The Dance

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I have a serious thing about time. I've referenced this NYT article "Why You Won't Be the Person You Expect to Be" here quite a few times, and I continue to go back to it often. It discusses the concept of “history illusion” - the idea that we all underestimate how much we'll change in future. That we think our past self is somehow going to experience time and opportunity differently from our future self...

(I have other thoughts about how I think time really works ... but that's for a different day).

So after reading that article in January '13 I try not to make future predictions; I focus on working like crazy to better myself and know that the best is always to come. It doesn't mean I don't set goals. I do. Big ones.

And it doesn't mean I don't celebrate when I hit them, I do that too, often... it's more that I can't allow myself to think I've reached a peak...there's always a next step in the dance and there's never any better time than now to go for that step.

I've shared photos from this particular shoot before... my words then: "overwhelmed with the beauty of life, travel and adventure... thinking so much about the people all around me. It can’t be coincidence, this circle."

That, those words, I'm feeling that more now than ever.


As I was looking back, these photos and those words jumped off the screen at me. My friend Tate shot these and I shared them right before I left for Spain. My summer there changed everything.

For example: I'm more clear now than ever that designing my line, Hazel & Florange, is at the top, very tippy top of my priority list for this coming year. H&F has been a bit on autopilot, she's been dancing solo. However, I spent the summer months writing "New Orleans Style" and then, dreaming up the next collection for H&F.  Now that both are out, I'm putting so much of myself into H&F...  I love the brand, the girl she represents and the creative process of bringing her to life. And, while I'm at it, I'm writing and taking styling jobs as much as possible, because I love that too.

Also! I look at this skirt and am reminded - this is the skirt that literally inspired it all. I found this skirt at a favorite vintage shop years ago, and of course could never find another like it. So, voila... H&F was born and this skirt inspired the first style.

So with that, I'll have lots more to come. I'm sharing more styles and pre-orders opportunities on the H&F site regularly. I also just got news that I've been accepted to the Emerging Designer program at the Atlanta Market, so yay that!

Anyways, have a beautiful weekend you guys -- stay bundled up, dance in the streets with your besties (it's Friday for f's sake) and soak in all the love and good stuff that ya can.

(p.s. this is what it sounds like when I write in the daytime, to read my writing on wine, proceed to the next post... wink.)





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