Making A Statement in New York City

These streets will make you feel brand new....

New York Street Style 5

I just returned home from a week in New York. 

There are so many ways to fill time in that brilliant city — New York shines in the warmer months, there’s something uniquely magical about New York spring days. Jay-Z wasn't lying, you guys. I knew I'd be in for a treat this past week, and truly, as expected the city delivered. 

Soho View

We'd be staying in the NOMO, it's a hotel I found myself complimenting each time someone asked -  btw - I highly recommend it - we were tucked away from the madness up in our 19th floor light filled room and the service was stellar every day. (🙌🏽 to the gentlemen that gave me a free coffee as I rushed to an early morning meeting at my publisher's office after a 3 AM rock show night - who does that to themselves you guys?!) 

On the list of favorites of this trip: VBar & Cafe (French cafe vibes with a Smashing Pumpkins playlist), and While We Were Young (they gave us gummy bears with our check! and you'll want to instagram every corner of the glossier pink space) both are in the West Village, and then Bô Cà Phé in Soho (cheap French wine & Vietnamese noodle bowls, I went twice). 

On this trip I scheduled almost every hour ... days filled with meetings and catch up coffee and wine dates with girlfriends and then Ben had 2 shows and a Colbert show appearance (!!!). 

 Oui We, STAY

NOMO Soho: 9 Crosby St. NYC


VBar & Cafe: 225 Sullivan St. NYC

While We Were Young: 183 W 10th St. NYC

Bô Cà Phé: 222 Lafayette St. NYC

NOMO Kitchen: 9 Crosby St. NYC

As I was preparing for this trip, as I always do, I contemplated what I could fit into 1 carry-on and 1 big backpack. And it occurred to me... I truly never feel quite myself when dressing in NYC. I regularly advise to pack a few vintage dresses and all the basics whenever asked for a packing strategy ... yet somehow, I always feel that I'm missing something when I pack that way for New York.

So on this trip I asked myself - what's usually missing? Why don't I feel my chicest...? (Or what am I having to steal out of my fashionista friends' closets while there, PERKS of having fashionable friends) and here's what occurred to me - in New York, more than anywhere else, statement pieces make a big difference.

So this go round I approached things a bit differently. I still considered vintage, but rather than my standard day dresses, I opted for high waisted pieces, coupled with kitchsy T's by day for example, and things with a bit of flare and sparkle at night ... I chose things that in any other city might toe the line in regards to the drama of the piece... I have a sequin jacket that's literally been a game changer (who doesn't feel on fire in sequins?!) and a velvet one too and I added those to my nightly ensemble and felt immediately dressed up. I added a vintage beret and oversized sunnies by day, and this time, even when running around from meeting to afternoon coffee date (like I am in these shots) I felt I had my style back. 

Oui We, Wear in New York

The city look is effortlessly chic in a refined way. A jacket layered over slim separates with a statement bag and dark shades is always a good way to go. From Topshop to Opening Ceremony, there are so many brands that embody the city girl spirit (and so many places to shop in the city, of course).

For me however, on a writer's budget I'm not so interested in shopping, but rather repurposing things I have. So a t-shirt with a fun message or story, paired with high waisted flowy pants in a bold pattern can totally have a girl standing out. Honestly - the day I wore this outfit, I was stopped 3 times by people with cameras to snap a photo of my outfit - hey that in itself is a confidence booster 👋🏼. Funny how that works, it's not an expensive outfit or one that was tricky to put together, just something a bit bolder than my usual running around options.

New York Street Style
High Waist Striped Pants

Here's a few versions of the same type of look, mix & match any of the t-shirts with the printed pants:

What About The Shoes? 

New York is a place where everyone walks. It's imperative to pack the right shoes to be able to cover miles in a day: lace up flats, an elevated pair of sneakers, or wedges are all good choices. Right before my trip I received these wingtips from Johnston & Murphy and I have to say, I wore them day in and day out. I took a look at a few of the other options J&M have, and truly they've got the city style down. 

Wing Tips in the City

And the Bag

New York Street Style 2

I've mentioned quite a few times before, I've been wearing my leather backpacks pretty much everywhere I go, and I typically choose one that will fit down inside my carry-on to make room for an extra bag for my laptop and things. If I've got meetings it's good to have something a teeny bit larger to keep a notebook, camera, etc inside. I've never been a designer bag girl, however, spending just a little bit more on a well-made bag is so worth it. 

New York Street Style 3

Btw! Our next Cheat Sheet is coming this week. Here's the first one if you missed it! I've got mine up on my mood board in my office, make sure to get on our email list to get those and our astro reports too. 

Talk again soon babes.

Wanderfully yours,


*photos by Christine 

**shoes in photos provided by Johnston & Murphy

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