Sanity Maintenance Plan

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Monday morning, I looked out of the window and decided it was time for a little a reflecting.

Actually, that word "reflecting" sounds reeaal nice. And doesn't everyone use it as they turn the calendar page into the new year?

Reflect deeply * Create resolve * Be resolute

(All of those things seem like great starts to me, however "reflecting" is really my term for a momentary breakdown. And for the most part I don't think a little breakdown is a bad thing.)

So there I was, standing and staring out and thinking about how much my life changed in the short three hundred and sixty five days of 2014 and about all the things I have on the goal list of 2015.

And then I cried. A little. Okay a lot. The breakdown.

But then, after I got that out of my system I created another, different type of list. This one a priority list of those same goals but with one intention: to have a plan so tomorrow (or today now) when I wake up to this same f'n fantastic view I don't have another breakdown but rather - enjoy it.

So whenever those breakdowns show up for me the fastest way to move past them is to take that same part of my brain that's making me feel a little crazy and engage it in something beautiful.

A sanity maintenance plan.

So I'm adding a new little series here on the blog. It'll be a little list of all the things supporting that plan.

Here's the first one, hope ya like it.


Sanity Maintenance || edition 1



1. Surround yourself.

There's that quote from John Wooden "surround yourself with smart people who'll argue with you."  I'll take it a step further and note that surrounding yourself with great reads from the minds of people that did just that type of arguing is as good. This book was one of my favorites on the beach this past summer, and I've been pulling it out often.

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2. Feel the city.

Presently for me it's at home in New Orleans. You guys heard all about my holiday anxiety, and literally the moment I landed back in New Orleans after my Christmas travels POOF! the anxiety was gone. The city took it and threw it out the window on my behalf, and I felt fully settled again. But wherever you are, let the place you're in fill you up. It creates one of the best buzzes with or without the booze.

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3. Have happy nights with friends and take sleepy selfies after.

We all know the shit about leaving the phones at home while engaging IRL (or in the bag or pocket or whatev because no one actually leaves them at home) and I agree it's best to keep it tucked away BUT I love, like LOVE a good sleepy selfie AFTER a happy night out (and sometimes during, but only right before it's time to go home and alone in the bathroom so as not to interrupt real time with real people).

Sleepy selfies are somehow often the happiest of selfies... and despite the fact that some people are selfie haters, I for one love photos of people feeling their most glam, or real, or free or whatever happens in that moment.

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4. Velvet + Soul.

As a girl that started her career in music, lives in a city devoted to it and has a crush on all things well... velvet and music, this combo works wonders. (And how about my friend Charles here?! ... he's a rad gent all around).

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5. Cotton Candy everything.

So on the real real, I'm not even kind of a sweets person. BUT! throw a swirly lollipop emoji color story on architecture or a pretty dress or on the bathing suit I hope to live in for the summer and I'm transported into a sugar high happy daydream.

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There we have it. My sanity is back in full on check.

For at least a day or so. Hope this helps yours too. All these photos came from my insta, edited with my fave VSCO.

 And for the sake of it, in case a little shopping helps with the after the holiday nerves (because half of us are here for fashion right?) you can shop a little of the cotton candy vibe and get spring time ready in advance here too.

Let me know what you think about the sanity maintenance series, here or on insta, or however you like to engage. Real life works too - it's actually the best sanity saver.



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