The cutest instant cameras to document your summer adventures, retro style

By Elise Genoux

I recently had a girl’s night with my four best friends; we were gossiping while watching a movie when my friend Carole brought her instant camera into the living room. I’d heard about these cameras before, but I’d never had a chance to use one. Like most millennials, I’m always down to try new gadgets, and was immediately in love with this camera (which is way more than just a fun gadget to try out).

No matter what camera you are choosing - and there’s lots of options, btw - these toys are the perfect way to save your memories, summer adventures and fun everyday moments in a, well, instant.

Why I Love Shooting With An Instant Camera

A great advantage of the instant camera is that you can bring it everywhere, on all types of adventures and places across the world because it’s so light and easy to maintain. To be honest, I have never really been good with technology and I am always scared to break expensive gadgets. I’m not a photographer, but I love the idea of creating images that have a vibey, cool appeal.

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These little instant cameras are the best if you don’t know much about photography and are even better if you’re a little clumsy or don’t want to worry about carrying an expensive camera on your travels. These cameras are flexible and forgiving - my recommendation: try shots with different lighting, angles, poses and make sure you smile sometimes!

The camera Carole has is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera - this one is so easy to work with! I figured it out in a couple of tries (and maybe those “bad” shots will make your girlfriends laugh like mine did!). There’s two simple reasons to get one for yourself: to explore your creativity with good and “bad” shots and develop your photography skills while having fun.

The New Hybrid Version We’re Loving!

There’s a hybrid version called the SQ20 Instax that the Oui, We team is loving. It shoots digital photos but then prints like the classic instant camera. If you think that instant cameras create low resolution images this one is a total step up.

The monitor makes it so easy to edit, crop and process your photos. It gives you all of the creative options of a digital camera and the immediate satisfaction of the instant camera, plus you can see what you’ve shot before deciding to print. Honestly: sometimes I think I have two left hands and I succeeded in creating 15 photos in a row that were totally print worthy (woohoo!!). This camera creates absolutely amazing pictures that will hang in your room for a long time to come.

Here’s a round up of the camera and accessories to set you up to capture all of your summer memories!

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