Super Snow Moon in Virgo Tarotscope

This Full Moon shines bright in the sky - the energetics around it reach deep into our being. Allow this moon to shine a light on your potential, open you up and show you how to see beyond your day to day reality. Violet Guide is here to share a reading for us while she’s out exploring the world.


I write this from Wimberly, Texas - I’m currently sitting by the blue water, being visited by turtles and all sorts of fish. As I was staring at the water, I noticed the wind - it’s creating a ripple across the surface, but the longer I stay focused on it, I can start to see the pieces of the bottom come into view under the water. So this full moon we are going to identify the pieces.

Full Moon February 2019:

These pieces aren’t going to be completely clear but we are going to be able to follow that vibration like the roots of this octopus root water system tree I am sitting on. This tree is half submerged in the water and half tucked into the ground.  She’s got this rooted movement, and she’s got the wave of watery emotions yet still rooted into her own ground that need to come into view. 

So look inward and ask yourself who gave you this vibration that didn’t/hasn’t allow you to be yourself. Who was going to think that you were crazy? Those are the people and those are the vibrations that we have to pick up and identify who they are so we can remove ourselves from those voices and replace those voices with people who know you are crazy but know you well enough to support you in your crazy and believe you can do it!

Those are two different voices! It is hard to find that until you grow awareness inside of yourself, and we can only find it if we replace it with what is blocking us. 

Tarot Reading for Full Moon:

Here We Go!

Tarot Reading for Full Moon:

This is going to be directly tied to your work and your awakening to it. Shifting into your next gear and letting those voice vibrations out. As we do that it is important to take on the voice of the Mother of Swords. She is all watching and all wisdom. She is the wise woman in the deck and paying attention. Keeping those eyes wide open and questioning “…who is blocking me…” and whoever pops into your mind, you have to remove yourself and move forward and away from them.

Tarot Reading for Full Moon:

As you see that,  it is going o start surging a high vibration of energy and change and that Ten of Pentacles is going to start buzzing inside of you. Then you ask yourself, what you have to keep doing to keep this high vibration feeling up and going! That is what we want to invest inside of ourselves and surroundings!

The Main Reset

The Ace of Pentacles is when you are cutting down the whole tree that you grew your entire life. Year by year it grew - and you are still rooted in your own system but you are changing your root belief system.

As you do you you have the Mother of Pentacles over you so be very empathic to yourself and those people… let them go in “ they do not see or understand what they do…” love them away… and as you do that your Ace of Penalties appears. The have their own belief system and everyones is unique and constantly evolving. 

Replace Focus

Tarot Reading for Full Moon:
Tarot Reading for Full Moon:

Make room for this new community that is going to manifest your career and dreams even more! That is going to keep that new connections and new people vibration up as you do that. You know exactly the type of people you want to attract and keep alive.

Your support system is going to be smaller but the right people are going to come alive in your life and be your guides. Understanding who and why those voices manifested in your life and replacing them is truly benefiting you to be on this new path. 

Then you have this BRIGHT SUN coming out of you. The engagement is expanding because you are expanding. That was some time, that was a hard winter but we are getting to the full light side of it! It’s a change and here comes the change so keep going for it.

It is going to be tied to a completely new path. You have to go back to the drawing board and reframe your dreams. The more you mourn them the mourn you gain strength to move forward! 

Water babies happy full moon,

Violet Guide

Words and images by Violet Guide:

Violet Guide worked as an ordained minister, working with trafficked and sexually exploited girls and women. She led healing teams, teaching individuals how to connect with their visions and heal deep-rooted traumas. She knew she needed to find a way for all of humanity to have access to healing without the ties of religion as an influence... so she left to find her truth path. Violet Guide found a path to true healing for mankind through reiki and tarot energy healing. She learned how to break toxic links of codependency and to trust her own body, mind and spirit again. Now she lives to help others do the same for themselves. Book a personal session here.


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