Nashville Basics


When I arrived in Nashville I had a few style light bulbs go off. Well it was more, style oh shits... as in... my brain screaming at me: "everybody is so freaking beyond hip here!" and "what if they mistake my usual New Orleans boho vibe for dirty hippie!"


I knew that was actually happening when on my first day the barista at one of the hyper-local impossibly cool coffee shop commented on my "vacation attire." In fairness to me the girl I was with shared that I was visiting from New Orleans and so I'm assuming he was of the impression that everyone in New Orleans is on perpetual vacation. However to be on the safe side after that moment I committed to two things. 

1.. Leather. Literally. 

I wore leather every single day in Nashville, outside of that one time I went water fall jumping. And I'm pretty sure I put on leather when I got home that night. And maybe slept in it.


2.. Hats. 

In Nashville it's impossible to feel fully local without a solid hat collection. In all honestly, I don't have a hat collection. My bf does. So here we are, I've stolen one of the vintage variety from him, and thank god for me it didn't blow off of my head over the wall of this rooftop. 


Now I know none of this is tremendously profound. And I am a girl that dresses for me and no one else, so really, it's just about impossible to have a place sway my style too tremendously much.

But with that said, I'm also a girl that loves a costume and a good game of dress up (ask the kid that had 47 Heavy Metal band pins on her denim jacket at 9 and held up the entire airport security line for a solid 18 minutes), so I figured why not have a little style fun and dress the part for the month.


I found after a few weeks Nashville dressing was easier and certainly chicer than my normal New Orleans boho craziness. I enjoyed the simplicity of pulling out a good leather legging every morning. 

Want your own? Here's my absolute favorites of the moment.


Tisha top c/o Marna Ro, Cole Tote c/o Flying Fox, bf's hat, top rack in the closet, just don't tell him I lent it to you. 

photos: Laura 

Btw! I'll be back in Nashville again this weekend! Sunday I'll be getting a little behind the scenes tour of the Opry and I'm pretty much dying already. Can't wait to share! 




Andi Eaton

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