows I've found Stencil Kits (win!) at the drugstore and Walmart too for a just a few dollars. You can pack them right down in your beauty bag and they work with shadow, gel or powder, just choose the color that suits your skin tone. 

I also love a good eye mask for sleeping, eye gels for plane rides, preservative free eye drops and a thickening mascara to keep my lashes full. If there's nothing else makeup wise in my beauty bag, these things are my essentials. 

3. Dry Brushing 

When I was shopping for Le Petit Marseillais - located in the specialty bath & body aisle, where loofahs are sold, I came across a fantastic selection of dry brushing products. It got me thinking about a tip from a friend who's spent so many of her days jetting back and forth across the Atlantic. The thing she full on swears by: dry brushing. It's the first thing she does when she checks in to a hotel or when she arrives home. Why? Well one, it just feels good, two, it's incredibly easy to incorporate into your routine and three, it's so energizing too! I have a mini one I found in that same aisle that I use for my face. It's the first thing I do before mixing up my morning smoothie: brush, apply oil, and then by the time I finish my smoothie and check a few emails it's time to rinse the oil. Voila! 

beauty flat lay

It was so much fun to put this post together in partnership with Les Petit Marseillais. If you're interested in incorporating a little bit of the south of France into your own life you can do it without having to jet across the ocean.

The carefully-curated collection includes an assortment of eight body/hand moisturizers, two liquid hand soaps, six body washes and a bar soap with prices ranging from $3.99 - $7.97. 

The complete line is newly available and features 17 products, it's available online at too. My personal favorites are these three: 
Le Petit Marseillais


  1. Le Petit Marseillais™ Mandarin & Lime Extra Gentle Shower Gel
  2. Le Petit Marseillais™ Shea Butter, Sweet Almond & Argan Oil Nourishing Body Milk Lotion
  3. Le Petit Marseillais™ Shea Butter, Sweet Almond & Argan Oil Nourishing Hand Cream

I'm so glad you girls are loving these travel meets beauty posts! I'll be back out in California at the end of this month and will certainly be taking notes from the Venice beach beauties while I'm there. 

p.s. we're launching a new column over here this weekend: it'll be printable checklists, full of styling and beauty tips, packing lists, and more. I cannot wait to share that so come back by soon!

Wanderfully yours,



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