Winter Beauty

Snow globe


Photos by Hunter Holder at Cathedral Creative Studios

Styling in partnership with Matthew Arthur

Makeup by Katrina Lucovic

Over the past few weeks the warm southern air has finally taken a turn toward winter, and as a girl that has a crush on all things beauty December seems to be the perfect time to dig through the makeup bag and the medicine cabinet and update the regimen.

We all know what the winter weather can do to a girl's skin (well, everyone's skin actually, this isn't just a ladies thing). And for me, the ultimate sun lover, my makeup has to change too as my summer tan fades away and I adopt the snow fairy look.

("Snow fairy" is really just a nice way of saying in desperate need of color, pale is nice for beer, not so nice for my skin, and it's so cold even my freckles are hiding.)

When discussing beauty my tent is pitched (I have no idea how to actually pitch a tent...) firmly in the "perfectly imperfect" camp. I've mentioned it before, and I'll say it again: if it takes too much time you’re not going to look your best.

Embrace the #Iwokeuplikethis approach.

However, for the sake of fun, as I share my winter beauty must-haves, we're going a little extreme. Hey, it gets the point across and who doesn't want to throw glitter snow around a studio with their friends? Gotta set the holiday mood somehow.

So without further adieu, here's my top 3 winter beauty must-haves.


And make it glittery and wing it out. I am currently obsessed with Nasty Gal's Lime Crime Liquid Liner in "Rhyme" and Makeup Forever's Aqua Eyes in gold.

Somehow gold seems to bring out every eye color too - it's the perfect compliment.

And Kellie's eyes below? Dreamboat, am I right?

Ornament Girl


There's nothing that a vibrant red lip can't take on. On days when I'm running from event to event (and spent too much time checking instagram to actually do my makeup in the morning) a good red pulls it all together. This set "Pout Perfection" from Laura Mercier has all the products you need whether you're going for subtle and glossy or dramatically matte.

(And can we talk about how glam Olesya looks as a pretty little Christmas elf?)

It seems perfectly apropos to talk about lips and Olesya in the same sentence... check out her "Kiss" collection. Simply stunning.

I'll take the "Kiss of the Spanish Queen" for Christmas por favor y gracias.

Christmas Elf


So, I don't actually suggest coloring your brows with bright blue glitter on the reg, but I do suggest on the highest level putting your brow artist on your favorites list in your iPhone.

My go to girl is Dina of Mamma D's Brow Threading. Mamma D's is a brand new NOLA business and I've always been a fan of threading, and then filling in with an Anastasia brow pencil.

If you haven't tried threading trust me. It's a game changer.


It should go without saying the best way to maintain your inner and outer beauty all year round is to do all the things that make you smile.

Like turn your head into a snow globe for example.

Creating these images was way too much fun, big thanks to the whole crew for the laughs.

Snow globe 1


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