Full Wolf Moon Eclipse in Cancer: Tarotscope January 2019

Tonight the moon shows her full face to us here on Earth. Eclipses allow for a deeply spiritual release and transformation. Lean into your shadows, face them and incorporate them into your full story. They are a guide and teacher, and help us to move forward when we fully face them.

Violet Guide leads us into the evening of the Full Wolf Moon with a tarotscope reading for our collective.

Full Moon Eclipse Tarot Jan 2019 Cancer: ouiwegirl.com

The whole focus of the spread is on the Three of Swords and connects to two people that have kept you in a form of bondage. You have realized that you have the power to leave and rise into the Empress status. This is illuminating the last of the pain that has been holding you back in previous months. It’s key to make sure you clearly cut your way out of this situation.

Self Rising

The Empress is what you are becoming and rising out of this bondage. She is grounded, she is queen, she is harnessing her energy and facing her fears. She is YOU and you are her and that is what is rising up out of this situation. You have earned this crown.

You are still feeling that tension and growth of it all. It feels like growing pains, which it is when you are choosing to remove yourself out of any situation that is keeping you trapped instead of free. The tension is part of earning another ring around this tree of life you are creating inside of yourself.

Full Moon Eclipse Tarot Jan 2019 Cancer: ouiwegirl.com

You have to stay focused on the Star card. Start dreaming about what your life looks like without these people involved in your life. How much mental space is going to become clear within your head so you can really focus on your future and actual dreams - those dreams that you deserve to accomplish! You have to live on hope and recreate the energy inside of you again!

As your dreamer realm opens, full enlightenment of The Sun is coming in! You are creating a powerhouse for the Empress to really come forward in your life and be a stable part of your energy.

On Your Mind

Now your mind still is in a battle of the Eight of Swords where you realize how much you are changing but not quite ready to let your new wings open up. Now, focus on the temperance card of healing yourself out of illusion in what you thought those relationships were (that truly were built on illusion), specifically with the people that you felt held down by in the Three of Swords realm.

Now, you have to face your own Devil to reach full self healing. What are your negative addictions to those relationships? Why are you dependent on them when they are obviously bringing illusion, negative thoughts, and ultimately pain? Why can’t you cut yourself out of them? Do not worry about them... worry about you and face your self for this full understanding of karmic relationships.

Body Mind Spirit

Tarotscope: ouiwegirl.com

Overall, you are learning a lot about male intuition and how it works. Trust your gut on what is being shown and illuminated through this self facing Devil. Your body is on the last step of facing it’s fear and cutting off these relationships.

Your Mind has the Father of Swords and the full collection of knowledge that you need to make a decision. Your Spirit is still in a reflection space of really taking in the mirror image of understanding why this all happened to you and why you entered into these relationships. Do not stay in that reflection for too long… take what you need and start grounding yourself back into Empress and strength mode.

Higher Self Portal

Full Moon Eclipse Tarot Jan 2019 Cancer: ouiwegirl.com

As your entire being comes into enlightenment and agreement, your higher self goes into a new behavioral pattern! Yay! You have a new focus and energy expansion of the Three of Wands, the Eight of Pentacles, the Son of Swords and the Lovers card with the Four of Swords as the signifying power card.

This dream team is unlocking a new focus of envisioning your future with a true support system that is focusing on your skill and career, protecting yourself with anyone who is trying to come in and mess it up with the Lovers of new partnership within your own Self.

You are in a true partnership with your self again. Welcome back honey! The Four of Swords is showing that you have the metal strength and clarity not to let those swords enter back into your body but you hold them outside your energy field!

Let the last of those tears fall because your RAINBOW is here! Time to celebrate the hard work you have done to really get your grounding and life back over the past six months!

Happy Full Moon Eclipse!

Violet Guide

Words and images by Violet Guide:

Violet Guide worked as an ordained minister, working with trafficked and sexually exploited girls and women. She led healing teams, teaching individuals how to connect with their visions and heal deep-rooted traumas. She knew she needed to find a way for all of humanity to have access to healing without the ties of religion as an influence... so she left to find her truth path. Violet Guide found a path to true healing for mankind through reiki and tarot energy healing. She learned how to break toxic links of codependency and to trust her own body, mind and spirit again. Now she lives to help others do the same for themselves. Book a personal session here.


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