Travel Diary: Vermont

These woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep
— Robert Frost

The first poem I ever memorized as a little girl in North Carolina was this one by Robert Frost: Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. On one particular wintery day I read those words, was struck by the dreaminess and immediately had an irresistible want to explore those snowy woods.    

I'm a summer loving girl - however, as the winter draws closer I'm finding a desire to cozy up in a cottage under a solstice light.

With the sun turning in at 4:30 these days, making it out for high noon adventures, as the leaves spin free, seems a bit surreal.

Ben and I took off for Burlington, Vermont last month for a few days of quiet time "between the woods and frozen lake."

Here's a few photos from our adventure. 

Traversing the woods alongside Lake Champlain .... the leaves a vibrant shade of marigold. 

Our friend Benny, a Vermont native, took us on a ride out to an orchard, we sipped the most delicious pressed hot cider made right in front of our eyes. 

Here's a few more photos snapped with our phones.

I'm committing fully to bringing my "real" camera everywhere I go in 2016. Reso-lut-ed. 

Downtown Vermont is full of art, and the prettiest colors from the lakeside to the foliage growing along the old bricks. If you plan to visit (and I'll certainly be back again and again) leave plenty of time for afternoon lounging and lakeside walks. 

I'm still trying to decide, btw, if the man swimming out to the little boat floating on the lakeshore was a figment of my imagination... could anyone possibly treat the icy water as if the sun warmed it all year long?  Judging by what seemed to be a never fading tan, I suppose it's possible. 

I can't wait for another year of traveling and adventures. Can you even believe 2016 is right around the corner!?