Slumber Party Staycation at the AC Bourbon

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Laughter is an instant vacation. ~ Milton Berle

This year I've made such major life changes. I've spent time digging deep with a focus of being the most loving, caring, generous human being to those around me and to the world at large ...

And despite that, sometimes things aren't pretty.

I have this blog in which I share bits and pieces of my life... And then social... where so many of us post at least the pretty stuff (instagram), the ranty stuff (FB), the ironic 140 character stuff (twitter), the bts stuff (snapchat)... but what of it is really real?

I'm thinking on that often. And appreciating the trueness of real life friends and real life loves who'll make even the worst moments float away.

So in the spirit of real life catch ups a few weekends ago my sister and I decided to take a mini slumber party staycation. Chelle is one of my realest of people, and moved to the city just a few weeks before. We packed a bag of slumber party necessities and checked in to the AC Hotel.

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A one-on-one girls night was definitely in order to connect on all the real life stuff. On the record: at the beginning of this year I went through a breakup. The months leading up to that break up were the hardest. Questioning myself, why I couldn't make it work, what was wrong with me, why I wasn't enough... all of the feelings that people go through.

And I kept super quiet.

It took some serious dives into my head to get to a place where I could even talk about it. That was painful. However, it seems in a universal move the stars aligned and my little brother and little sister both moved to town. And then a few months later I met someone who is absolutely dreamy in every sense.

And here's what hit me:

If your life isn't your proudest shining star, then g'd it. Stop it. And start again. Burn it down if you have to. Just make it yours, and make it one that you will be ever proud to call your own.

So that night of the slumber party staycation, Chelle and I laughed, jumped on the bed (AC staff: I promise we were respectful of your beautiful furniture), sipped champagne, ate too much pizza, read each other's minds and shared the world. When you've got a person like that, it's everything.

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The AC was the perfect little getaway. In walking distance to a few of my local favorites: Domenica and Merchant Cafe, to name a few, the hotel also has a rooftop deck perfect for sister hangs, and a lounge serving signature cocktails, wine on tap and small plates. My kinda place, really.

Get your own slumber party gear here. Even if you're just slumber party-ing at home, these things are the cutest.