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🌺✨Spring is here and in full swing, and while they often say that March “comes in like a lion and out like a lamb”, the astrology of April appears to challenge that notion.  March presents it’s grand finale with a vibrant full moon in Libra on March 31st. This full moon shines it’s emotional spotlight into the Libra house of our chart, a place that varies from person to person, but one with a foundational theme surrounding balance and relationship.

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🌕 The Libra full moon is the perfect time to take a step back from the hyper need for individualization found in Aries season in order to reassess our partnerships and how they’re functioning. March was packed full of Aries planets, encouraging us to think about our unique place in the universe and ultimately put ourselves first. The beauty of the contrast of the Libra full moon’s presence is that it aims to bring us back in balance with the important relationships in our lives. The overdose of Aries planets has likely had us inspired and bursting with initiative, but we may have slacked where it came to giving full attention to our partnerships. This full moon’s emotional energy may put us on edge, as it is forms a tough square to both of the malefics, Saturn and Mars. These two ask for us to make sure we have a good grasp on our boundaries, goals, and a healthy level of autonomy in our partnerships. They can also make for some pretty sizable obstacles and arguments as well. Fortunately, the very same day, relationship healer Venus leaves impetuous Aries behind for calm and stable Taurus, making it the slightest bit easier to seek compromise calmly.

🌀🌎 April sees many planets changing directions and signs, signaling significant change and activity on the horizon. April 1st begins with a bang, as aggressive Mars and responsible Saturn join together in Capricorn for their exact conjunction. This brings a most palpable tension to the days surrounding this aspect, and we may come face to face with some intense frustration, limitations, and issues in general. The classic description of these two malefics coming together is a stop and go kinda of tension, or “driving with the brakes on”.  This day is further prone to surprises and upsets due to the Moon’s opposition to irritable Uranus. The days surrounding may find tensions and obstacles mounting increasingly. Take it easy on yourself and take a deep breath, for the rest of April won’t be quite as tough as the beginning.

🔥♈ On April 15th a firey new moon in Aries is born in the abyss of the night sky. This new moon tells a story for the month ahead, May. This new moon is conjoined to change-bringer Uranus and square to transformational Pluto, telling us that the month ahead may be chock full of surprises and deep inner work. Hold onto the reins and keep pushing forward! Mercury also finds itself going direct on the same day of this new moon, which signifies a definite shift in motion ahead. May will mark a huge month of change as the outer planet Uranus will tread ground that hasn’t been touched since the 1930’s when it moves forward into Taurus on May 15th. Uranus has been in Aries for the last 7 years, completely transforming whichever house Aries rules in your chart. Now, it’s heading for Taurus to shake things up with some fresh insight and change, which is not always comfortable but is absolutely useful.

➡️ Mercury’s decision to go direct the same day of this new moon insinuates that a brand new direction is awaiting us on the horizon of May, one of forward motion. Where the first few months of 2018 have been somewhat internally aware, thoughtful, and needing us to pause and reflect, what comes ahead is a much more outward and direct energy.

🍷⚡️ April 16th sees a rather indulgent opposition occur between Venus and Jupiter. This opposition can push us to go overboard in Venusian pleasures, as any planetary contact with Jupiter typically creates an increase and expansion via that planet’s significators. Venus/Jupiter pleasures are mainly those of over eating, over drinking, and over spending. Venus loves beauty, art, makeup, money and Jupiter loves to blow things out of proportion, always asking for more, more, more! Try and tap into the three planets that currently transit through reserved and practical Capricorn so you don’t wind up totally overdoing it. The next day, April 17th, Saturn turns retrograde for the first time in his cycle after having entered Capricorn in December 2017. Saturn will remain in his retrograde phase until September of 2018. Saturn retrograde periods call for an internal and reflective outlook on the commitments and choices we’ve made and how well we’ve managed to keep our word in regard to them.

🌞🌸♉ On April 18th the Sun conjoins unstable and unpredictable Uranus at the very end of Aries. The days surrounding are likely to be full of surprises, changes, sudden flashes of insight, or erratic and independent outbursts from people. This final firey Aries burst of energy is a perfect closer for Aries season, for the mood starts to change from impatient and excitable into one of ease on April 20th when the Sun moves forward into calm and sensate Taurus. The beginning of Taurus season will see that we need to take a break from all of the outward activity, and just relax and smell the flowers. Taurus energy is yin and feminine, and resonates strongly with earth, nature, music, food, sensuality, and money. We will likely feel a little more practical and want to work on growing our savings accounts. It’s also great time to make music and art, as spring’s fertile grounds inspire us with blooming flowers and beauty abound. Try to find the time to get back into nature and connect with mother earth, as Taurean energy is truly at home here.

📢 On April 24th, Venus leaves her beloved Taurus behind for social butterfly Gemini. Venus in Gemini is likely to get us out and about and in touch with our community of friends. This is a great time to start learning a new skill, taking a class, or just getting out and being social with your pals. Communicator Mercury comes into a tense square with Saturn on the same day, turning our minds towards a more serious and possibly negative bent. Be present with any mental blocks you may experience around this time, but be mindful if you’re having some depressive or heavy thoughts that this aspect will only last for a few days. The next day, April 25th, sees Mars conjoin with Pluto, creating an intense, aggravated, and brooding atmosphere. This can prompt aggressive behaviors or outbursts from other people or yourself, so be gentle with those that seem on edge. This Mars/Pluto conjunction can also dredge up some heavy things psychologically, so be patient and kind with yourself if you’re feeling moody and intense.

🌕🦂 The end of the month, in a most fitting manner after all of the emotionally provocative energies taking place, will see a full moon bloom in Scorpio on April 29th. The moon is actually considered to be in it’s detriment in Scorpio, as it intensifies the moon’s natural receptive emotional nature into one that can be too possessive and potentially controlling. Don’t be surprised if your deepest emotions are stirred on the days surrounding this full moon and if you respond with a bit of a snap. It’s a good time to get in touch with some of your more deeper personal issues. You may feel the need to clean out some of the skeletons out of your closet and purge some ancient feelings. Express yourself through writing, through self expression, through sexual expression. Scorpio wants to go to the depths of itself and has no time for anything superficial. Grab your sage and get to it!


Lots of love and good luck with April,

Mack and the Zodiac

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