New Moon in Aquarius: Reclaiming Freedom

✨♒️🌑 Reclaiming personal freedom and liberating our most authentic self. This is what the new moon at 27° Aquarius asks us to attempt. On February 15th, the Sun and Moon conjoin for their monthly meeting, rising together in the morning and setting together in the evening. They spill the secrets of things yet to come and encourage life on earth to reset for the month ahead. This dark moon in Aquarius holds special importance, for it’s also a partial solar eclipse. This solar eclipse serves as the action oriented counterpart to the emotions that began stirring back on the lunar eclipse on January 31st. Eclipses always occur in pairs. Events that occur around this time begin to set the tone of the next six months, until the next eclipse series begins in July 2018. Look around your chart and see if you have any points at 27°, for this eclipse will be directly affecting that planet and area of life. 

Zodiac Mack for Oui We

⚡️💛 During a solar eclipse the moon obstructs a portion of the sun and for a brief moment the moon reigns supreme, darkening the solar essence. Eclipses are inherently emotional, as the very presence of the phenomena comes as somewhat of a natural disruption. Can you imagine how people thousands of years ago must have reacted to this frightening occurrence, when their life giving sun was suddenly swallowed into the darkness of the moon? Eclipses itself have been heralded as an omen for centuries, but good and bad are often two sides of the same coin. Eclipses are wildcards. They rush things into our lives and they occasionally pull the rug out from under us. Embrace any changes that stir within you or any actions outside of your control that take place at this time. Most often, abrupt endings or changes can help pave the way for growth and new beginnings.

🌞🌑🌀 This Aquarius new moon and solar eclipse is conjunct the tiny communicator planet Mercury, entangling the winged messenger’s own story into our eclipse tale. Our thoughts, ideas, and speech get sucked into the vortex. It’s time to use our voices and breathe life into our unique visions and ideas. We should let our minds meander into a more meditative state now, and a less media-induced one. This new moon promises aid to those writing out their personal perspectives as well as speaking their truths. The new moon is also in a positive aspect to change-bringer Uranus, allowing for new opportunities, if one only reaches out to grab them. Uranus can aid in breaking out of our own ruts, if we only trust the process and embrace newness.

🌀🔆 Last but not least, this new moon features action-oriented Mars and disorienting Neptune in a square. This may mean that actions taken at this time may be done haphazardly or with confusion. While new moons are often great times to plant seeds of intention, we may need to hesitate awhile before taking any firm action. Mars/Neptune can weaken energies and make us susceptible to tiredness. We can also fall prey to escapism through substances as an outlet instead of exercising our bodies physically to release. The ideas and goals we hold in our minds for this new moon may This new moon would be best spent doing some yin yoga, meditative thought, and writing. Giving your mind a good rinse is key with this eclipse, for it's time to throw out whatever doesn’t need to be floating around needlessly in your brain. Meditation and calming the mind is truly a discipline, which is fitting see as Aquarius is traditionally ruled by the master of self-control, Saturn.

Words and image: Zodiac Mack

Mackenzie Greer is an astrologer, palm reader, and photographer based out of Astoria, Queens NY. She studied palmistry for several years under the esteemed Ellen Goldberg at the School of Oracles in the West Village and is currently working to earn her diploma at the renowned astrological institute of Kepler College. She can be found roaming astrology conferences nationwide. Mackenzie is a Cancer sun, Pisces moon, and Leo rising- which ultimately renders her a shy sensitive emotional creature who dons the mask of a happy go lucky romantic. She can be reached out to for any astro-inquiries over at @mackandthezodiac and @mackenziegreer!


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