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Happy day before NYE you guys. As I thought about how I wanted to approach this post it didn't seem quite right to do an "outfit roundup of 2014" ... I mean, I spent a quarter of the year on a beach in basically the same three outfits every day, I focused on travel stories and inner selfies (you know a quick snap of the thoughts happening at that exact moment) and actual selfies too, and I spent the year writing on an equal level to creating fashion. So rather than rounding up the outfits, I'm approaching this superlative style and rounding up my favorites in collabs, color and the feelings that "fashion blogging" can create.

(Besides, doesn't every fashion blog have an outfit roundup happening right now? Let's do this a little differently.)

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1. Favorite creative collaboration:

This is an easy one. Anytime Mat, Hunter and I get together it feels like magic. We have the best time obviously (so much laughing), but somehow we're always in sync with or without a plan - we vibe and the vision comes to life.

The "Always Summer" series (1, 2 and 3) we shot for Tommy Bahama felt different and it was a reminder that the photos should always tell a story.

oui we x hh 3 _MG_7816-Edit

2. Favorite photos I took myself (AKA selfies with a timer):

So in the blog world this is way more common than most people would think. It's also as common when you've actually got a photographer to shoot 4 or 5 outfits at a time... but sometimes, the outfit, the mood and the light strike, so you shoot yourself.


Kind of  - it can make a girl feel a little narcissistic and self conscious at the same time, however I love each of these below not necessarily for the photo quality, but for the way I felt on each of those days.


8.25.14 - 3


3. Favorites in pattern and color:

You guys know how I feel about a print mix and experimenting with color. So in each of these I'm my most "me."



View More:

Oui We x MM 5


4. Favorites in keeping it simple:

Something that my time in Spain taught me was the beauty of keeping fashion simple.

I literally packed one suitcase and one carry on for a 3 month stay. Quite liberating honestly.

What I love about each of these is the idea of letting one standout piece or one pop of color create the look.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset


5. Best use of a Mardi Gras costume accessory in a regular outfit:

Of course I have to include this. I live in New Orleans and costumes are everything.

So here we have a flower crown and a band hat for good measure.

Oui We Polo 13

Oui We Polo 8

This one was totally unintentional - light checking for Marianna while shooting for Contour by Getty. I just couldn't take the hat off.

2A2A2749 (1)

Last but not least, I'm throwing in Biggest "Oh I'm about to go there."

When packing for Spain I had a little freak out that all of a sudden my "fashion" blog was going to crash and burn because, well most of that one suitcase was bathing suits and beachy dresses and taking photos in my bikini?!?!.... well... you get it.

But then it occurred to me - I was there, and that's what I was wearing so #OOTD beach girl style commenced.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Oui We 6.29.5

Oui We 6.29.4

2014-07-12 01.12.28

So there we have it my friends. I appreciate you all so much for following along this year.

I hope you all have a fabulous New Year's Eve. I'll catch you on the flip of 2015.



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