Long Haul Flight Essentials: Beauty Must Haves to Look Your Best While Traveling

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Rise and shine you guys. I've been home from my most recent trip for about a week now and it's been a wild ride of a week to say the least. Traveling can take a serious toll on our bodies, and so can the general stresses of life (helllloooo, election anxiety). As I shared with you guys earlier this week - on my most recent trip to Paris I vowed to never stray from my wellness routine again.

I shared my packing list, my day trip list and today I'm sharing a few essentials for looking and feeling your best on long distance travels. 

Before I took off for Paris I chatted with a few of my makeup artist friends. Knowing that I'd be spending 8+ hours on a plane, and then fighting the jet lag with lots of coffee and forced early wake up times to get adjusted I wanted some ideas about how to look fresh and rested even after that dreaded overnight read eye flight.

And as importantly: I wanted to know - what should I do while on the plane to ensure I'm not a tired looking mess once I arrive at my destination! With so many of us going on long distance trips for the holidays, I hope this helps you prepare to be your most beautiful self after even the longest of trips. 

Here's my list of recommendations gathered from my favorite makeup gurus, and the checklist of products I swear by too. This list honestly applies even if you aren't traveling and just aren't quite getting enough of your nightly beauty rest.

On the Plane

1. Sanitize.

Once you've boarded be sure to sanitize all the things you might be touching for the next hours:  the TV screen in your seat, your window and seat arm rests, it's all carrying germs. Wiping it all down will keep you from getting sick after the flight or introducing bacteria into your skin and eyes. Next: clean your face. A basic skin care wipe will do the trick. Definitely don't travel with a full face of makeup - allow your skin to breathe. 

2. Hydrate.

Apply a full face moisturizer, mine is oil based to protect from the harsh cabin air, and then add an eye cream as well. If you plan to sleep on the plane sleep with moisturizing eye pads and an eye mask (you can do this at home too) to eliminate puffiness and dark circles. For continued hydration carry a misting spray in a TSA-approved bottle and mist throughout the flight. Drink lots of water in the air too, it's critical to keeping your skin fresh!

I like to use a preservative free eye drop as soon as I wake up, at home and on flights too. (Preservatives are added into eye drops to make sure no bacteria grow inside the bottle. The problem is preservatives don’t help with dryness and redness, and in my case I'm sensitive to them).

It's formulated with Sodium Hyalouronate, a form of Hyaluronic Acid that's found in lots of natural moisturizers for 12 hours of soothing comfort. There's a built-in purifying filter that keeps out bacteria in this particular version.

Once you've arrived at your destination here's a few tips to look awake after a long haul flight.

For your skin:

Facial massage. Apply your favorite essential oil to your pressure points, temples, then forehead and cheeks and give yourself a little massage to invigorate your skin. You can also use a brush and work it in a sweeping motion from forehead down to your decollate. Tired skin looks exceptionally dull so after the massage use an illuminating cream to add a little extra fresh faced glow. 

For your eyes: 

Keep the eye makeup to a minimum. It feels normal to want to cover up with a smoky eye, however dark circles are only accentuated by adding extra makeup. Choose nude tones and a lash lengthening mascara to open up tired eyes. 

For your lips: 

Choose a shade that's just a little bit deeper than your natural lip color. Dark colors can age us and aren't especially flattering when we're tired. Your natural coloring accentuated is what you want to go for here. A clear gloss is always a nice touch to add a plumpness too.

Clear Eyes 2.jpg

Product Checklist for long haul flights:

Antibacterial Gel or Wipes

Facial Cleansing Wipe

Skin Moisturizer

Moisturizing Eye Mask

Eye Mask for Sleeping

Facial Brush and Oil for Massage

 Eye Drops

Brightening Products or Illuminator

Rosy-Hued Lip and Cheek Color

I stock up on my long haul flight supplies at Target. 

I hope this series of packing lists and checklists gets you all holiday travel ready! I've got one more coming on how to best prepare for long days on the road!  

Wanderfully yours,



Andi Eaton

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