Wanderful Interview: Rachel Garahan of One Part Gypsy

The “Wanderful Girl” is a modern bohemian. She’s a nomadic bon vivant collecting perspective and style inspiration around the globe. - from "Wanderful: The Modern Bohemian's Guide to Traveling in Style."

Rachel_Garahan_Ojai fam.jpg

Meet Rachel Garahan, a mother, designer, and writer who runs the gorgeous online lifestyle guide: One Part Gypsy, that “redefines conscious living for the modern bohemian.” Filled with beautiful advice on living, style, wellness, creativity, and just being...this adventurer, who spent thirty days meditating at a Buddhist monastery, was able to give us a little glimpse into her life where she lives with her adorable family in Ojai, California. Here she was able to share with us a few tips on incorporating wellness into your travels, exploration into Zen Buddhism, and not to mention, a few getaways she explored that need to be put on your next travel list asap.  

One Part Gypsy: “...I believe that life is rich with exciting opportunities to engage our full spectrum of senses and emotions, and that the adventure has always just begun.”

Susanna for Oui We: Thirty days meditating at a Buddhist monastery - how beneficial has it been to your life? For beginners and those struggling to learn, what are your tips?

Rachel_Garahan_Ojai-Meditation Mount.jpg
Rachel_Garahan_summer lake.jpg


Rachel Garahan: To start, I should say that I had never meditated or explored Zen Buddhism before this experience. The immersion was very challenging for me (primarily silent, high energy activity not encouraged onsite, and many hours of sitting and meditative work each day) and I struggled between striving for perfection and the desire for rebellion. If I were to have a similar experience now, I would be much softer and patient with myself. I would also try to look for the humor in it all! Social awkwardness, our personal fixations, and the constant stories we make up all day long in our heads- it can be crazy-making, but ultimately are all pretty funny once you take a step back from it.

Overall the experience was enormously beneficial though, and I always recommend doing things that push our comfort zones. Some of the concepts that have stayed with me are “Beginner’s Mindset” (essentially setting ego aside in order to release expectation and approach things as though you know nothing about them) and the ideas of non-duality and non-judgment (i.e. there is no “good or “bad”) - practicing these concepts have hugely impacted my approach to life.


OW: You’re a big traveler, tell us a place you went to and were surprised how much you fell in love with it?

RG: The Australian outback! As a native Vermonter, I’ve always felt closely connected to water- to lakes in particular- and I’d never been to the desert before. I envisioned that it would be like the Sahara, just endless waves of sand. But it was springtime when I drove from the east coast to the west coast of Australia, and I remember being in awe at how colorful and alive everything was. After that I wound up going to school in Arizona, and now live in the chaparral of California. I’ll always feel most connected to water, but the desert to me is a place of spirit and art.


OW: Two places you highly recommend our readers to visit?

RG: Pai, Thailand is the most peaceful, colorful, love-centered town just north of Chiang Mai, filled with low key expats, artists, yoga classes, juice bars…it reminds me very much of Sayulita, Mexico, but more remote. I’ll always remember Pai for having the best meal of my life, and for the experience of staying on an elephant sanctuary where we woke and fell asleep to the sound of elephants making their way past our bungalow.

Also Nananu-I-Ra island in Fiji which I visited about 15 years ago and remember it as being the closest thing to proper “paradise" I could imagine— so beautiful it looked like a postcard or fake backdrop. The place we stayed reminded me of “The Beach” - a treehouse of sorts looped together by swinging rope walkways, on a white sand beach surrounded crystal clear water covering the most vibrant reef bursting with tropical life. It felt totally surreal!

OW: Earliest trip you can remember that inspired your love for traveling?

RG: I’ve loved being “on the go” since my earliest days. My mom tells me that even as a newborn I had to be faced outward in the front pack, otherwise I’d be craning my neck around to try and see the world. I took many smaller trips as a child and teenager, but it wasn’t until I left home at 18 to backpack around Australia and the Indonesia for two years on my own that I really identified with travel as a way of life.


OW: As we mentioned earlier, you’re big into wellness, so tell us some of your favorite wellness items, or practices, you bring with you when traveling?

RG: Traveling for me is all about experiencing the culture or enjoying indulgences so I don’t like to hold myself to any strict wellness practices when I’m away from home. That said, water (2-3x as much as normal) with electrolyte powder is a must, and I still try to get a solid 8 hours of sleep most nights (I always bring an eye mask). If I do these two basic things, I’m pretty much good. Besides that, I rise early, try to avoid overeating, walk a ton, and love incorporating a few local active activities like a beautiful hike, and at least one spa or relaxing experience as well. Typically the morning is reserved for a higher energy activity/sightseeing and the afternoon for languid meals and lots of relaxing. My goal is always to return from holiday actually feeling rested!


OW: The scariest thing you’ve ever done?

RG: Bungee-jumping. Not a fan!

OW: How would you describe your personal fashion style?

RG: 70’s flower child x 90’s grunge x modern California. Lots of inspo here if you feel like falling down the rabbit hole!


Favorite quote?

“We must be still, and still moving” - t.s. eliot

Favorite "go to" outfit for a night out?

These days a night out usually consists of dinner with my husband in our very small town, so I keep it pretty casual. No.6 new school clogs and a jumper of sorts is my uniform at the moment- right now I’m loving Esby’s Duffy crop jumper in poppy paired with hoops or Salihah Moore beaded earrings, plus a bit of mascara to elevate things a bit (as my daytime outfit is basically the same, just minus the earrings, makeup and subbing the clogs for birks).

Favorite coffee (or tea) drink?

Very into iced matcha lattes these days. Or anything with cardamom- so cozy!

Favorite book on your night stand?

Mark Nepo’s Book of Awakening is a daily morning read for me. It sets the tone and always seems to offer just the perspective I’m needing. I also always have some sort of rotating intellectual or personal growth book going (just finished re-reading Michael Singer’s The Surrender Experiment) along with a novel (love Lily King’s Euphoria) on my kindle.

Favorite dish to cook?

I’m a fan of simple food and could eat variations of a buddha bowl for every meal. Rubbed kale, roasted root veggies, a grain like quinoa or short grain brown rice, avocado, tahini and chilli sauce… dream food!

Favorite piece of advice you've ever received?

“Invest in yourself.” Travel, education, self-care, entrepreneurship- this advice has never led me astray.

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Wanderful Interview: Jessie De Lowe

The Wanderful Girl

The “Wanderful Girl” is a modern bohemian. She’s a nomadic bon vivant collecting perspective and style inspiration around the globe. - from "Wanderful: The Modern Bohemian's Guide to Traveling in Style."

Meet Jessie De Lowe, a yoga teacher, art therapist, and the mother to one adorable baby girl. She’s also the co-founder of “How You Glow” - a site full of amazing advice and tips for healing, stress relief, travel, beauty, and delicious healthy recipes. Here she dives into some effective ways to bring wellness and peace to our busy lives. Just by reading her interview, I immediately felt a great sense of calm and haven’t been able to stop following her tips online!

Jessie DeLowe for Oui We

Interview: Jessie De Lowe

Susanna for Oui We: Tell us a little bit about How You Glow. When, and why, did you start the company?

Jessie: How You Glow is a lifestyle site and brand with a mission to inspire people and celebrate people, products, places and anything that will elevate one’s life and bring positivity, joy and pleasure. I started the site 4 1/2 years ago with my business partner, Tara. We wanted to open a beautiful wellness / lifestyle space but realized we could reach more people (and have way less overhead) if we created an online destination.

 via How You Glow

via How You Glow

OW: Your “Elements of Glow” tips are a perfect example of adding wellness to your life. What are one or two tips you’d suggest for those looking to add some happiness to their lives?

JD: Start/end your day technology free and use that time to simply breathe / meditate / create a gratitude list.

Consistently set intentions. (I am now offering Manifesting Sessions to help people create crystal clear, super charged intentions).

Make sure the 5 people you spend most of your time with are lifting you up and inspiring you, rather than depleting you.

Practice yoga!!!

 via How You Glow

via How You Glow

Spend more time in nature. We thrive when we are in our natural environment interacting with the earth.

OW: We're loving these tips, every single one! What's your “go to” for a peaceful night's sleep?

JD: A warm bath. A few drops of lavender essential oil on my pillow. A cozy cup of tea and a good book.

OW: You have some delicious looking meals on your blog, what’s one of your best dishes to make?

JD: I love making a simple, healthy dinner of soy grilled salmon, fried brown rice, roasted Japanese sweet potatoes and kale salad.  

OW: Give us your “go to” tip to escape a stressful moment?

JD: Breathe!! If you have some essential oils, use those to shift your head space. Take a walk outside and get some fresh air. Visualize water if you can’t be near it.

delowe4 (1).jpeg
DeLowe1 (1).jpeg
Can we talk for a second about how adorable Jessie's family is?!
delowe3 (1).jpeg
delowe2 (1).jpeg

OW: What's a piece of advice you received and took to heart that you'd love to share with our readers?

JD: You create your own reality.


Favorite app for Instagram edits?: VSCO cam

Favorite season?: FALL! and Spring.

Favorite holiday?: Thanksgiving

Favorite healthy snack?: Dried mangoes

Favorite piece of art you own?: The Kettubah from my wedding

Favorite childhood game?: Spin the bottle :)

Favorite spot in your hometown? (Or current town?): The beach by my house in Santa Monica

Three of your favorite apps?: Instagram, Yelp, Audible

Favorite can't miss tv show?: Handmaid’s Tale

Favorite book you keep on your nightstand?: Anything by Murakami

Favorite inspirational quote?: "What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become."

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Wanderful Interview: Michaela d'Artois | Vérité Woman

The Wanderful Girl

The “Wanderful Girl” is a modern bohemian. She’s a nomadic bon vivant collecting perspective and style inspiration around the globe. - from "Wanderful: The Modern Bohemian's Guide to Traveling in Style."

Today's featured girl personifies the digital Glenda the good witch, with a little femme fatale twist. Her online publication covers everything from new age philosophies and stylish wanderings to stories about how women and girls can (and are changing) the world. She dives into the taboo on occasion and shares regular stories about how to heal yourself naturally ... and everything she does is with a serious cool girl vibe. After re-reading her interview as I prepared to post this I was seriously in tears.... I absolute adore her and everything thing she stands for. Besides, from one witchy woman romance lover to another, she's clearly a Oui We soul sista. 

p.s. if you really want to do Cyber Monday right - shop artists, designers and magic makers: AND if you really want to do a travel wardrobe right, everything in Michaela's collection is perfection. 

Michaela for Oui We

Interview: Michaela d'Artois

Andi for Oui We: We’ve been inspired by the mantra of Verite (WELCOME HOME, FREE THINKING WOMAN. EMPOWER YOUR STYLE & LIBERATE YOUR MIND. #FEMMESOFVERITE) since the first moment we were introduced to you through our mutual friend (and serious babe Allister Ann).

Verite’s philosophy of empowering women and creating community has been your core mission before the women’s movement took center stage this year, tell us about the background of the publication, and how it all came to be.

Michaela: I think I was just sensing a movement was upon us when I started Vérité in 2015. I mean I didn’t invent the women’s movement by any means but I really wanted to open a conversation to girls about empowering each other to pursue any kind of lifestyle they wanted! It all started when I was working in house at a magazine and realized we weren’t giving girls the right materials to educate, and empower their life choices. We were only feeding the feeling of inadequacy. So I flipped open my laptop, bought a web domain and got to work. It’s still very much a work in progress, but I’m learning things right alongside our readers!

Michaela for Oui We

AE: You’re the creative director, writer, photographer and often the star of Verite features too - how do you do it all?

MD: Well, I have some really wonderful contributors and endless amounts of support from my loved ones who I couldn’t do it without. We launched a shopping portion to the site last January so that’s been a whole other beast to tame but I really enjoy doing this and I feel very privileged that all the tasks on my to-do list are things I am really passionate about! But speaking of to-do lists, I wouldn’t be able to do it without those either — they keep me sane and accountable!

AE: After spending these past 2 years traveling America for Wanderful, our 2018 will be dedicated to exploring international destinations - and you’ve covered sooo many, let’s talk about your life as a traveler. I want all your recommendations!

Michaela for Oui We

MD: Oooh, this is my favorite topic to cover. I love being able to give people recommendations more than anything! My mom is actually an international flight attendant so I sort of had this nomad blood in me from the very beginning — our whole family is like this. I’ve gone months living out of my duffle bag. It is really important to me to feel a sense of freedom in my work and my life, and travel has been my best form of education! My recommendation to be able to live a travel based life is to say “yes!” - move the life stuff around and make time for it. This is the advice I give all my girlfriends: you will never regret taking that trip, maybe spending a bit of that savings to go, but you will definitely regret not going.

My best destination recs would be Morocco, and the Amalfi Coast. Morocco really fed my soul with their food, colors, and textiles. I felt like I had made that place up in my head! Amalfi is a classic, plus I fell in love there so it’s really dear to my heart!


AE: What was the earliest trip that inspired you?

MD: When I was little we used to go to Mexico every winter (I grew up in Canada so it was a natural migration). Much like Morocco, the festiveness of the culture really stuck with me. Also this is where I cultivated a strong connection to the ocean. It was this lush, exotic place with amazingly welcoming people that really stuck with me and to this day.

AE: What cheats do you have for looking good while spending days traveling?

MD: Don’t set people’s expectations high to begin with? Just kidding! Like I said I travel really light no matter how long I’m gone (I only just recently invested in luggage with wheels). I hate checking a bag, and you never know what kind of train, bumpy plane, or boat you might have to toss your bag on to! To do so, I’ve created sort of a capsule wardrobe that can go from day to night, and place to place, this wardrobe is essentially what the Vérité shop is made up of! Aside from my day-to-day shoes (slip ons are best for travel days and TSA), I only bring one pair of Prada heels that I always know will be comfortable and look chic! And I forego products except an SPF, night cream, and sea salt spray (I like to see what local specialty products I can stock up on). Oh, and I almost only wear black — that way everything always matches!

Michaela for Oui We in Joshua Tree.jpg

AE: Tell us about a person you met on your travels that you know you’ll never forget?

MD: That’s a loaded question! I actually met my boyfriend on a blind date in the JFK airport to go to Italy together. Yes, we are both total crazy people. Luckily for us it worked out, and I wouldn’t be able to forget him if I tried because two years later we live together in LA.

AE: What’s one clothing item you always take with you on your travels?

MD: Those trusty Prada shoes. They have a chunky heel so I’ve done everything in them, including bike around cobblestone streets!

AE: Favorite souvenir?

MD: Boyfriend? Haha… I think probably my photos.

AE: You write odes to self love, share insta tarot readings & offer a guide to feng shui-ing your bedroom - we’re obsessed with allll of this — how did you get started on this path to mysticism, and even mysticism with a romantic twist?

MD: Actually I’ve always been pretty witchy. Probably another family heirloom. I’ve always turned to my pantry before the Doctor to cure something, or find a remedy, and it extends into my views on spirituality as well. I guess it’s just part of my philosophical journey to attaching meaning to life. There are elements all around us that I don’t think you can write off as “hippie shit,” it’s just way too real! Our periods being synched to the moon for example! I’ve always felt a crazy attachment to the moon to the point of worship, now it all makes sense! Things like Tarot, and mysticism are just ways to connect back to these ancient rituals and learn from those who studied spirituality before us.

In our content it’s just another way for us to open the conversation and say “Hey, maybe what your parents believed in isn’t right for you and that’s ok” In regards to the self love part: who is better to worship than yourself? We focus so much of our time as mankind dedicating to these higher powers, we forget how amazing we are, and it makes us feel insignificant when we can’t part the sea with our bare hands! As for the romantic twist — I can literally romanticize anything… I cry in Subaru commercials.

AE: For someone interested in becoming more involved in a mystical life, how do you suggest they begin?

MD: I’m definitely not an expert but I think giving yourself space to feel out what’s right for you is the best place to start. I wasn’t raised with one set religion so I feel like I had the freedom for a young age to figure out what felt right for me. Mine all kind of started with these moon bathing ceremonies that I do on my own every full moon. It’s just time for me to take some quiet moments, take note of what I’m grateful for, and say thank you. Then I realized this was my version of worship and it grew from there based in the natural world. This all led to me creating tiny altars around my house that are dedicated to nature and the divine feminine (possibly one in the same) — I put crystals, little notes, and fresh flowers on them.

Once I realized how much magic the world can give us, I researched deeper and found Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic Medicine, and Meditation — all practices rooted in Earth. Okay… I need to stop myself now I’m starting to sound like I drink my own pee! Just like any kind of belief, it’s not right for everyone and no, I can’t tell you that Tarot works but those cards have always set me on the right path!

AE: We’ve just returned from Mallorca, and you have a swimsuit named after the island(!) - tell us about the Verite collection.

MD: Stop, you should have packed me in your suitcase! Yes, we do have The Mallorca Bikini! The collection is essentially just my wardrobe, online, for sale. I was always getting asked how I travelled so light, or how I always had such a strong sense of personal style, and the secret’s in simplicity. So I put it online! Everything right now is under $100, and they are just good staples. I wanted our shoppers to know It’s not necessarily about buying the most expensive thing, or shopping every trend every season but just having curated basics that could literally take us everywhere!

AE: The line seems to have a bit of a rebellious vibe, tell us something bad you did growing up that your parents never caught you doing?

MD: I mean they probably already know this by now but I used to have a fake ID that said I was 26 when I was like 16 that I would use to go clubbing. When boys would hit on me I would be like, “I’m almost 30, I could be your mom!” and show them my ID.

Michaela for Oui We

AE: What’s on your favorites list:

The book on your nightstand: The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, it’s my favorite book and my mom  just gifted me a beautiful copy so I’ve been re-reading it.

Camera you shoot blog or insta photos with: Fujifilm X30 or iPhone 8

The app you can’t live without: The Podcasts app!

An object or charm you keep with you? A ring that’s been passed down to me

A film quote that inspires you? “When we talked, I talked about me, you talked about you, when we should have talked about each other” from Godard’s Breathless.

The drink you order when on a date? / when out with your girlfriends? An extra dirty martini with extra olives. 

Michaela for Oui We

AE: Lastly: tell us about a moment you knew that magic was real.

MD: I think when the things I had daydreamed about when I was little started to come to life — but I think these days we call that Manifesting.

AE: Anything else you want to share?!

MD: This is literally the most fun interview I’ve ever done!

Well girl, we totally feel the same way! xo!

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Wanderful Interview: Stephanie Triebe

The Wanderful Girl

The “Wanderful Girl” is a modern bohemian. She’s a nomadic bon vivant collecting perspective and style inspiration around the globe. - from "Wanderful: The Modern Bohemian's Guide to Traveling in Style."

Meet Stephanie Triebe, a fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Los Angeles (and soon moving to Nashville!). Constantly documenting her many adventures, you can’t help but feel inspired to hit the road dressed in one of her amazing hats (she wrote a whole post about it by the way). This cactus and wildflower lover creates a boho western feel mixed in with a little desert landscape in the background, creating that kind of magical imagery we love getting lost in.

Stephanie Triebe for Oui We

Interview: Stephanie Triebe

Susanna for Oui We: Your love for fashion and mixing styles clearly shows through your blog. What’s one of your favorite “go to” outfits?

Stephanie: Mixing styles really helps make an outfit for me. It's a constant inspiration to push the limits of fashion. My all time favorite “go to” outfit right now is my black panama hat, an oversized t-shirt, my busted knee jeans, and my western style ankle boots for sure!

OW: Your style is enviable! Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

ST: My favorite places to shop are Free People, Urban Outfitters, Madewell, and ROOLEE. These are always my go to! I also love to go to flea markets because I can grab some unique staple pieces!

Stephanie Triebe for Oui We

OW: What are 5 must have wardrobe items you would recommend to our readers?

ST: The 5 things I can't live without in my wardrobe that I recommend is a great panama hat, ankle boots that can dress up any outfit, a great pair of jeans, a denim jacket, and of course- an amazing oversized t-shirt for tucking in!

OW: What’s the most daring fashion choice you’ve ever made and loved it?

ST: I bought myself a brown suede bomber jacket and it was the best decision. I'm not really a suede girl, but this jacket has made so many of my outfits pop. I still wear it to this day!

OW: A fashion trend you tried and hated?

ST: Birkenstocks with the lace socks. I felt like I could do it but I honestly just hated it and I’m so glad it has come and gone.

OW: You said you like to mix fashion trends from the past with more modern trends...what would you say is your favorite style decade to grab from?

ST: I would say 100% from the 70's and early 80's! That era was so freeing and they really brought that floral print and fringe to life! Not to mention my girl Stevie Nicks killed the style game!

OW: What’s one clothing item you always take with you on your travels?

ST: I actually take two things! My hat and my denim jacket! I feel it makes my outfit stylish without much effort. Especially when I have to pack light!

Stephanie Triebe for Oui We

OW: You have the whole day to yourself, no work, what do you do?

ST: Most of the time I am out scouting some awesome places for my next shoot. If I'm not doing that, I'm at Disneyland!

OW: You have some exciting changes coming up, what drew you to Nashville?

ST: Oh man, Nashville is just a gem of a city. We love how it's a growing city and small businesses thrive here. They have everything I could want: great scenery, seasons, beautiful destinations, and food. Lots and lots of food!

Stephanie Triebe for Oui We


Favorite camera for photos?

Right now I am using my Sony Alpha 6000! It's a small camera that is great for on the go!

Favorite filter for Instagram edits?

My go to would be "cascade" from the app "Afterlight". It gives a great pop to colors, especially in nature! My other go to is the "Minimalist" package in VSCO!

Favorite coffee drink?

An amazing lavender latte!

Favorite piece of art you own?

My favorite piece of art I have is a cactus print from the lovely @_studiorose_! She is a local artist based out of Nashville and she has beautiful pieces!

Favorite dish your mom (or grandma) cooks?

Greenbean casserole! I look forward to Thanksgiving every year!

Two favorite apps?

Liketoknowit because it lets me shop my favorite style influencers wardrobe! My other is Pinterest because it lets me pin a dream home without buying! (Haha!)

Last favorite book you read?

I'm honestly not a big reader. The last book I did finish was The Hunger Games series a few years back and I loved it!

Favorite piece of advice you've ever received?

I would say the best piece of advice I ever received was about control. This person told me that when you decide to take control of what you actually can control in life, the things that you once tried to control will have already fallen into place one way or another.

Well that's some advice, and some style we can get behind. Thanks Stephanie for joining us!

Follow Stephanie on instagram here.

Shop her style:

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Wanderful Interview: Lorna Andrews | Lorna Luxe

The Wanderful Girl

The “Wanderful Girl” is a modern bohemian. She’s a nomadic bon vivant collecting perspective and style inspiration around the globe. - from "Wanderful: The Modern Bohemian's Guide to Traveling in Style"

As an introverted extrovert (Leo sun, Capricorn moon) I meet quite a few of my wanderful friends via instagram. Today's featured girl is one of those digital friends that's given me serious creative inspiration over the last few years. She's a total bad-ass babe, (check her photos, obvi) however her writing style and creative approach is like a million miles ahead of the game. She's the real deal & f'n brilliant. Ok, so enough chatter from me, read on to meet Lorna Andrews (she may even giveaway her filter secrets, favorite camera and insider tips - 'cause don't we all wish we could create photos, and a life, like she has). 

 The wanderful girl has the spirit of an old west explorer and the eye of a budding artist. She is a lover of mountains, seas, cities, and all the in-betweens. She’s delicately nostalgic and playfully potent, she lives every day with wild abandon. 

Interview: Lorna Andrews | Lorna Luxe

Lorna Luxe for Oui We at LFW
Lorna Luxe for Oui We in Slip Dress
Lorna Luxe for Oui We in Bell Sleeves

AE for Oui We: We’ve been IG friends since 2014 ... you were London white wall hunting (killin’ in stilettos) and I was Mediterranean sunset chasing (fresh out of the stilettos). Your style has evolved and become something that’s truly uniquely Lorna (which isn’t easy to do in the blogosphere). Tell us a bit about the evolution. Was there a moment that you realized this aspirational approach to styling & shooting was the ticket to sky rocket you forward?

Lorna in '14 for Oui We

Lorna: Has it really been that long... it feels like yesterday that I'd reached my first 150 followers and I remember being so chuffed to show my husband. I began Instagram sharing mirror selfies of my outfits and when my audience grew, so did my confidence and I would let friends and relatives take my pics. Always on my iPhone and often with no theme or filter.

I became quite active in the Instagram community - engaging on my page and the pages of those I followed - and identified incredible accounts I was inspired by. I was incredibly influenced by Igers such as @mija_mija and @frustilista. They definitely impacted my early signature aesthetic for clean and fuss free captures. -But- there was a moment where I looked at my instagram feed and felt like I wasn't standing out in the crowd - accounts like mine were becoming the norm and I'm a firm believer that if you can't be better be different. At that point I had nothing to lose and felt compelled to change. I switched to a new filter and started to shoot against darker and more real backdrops. I think that shift in my photography coupled with switching my iPhone to my leica d-lux has definitely helped to create my signature as we now know it.

AE: You spent years as an air hostess before making the transition into the role of style ‘grammer, fashion blogger and luxe wanderluster. What gave you the desire to live a life of fashionable travel? What cheats do you have for looking so freaking good while spending your days event hopping and jet setting about?

 Lorna in Paris

Lorna in Paris

Lorna Luxe for Oui We in Paris

LA: I love travelling so much - so travelling for my blog has been major for me. My aspiration in life has always been to make vacations a legit profession. I worked as long haul cabin crew for 8 years and in that time I picked up plenty of travel hacks and packing tricks which have quite frankly saved my bacon on more than one occasion.

Simple things like always keeping things in your carry-on you can't afford to be without when you arrive - and I don't mean ten pairs of manolos and your entire medicine cabinet. In-flight I always keep a fresh pair of underwear, an arsenal of travel sized deodorant/hair spray/dry shampoo and moisturiser, cosy socks and a fully charged iPhone battery. If i'm honest I carry most of that stuff in my handbag day to day too...When I pack I roll I don't fold. I choose comfy and crease free garments too - I swear by a cashmere jogger and a loose fitting tee with a denim jacket chucked over it as my travel anywhere look. Use accessories like your sunnies and handbag to smarten it up.

Lorna Luxe for Oui We in Maldives
Lorna Luxe for Oui We in Maldives

AE: Your creative style is something I’d liken to triple threat status: creative director, writer (your wit and writing style is serious goals) and then you play the starring role within your own photographic story. What’s your creative process like? What’s important to you and where do you pull inspiration from when creating a blog or IG post?

LA: Ha. From the outside I'm a one man band but the reality is I have plenty of help and support to help me do this as a business. I get creative input from my husband @j_p_luxe (he takes a lot of my pictures), my best friend @kieraliberati (she's a stylist and fashion editor with a big personality and an opinion I trust), my blog sister @nickyinsideout based in Amsterdam is a constant support in every aspect and my business and blog mentors @theverysimong & @bexringer keep me out of trouble on all business related aspects.

I'm a firm believer...

In terms of the process - oooohhhh - everything and nothing has changed. I collaborate with a lot of brands now, creating content specifically to share a message or showcase a designer - something which in the beginning wasn't an option. Who I choose to collaborate with and what kind of content I create is still based on the same principle - would I buy it and what would I want to see.

I go to fashion weeks and make a point to enjoy the lighter side - often focusing more on the networking and hovering around the tasty canapés. The truth is I dedicate a lot of time all year round to meeting with pr's, attending launches and reading lots and lots to keep up to date with new trends I and my followers will enjoy. I suppose you could say I've taken to this like a very sociable duck to water.

AE: You wake up to a nice leisurely morning, you can have anything you want for breakfast, put on any outfit in the world and take a private plane anywhere your fashion forward heart desires. What do you eat / wear / go?

LA: I wake up and eat poached eggs on white toast washed down with a mimosa. I wear Le skinny FRAME denim distressed jeans, an ANINE BING black lacey bralette under a white deep-v tee, a classic ALEXACHUNG trench, a pair of nude/black suede CHANEL mules and (currently on my wish list) a lambskin studded black CHANEL 2.55 in silver hardware and slung nonchalantly over my shoulder. Plenty of arm and neck candy too. I board a plane to GLENEAGLES hotel in Scotland where I can climb into a fluffy dressing gown and spend the day at the best spa in the world.

Lorna for Oui We - Breakfast
Lorna for Oui We - Breakfast

AE: What’s on Lorna’s favorites list:


Favorite camera for snapping photos? LEICA D-LUX

Favorite filter for IG edits?  VSCO A5 or HB1

Favorite destination for holiday travel? MIAMI

Favorite song for summer nights? GRIZZLY BEAR by ANGUS & JULIA STONE

Favorite book you keep on your night stand? 'THE LIFE-CHANGING MAGIC OF NOT GIVING A F**K'

Favorite drink when spending time with your best girls? HENDRICKS & TONIC WITH CUCUMBER

AE: Anything else you want to share with us?

LA: Shoefies are the new chestfie - you heard it here first!

Lorna Luxe Shoefie
 Nobody CHESTFIE'S better than Lorna. 

Nobody CHESTFIE'S better than Lorna. 

Told ya you'd love her. And btw, I'm making Wanderful Luxe a thing. You heard THAT here first too my babes. 

Shop Lorna's Style Here:

Wanderfully yours,


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Wanderful Interview: Danielle Gold | The Velvet Dress

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The “Wanderful Girl” is a modern bohemian. She’s a nomadic bon vivant collecting perspective and style inspiration around the globe. - from "Wanderful: The Modern Bohemian's Guide to Traveling in Style"

As I traveled around the US researching, writing and photographing the destinations featured in Wanderful one of the brilliant things that occurred was meeting this particular type of girl. I met them in a variety of ways... on beaches as they were road tripping along the coast, or as they played music in local cafes, one I met as she was working in a local community as a healer and another who was the resident farmhand on a 50 acre ranch.

 The wanderful girl has the spirit of an old west explorer and the eye of a budding artist. She is a lover of mountains, seas, cities, and all the in-betweens. She’s delicately nostalgic and playfully potent, she lives every day with wild abandon. 

As an introverted extrovert (Leo sun, Capricorn moon) I meet quite a few of my wanderful friends via instagram. As the release of the book draws closer I'll be introducing the wanderful girls featured in the book of course, and then other wanderful girls that I continue to meet as I journey forward. Today's featured girl is a digital friend - isn't that the cool thing about IG!? We can make friends all over the world, develop lasting and meaningful friendships and sometimes we've only spent moments of real life time together. Read on....

Interview: Danielle Gold | The Velvet Dress

Meet Danielle Gold, the style blogger behind The Velvet Dress. Danielle has the style of Stevie Nicks meets Wednesday Adams and I, for one am OBSESSED with everything she wears. She shares festival fashion and vintage shopping tips 🙌🏽  and clearly draws inspiration from her home in Santa Barbara, California (another obsession for me, btw). 

Danielle Gold-DavidTruuu-12.jpg
The Velvet Dress x Oui We

AE for Oui We: Your style is so glamorous, always so elegantly chic! What’s one clothing item you always take with you when you're going on an adventure?

Danielle: Oh thank you babe! Funny enough, as you may have noticed, I always have sunglasses with me...like always hah, usually multiple pairs in case I lose them or they break/fall. Clumsy me needs to plan ahead.

The Velvet Dress on Oui We

OW: What is the earliest trip you remember taking that inspires you now?

DG: Though it wasn't my earliest memory of a trip, I traveled around Costa Rica for a few weeks with my family when I was about 9. I did art a lot as a kid, but this was the first time I remember really getting into writing/drawing as all I had was a pen and paper.

OW: What decade was your favorite for style?

DG: I would have to say the 70s. Velvet everything! The fabrics were perfect and I love all the funky pieces hah.

The Velvet Dress on Oui We

OW: What's your favorite place to take visitors to when they come see you in Santa Barbara (we're hanging out on my next visit btw)!

DG: Yes, babe! Oh, Santa Barbara is such a fun place to show people because the mountains and the beach are so close. To be honest, it mostly depends on the person’s interests, but there's so many beautiful nature and yummy food spots so we always have a good time.

OW: What's your favorite quote or saying?

DG: Oh I have quite a few, you've probably noticed I'll post quotes sometimes with my fashion photos. I'll try to narrow it down to my favorite fashion quote:

"Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman."

And a close second (because I obviously couldn't just choose one, hah)

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."
The Velvet Dress on Oui We

OW: What's the biggest risk you ever took?

DG: I'd have to say switching my major to fashion and deciding on that as my career choice. Also stepping away from my vintage shop and focusing on just blogging and styling work instead.

OW: What was your favorite childhood game?

DG: I was actually kind of a tomboy as a kid as I grew up with brothers and basically all boy cousins. I loved to climb trees as a kid and was almost always barefoot even on hikes- though I loved super smash bros, hah!

OW: Do you have a favorite object or charm that you keep with you? Or something that's special that no one really knows you have?

DG: Though I don't have any particular object that you wouldn't be able to see, my jewelry is very special to me and I wear the same rings a lot as I've had them for many many years. I own a lot of jewelry but wear only a few pieces daily. Something special no one might know I have is my lucky lighter.

OW: Tell us about a time when you believed magic was real?

DG: Nature makes me think magic exists. I also feel like there is magic in art. Certain fashion pieces will have that effect on me as well- they are like magic, though man-made, they are still beautiful.

OW: What is your favorite "pinch me" moment? Go ahead, we want you to brag!

DG: I think for a lot of people they might be looking for a certain following number. But for me I would say it’s when a brand that I always loved since I was a kid started following me: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's brand Elizabeth and James.

Girl, we feel that. Olsen love forever.

Thanks for reading wanderful friends!

Want to shop Danielle's style? Do so here: