Cold Weather Remedies

In addition to traveling often, for the first time since I was super young I'm living in a climate that will actually be cold in the winter. New Orleans is so often still 75 degrees even in December and I've grown so accustomed to that humidity filled air. I'll admit I haven't typically loved colder climates, but my travels this year have given me an opportunity to grow to love spending time in cooler weather. 

I shared with you last week that I've been super mindful in keeping up on my wellness routine to avoid travel related sickness and season colds and flus too. I  have to say I've gotten much better at planning for snacks and supplements to travel with, as well as taking the steps to keep my beauty routine in check while traveling. 

This post is specifically focused on the changing seasons! And for those of you that live in places that get cold in the winter, it's time to prepare for  the environmental and seasonal changes the winter months will bring on.

Here's my tips for adapting to the cooler weather with ease (and good looking skin):

Hydration: I can't say this enough, adding in the appropriate skin care products to protect and nourish the skin in critical. I use an oil based moisturizer every morning as a pre-wash product and then layer on the serums and hydrating creams. 

I've mentioned before using a hydrating spray throughout the day to refresh the skin, the 5 oz. bottle of evian® Facial Spray is my current favorite! As soon as I turn the heat on in my house this stuff is a must. It's hypo-allergenic, with a neutral 7.2 pH and is compatible with all skin types. Spray a light mist right over makeup to revive your color throughout the day. And, if you're needing a quick refresh after yoga it can also help remove perspiration.

Live Foods and Supplements: I am a regular at my local farmer's market, and as often as possible prepare my meals at home. Adding probiotics to your supplement routine will help your body to fight off toxins, so between eating right and upping your supplement ritual you're likely to give yourself an immune boost that can ward off potential illness. 

Movement: I know, we all know we should continue our exercise routing no matter what the season, but I personally find it easy to want to curl up at home versus go outside for a hike. Be sure to plan some sort of physical activity, even if it's a dance party with your girlfriends to keep your blood flowing. 

Focusing on self-care as the climate changes can go a long way in lifting your mood and creating an enjoyable holiday season too! Let me know what tips you guys have and if you'd like more details on products I love! I'm so committed to only sharing products that I truly believe in, so I'd love to learn more about your favorites too. 



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Andi Eaton

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