The Astrology of June: Enjoy the Ride!

♒️☸️ June is bound to be one of the most pivotal months of the year, as it marks a significant change for all of us in the direction of our own personal journey. Mars goes retrograde in Aquarius mid month and will remain moving backwards until late August. This movement is likely to throw us for a bit of a loop, while simultaneously serving up some frustration and obstacles over the summer. We’re just beginning to see the new 7 year story of Uranus in Taurus unfold in all of our lives. A few of us have already survived some sudden earthquakes occurring to our foundations or stagnant situations we’ve been holding onto. Saturn and Pluto are trudging through Capricorn and are pushing us to accomplish some difficult work on ourselves. It’s certainly not a calm and stagnant time to be alive, the universe know it and wants to see us work and grow with these varying energies!

Gemini Season - Oui We

❤️⚔♇ The month starts out with both intense and nebulous aspects, as we come fresh out of the gate into some tricky relationship territory on and around June 5th, when Venus opposes Pluto. This aspect shows us the power dynamic present in our current relationships, while also intensifying our connections romantically and sexually. If you’re in a relationship, you may tread into some treacherous places together emotionally, plummeting down to each others depths to make sure you’re ultimately aligned with a similar goal. If you’re playing the field, you may find your desire for sexual encounters or intense relationships increase around the beginning of June.

📞👁 On and around the next day, June 6th, Mercury (communication) comes into a conflicting square with Neptune (dreams and visions). This can create a disorienting effect on our minds and speech, we may need to monitor our daydreaming and the information we share with people, as messages can become foggy and unclear during this time and points ultimately misunderstood. On June 7th, the self assertive warrior planet Mars will be exactly conjunct the moon’s nodal axis. The nodal axis is a marker of fated events in our lives personally and collectively, and when a planet touches them natally or by transit, there is a strong emphasis and exploration involving that planetary archetype. Mars is our planetary player here, and this go around he is specifically conjunct the south node. The south node is associated with old habits and patterns that are easy for us but that are no longer helping us grow. It’s the thing we always fall back on when we don’t feel like pushing forward with new techniques. Mars on the south node will see us emptying out old Martian habits that are holding us back, such as our will power, self assertiveness, sexuality, or aggression. All Mars like topics will be up for revision.

♋️🦀 June 12th sees a shift in our minds and mouths when Mercury enters cozy Cancer. This movement of Mercury internalizes our minds and gives us a more emotional and sentimental mindset. We may find that we’re fixated on our past, as old feelings rear their head and thoughts of our upbringing and family life intervene suddenly with our day to day. Mercury in Cancer is a fertile time creatively and you should encourage yourself to explore art through an emotional lens. Cancer is one of the signs in the zodiac without any vocal chords, as it is ultimately represented by a wordless crustacean, so with our planet of communication struggling to speak, we can expect our words to turn inward and not find an easy way out. Mercury will be swimming in the ocean of Cancer until June 29th when it moves into fiery and dynamic Leo.

🌑♊️ On June 13th, a new moon in Gemini is planted into all of our charts, resetting the lunar cycle for the month ahead and giving us a blank slate to work with. This Gemini new moon allows us to set intentions around learning, teaching, and exploring our many curiosities about life. New moons and their aspects always set the tone for the month ahead, and this new moon features a nebulous square to Neptune, signifying that we need to make adjustments and sort out confusing thoughts and messages throughout the coming weeks. This square to Neptune can also signify a need to readjust our relationship to our own illusions, idealisms, and spirituality over the month.

❤️🦁🔥 Venus enters Leo the very same day of the new moon, which dramatizes and fires up our relationship energy and our need to perform and create. We may explore creative outlets that may have fallen to the wayside while Venus was making us wanna stay home in Cancer. Venus in Leo creates a warm and excitable energy around our relationships, but it also can show a tendency for us to seek extra attention and approval from the people in our lives. We can also tend to crave a little more worship, praise, and pets during these times! Take it from a girl with Venus in Leo natally ☺️

◻️❤️🌀 June 14th features a powerful square between Venus and Uranus, calling for some much needed readjustment between our romantic relationships and our need for excitement, novelty and freshness. There can certainly be sudden breakups and shake ups on the days around this square as well. Know that if your relationship is feeling rocky and you’re rethinking it’s entire existence, this aspect can give the jolt you may need in order to call it off. If you don’t wanna end things, this square can just illustrate new ways to incorporate some healthy new changes to keep things growing and changing between you and your partner. If you’re single, this square could make for some exciting or even potentially upsetting dates or bring eccentric people into your life at this time!

☀️🦀🏠 June 21st sees the Sun leave the airy skies of Gemini behind and forward into the emotional depths of Cancer. The sun in Cancer is a call to come home to oneself and ones closest of kin. The sun in Cancer will have us reviewing our home life, our relationship to our family, and our most personal emotional space that is well protected against the harsh realities of the outside world. While the sun moves through the sign of the crab, know that you may long to stay at home and out of the social spotlight for the time being. We are drawn towards decorating our personal inner spaces and taking a look at what needs cleaning and rearranging in our emotional interior as well! Cancer time is a time to make yourself cozy, to heal your wounds, to call your mom, to watch your favorite movie, and to cry if you feel like crying! Embrace your desire for comfort and give yourself permission to withdraw from the world.

🌀🙂☁️June 26 sets the tone for the rest of the summer as Mars will be going Retrograde until late August 2018. Mars will be moving backwards through Aquarius and will dip back into earthy Capricorn in the coming weeks. This will likely reawaken some of the struggles from the previous months that we thought we may have escaped. Mars retrograde basically just means a more inward Mars, which is hard for this fiery and outwardly expressive planet. Our anger and sexual energy can move inward on a subtle level. It could be harder to express being mad with someone or a situation than when Mars is in direct motion. Issues surrounding our willpower can rear up. It can be harder for us to take a stance against opponents or against situations that feel overpowering. Mars energy turned inward can be challenging to work with, so do try to keep it in mind throughout the summer if you feel anger boiling and building up inside you. Try to find a physical outlet and the will to express yourself and your real feelings during these times.

☀️🔵🌝🏔 On the same day, the life giving Sun opposes limitation loving Saturn, which can add some obstacles to the mix for the days surrounding. Sun/Saturn energy can amp us up in terms of getting our hard work done and can help us focus on what needs to be done, but it can also isolate us or make us feel a bit blue as well. The end of the month sees a Saturn ruled full moon in Capricorn bloom on June 27. This annular full moon in Capricorn is always a tricky one to navigate, for the moon suffers a little in the cold and rocky world of Capricorn. The moon, ruler of Cancer, wants to nurture, stay home, and heal your wounds. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, wants to go out and conquer the world and doesn’t always have the patience to sit home tending to every sensitive emotion that passes through! This full moon is very tightly conjunct Saturn, adding an even heavier Saturnian vibe to the whole mix. This full moon can be a tad bit depressing and taxing on us, as Saturn reminds us of all the work and obligations and responsibilities we are so heavily indebted to on the regular. It can also make us feel quite isolated and lonely. Try to find a pal or two on this day so you can share your real feelings instead of feeling all bottled up inside!

Good luck with all of these crazy energies and try to enjoy the ride!



Mackenzie Greer is an astrologer, palm reader, and photographer based out of Astoria, Queens NY. She studied palmistry for several years under the esteemed Ellen Goldberg at the School of Oracles in the West Village and is currently working to earn her diploma at the renowned astrological institute of Kepler College. She can be found roaming astrology conferences nationwide. Mackenzie is a Cancer sun, Pisces moon, and Leo rising- which ultimately renders her a shy sensitive emotional creature who dons the mask of a happy go lucky romantic. She can be reached out to for any astro-inquiries over at @mackandthezodiac and @mackenziegreer!

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