Every single one of us has the opportunity to harness the power of our surroundings to live healthier, richer and more joyful lives. In this age of anxiety taking time to disconnect from the digital speed of the world with the intention of finding a connection to oneself is without a doubt so needed.

Customized GETAWAY Experience: Holistic, Conscious and Creative Travel

Interested in a custom retreat experience?

You select the dates and the group size and we will create a program with holistic wellness, conscious living and creativity in mind.


  • girlfriend ‘just because’ getaways

  • birthday parties with friends

  • un-holiday holidays

  • co-worker retreats

  • holistic bachelorette parties

    These experiences are rooted in retreat style living - so this is for anyone interested in responsible travel, wellness experiences, and expanding creativity in a beautiful destination. The exact experiences will be customized according to your budget and interests.

    Destination ideas: Mexico / Spain / Bali / New Orleans / Joshua Tree / Big Sur / Marfa

Your guide:

Me! I’m Andi, a traveling creativepreneur committed to holistic living and mystical thinking. I’ve spent the last 5 years as a conscious blogger and creative director. In ‘17 I road tripped across the US to write my latest book "Wanderful: The Modern Bohemian's Guide to Traveling in Style."

Today I’m hosting retreats for creative entrepreneurs and teaching workshops around the world on the topics of finding and expressing authenticity and self-worth, growing sustainable roots as an artist, digital story telling and travel as a form of wellness. These custom trips can be created to suit whatever your needs might be — with as many activities or as much r&r as you’d like!


What Past Travelers Say!

from Leah Klasovsky CEO and Founder of Leahlani Skincare:

Dear Andi: Where do I begin? I had an absolutely amazing time at YOUR retreat. It was exactly what I needed. I am learning to tune more into my gut - when something calls me, even if I am scared as shit, I have to take the plunge and dive fully in - because it is worth it. 

Your workshop on authenticity and the practice of meeting up with our younger self was transformational for me. I saw myself at 11 years old, and the first three words that came into my head were 'fearless, confident, leader'. Authentically, I was born with all of the qualities that I now long to possess, or uncover from the layers of anxiety and fear that have somehow enveloped my being as I grew up. Spending time with little Leah was a gift, thank you. My goal is to have her show up more in my life- she is one of my greatest teachers.

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