Travel Diary: Gibraltar

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"Nothing is yours except the essential things – air, sleep, dreams, the sea, the sky..."  ~ Cesare Pavese

I don't think I've ever felt that more than in Gibraltar.... And finally, I'm so happy to relive the experience by sharing these photos from my trip there a few weeks ago. The Rock of Gibraltar, on a clear day, is visible from my villa here. Since arriving in Spain, it was at the top of the list of things I didn't want to miss. It's the type of place that deserves a whole day of exploration.

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Arriving into the village a few things struck me. It's surprisingly a bit like New Orleans. There's an influence of Spanish and British architecture (in New Orleans, it's Spanish and French) and there's streets that reminded me a bit of Decatur Street - with tourists shops and knick knacks - and then a block or so off those streets hidden alley ways - the color and texture of the city.

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After spending a few hours exploring the village, it was time to head to the top of the rock. Nothing could have prepared me for the feeling up there. And truly, these photos would never do it all justice. The vastness - being at the very tippy top and looking out onto the world was absolutely thrilling. It's wildly open. Hiking up through the siege tunnels, at the exterior of the moorish castle, there's no gates or walls holding you back from it all.

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Looking out into the port, opening into the strait, the world seemed amazingly simple and small, the ships and barges like little toys.

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Back down on the edge of the village sits La Alameda, the Gibraltar Botanical Gardens. The children of the village decorated a scarecrow in honor of the World Cup. The gardens were quiet and beautiful, the paths wind along beneath The Rock Hotel.

The day ended at a lovely little Indian restaurant in the village called Saffron. The people were warm, and so welcoming and I'd go back for every second of that day a million times over.

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I shared this photo on instagram, sitting on to the edge of the world, and fully in awe of it all. Happy girl. Amazing day.


What I wore: scarf (vintage), necklace ("The Andi" by Jess Leigh Jewels) sunnies (Raen Optics), top (Romeo & Juliet c/o Neiman Marcus Last Call), shorts (vintage), bag (Botkier c/o Neiman Marcus Last Call), birks, per ushe.
*Gibraltar, is about 2 square miles, from the ports and beaches to the top of the rock. It's a British Overseas Territory sitting at the entrance to the Mediterranean. Gibraltar borders Andalusia, with a view directly across the strait to the Northern Coast of Africa, Ceuta and Morocco.
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