Stars and Stripes

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If you're presently still tucked in bed because you have an early onset 4th of July hangover well, then this post is for you. We're going to take a 3 step approach to getting this 4th of July holiday going.

Step 1: Coffee. (duh, always step 1). Do we even count that as a step?

B. As you scroll through your phone, double tapping the red, white and blue begin to plan in your mind what you're going to wear for this afternoon's BBQ.

Step 3. Make your way to your closet and hope this super cute tank somehow found it's way to your house too.

Step 3a. Add cut offs.

Step 3b. Maybe a ponytail. Half up top knot even?

Step 3c. Brush teeth, grab sunnies, exit house, go experience the world out there.

Processed with VSCOcam with n1 preset

But really. That's all I got. And honestly, I love this holiday. We're free, despite the maddening days we sometimes deal with, we get to wake up, in our own beds (or someone's we love/like), on our own accord because A M E R I C A.

Wanna be the chicest girl in the room at your next party? Stars and stripes look good all year round. Here's my favorites for today and anytime really. Step 2. Shop it.