New Girl in Nashville

Hey you wanderlusters,

So Ben and I have officially been in our Nashville home for about 2 months. Wuttttt?! Well more accurately, our things have slowly been trickling into our new home for about that time. We closed on the house the first week of August (Ben had to FaceTime in from the tour bus to the closing, yep) and then we moved his downtown loft apartment that same week.

All the while we made an offer, did the inspection and closed on a house and he was out on the road, and then I was on the road, and then we were on the road together. The life of a touring musician meets travel writer means home time is a rarity.

Here's the actual count: 

Days Ben has been in the new house: 7

Days Andi has been in the new house: hmmm like 5 more than that? 

And! I'm finally moving the remainder of my New Orleans apartment up this weekend, and from there it will truly be official. Wheeeew!

Me, a few days before we made the offer as we house hunted like crazy people!

Me, a few days before we made the offer as we house hunted like crazy people!

This past weekend at Pilgrimage Festival was our first opportunity to spend time with some of our Nashville friends and really connect and make some new friends too. I am finally feeling like I can say when someone asks that Nashville is officially my city! Even though Ben and I together have traveled back and forth so much between Nashville and New Orleans having our first home together makes it all super real. 

I mean, sure I've been around enough that writing my Nashville in 24-48 hours post felt great, because I totally feel like I've experienced enough to have a good grasp on what you guys might be interested in when you visit. However, being the new girl anywhere is always a little scary right?! And it's totally different than visiting or being around for a few weeks at a time. So, as the new girl I'm making a big commitment to myself to get out and experience things. I'm going to go to events and shows and (hopefully!) make some friends that are interested in the same things I am. 

The reality is, those 12 or so days that I actually have been at home have looked mostly like this:

Me curled up, working on book edits or photo edits, or catching up on reading and just nesting. Go check my instastories, it's either this, or me driving some back country road looking for antiques.

Since I'm finishing moving the remainder of the New Orleans apartment this weekend next week I will officially no longer have an address in New Orleans at all. So, I'm filling up my calendar and heading out to really make Nashville my place!

I would love to hear from those of you that are Nashville locals, what are the places you love and things on your list that I absolutely need to do?

I'll be heading out to the launch of Karen Fairchild's clothing line next week, btw. (Karen's from the band Little Big Town, she's such a babe on stage and I can't wait to see what she's created.) The invite mentions vegan leather pieces and delicately feminine separates made to go glamorously from the street to the stage and I am desperately in need of a closet revamp. I did a serious clean out when planning for the move so you can bet those vegan leather pieces will be mine. 

When I first moved to New Orleans so many years ago I found that fashion events like this one were where I really found my people! I would absolutely love to meet some of you guys there, so I've got all the deets below. 

There's an RSVP required, but the event is free, so make sure to get a ticket to come hang!

Where: Macy's Green Hills

Date: Wednesday, 10/5

Time: 7pm 

Hope to see you guys there, come be my friend k?!




This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Macy’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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